linked29It has been a while and it will be a long time until I’m actually able to write a proper post this Summer. Though I expected the my internship to be busy, I did not expect things like 7-day shifts and those days off when you feel like doing absolutely nothing. Today is one of those days, not working but there’s no motivation for almost anything than just trying to write a letter to my grandparents, putting down TV-show thoughts (I’m sorry) and updating on my latest happenings in this mountain surrounded rainy place called Mayo county.


  • Days have been molded together and it’s hard to differentiate one day from another, basically, I have no intention of giving a solid summary of my two weeks, there’s just no way I’m able to recall all of the events.
  • One day though, I got to go to a city near here, it’s basically a town but I’ll call it a city because it has civilization which this place here lacks.
  • Despite of having shopping-fever (need to shop), I didn’t purchase many things and the most money I spent was actually on lunch. Man, it was a good lunch.

2013-06-23 22.13.11

  • The humor here in Ireland hits close to home, so there’s lots of fun jokes going around and it makes my long days at the office (spa to be exact) much more tolerable. The evenings after work are fun as well.
  • There’s already a feeling of missing this place after I leave because three months is a long time and I’m pretty sure by then I’ll have made many friends here. It’s just unavoidable in this place, you have to make friends and what great friends I have made so far. They really do make my days better.
  • Haven’t seen any movies yet but there is hope that I’ll get the opportunity to go to a cinema soon.. maybe in July. I’m thinking about seeing World War Z because why not.
  • The lack of movies has pushed me towards watching trailers and Adore was the one that stood out from the crowd! Man, it feels like a very twisted movie and I’m pretty sure Watts and Wright will give amazing performances.
  • Also, TV-shows are the ones filling my free time lately. I watched Under the Dome pilot and I’m thinking about writing a post about it but who knows.. I don’t want to write about shows so much but the lack of posts scares me more than anything.
  • I also had a little picture scare as Photobucket informed my account had exceeded the limit.. I paid under 3 Euros to keep the pictures up and I honestly think it was worth the investment, it’s not a lot of money but at least I can keep uploading gifs and the stupid Photobucket logo won’t make my blog look weird.
  • Reading blog posts isn’t something I do a lot but I still try. Some of my favorite bloggers are luckily as slow this Summer as me, so I don’t feel as guilty but then again, others seem to be writing more than ever.
  • Haven’t watched True Blood nor have I kept up with my guilty pleasure Teen Wolf – I really am in a weird mood here. Then again, the time I spend at work needs to be socially balanced in the evenings – watching stuff just doesn’t feel right.
  • That makes me wonder about those bloggers who work for living.. man, how do you guys do it? Then again, I hope you don’t have 7 day shifts. If you do, man, how do you do that!?


James Ganolfini passed away and though I haven’t seen The Sopranos (yet), I enjoyed Myfilmviews and And So It Begins… posts dedicated to his performances..

Haven’t been excited about the new Superman but still think Man of Steel reviews are a good read at Can’t Stop the Movies, Lights Camera Reaction and Reviews from a Bed.

Cinematic Corner is having Game of Thrones withdraws but still managed to post for a feature “Performances I Love”: Stephen Dillane in The Hours.

Happy two years, Fogs!


Doesn’t really count as a song but laughter is the best thing I’ve been listening to this week. It’s just something that keeps me going, the little laughs, the big laughs and just all around chuckles by different people. It might sound weird but man, I think we all should appreciate laughter a lot more than we actually do.



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