Since I had a busy Friday which led into a long night, I’m quite tired at the moment but still eager to give you guys some information about this week. It yet again has been super slow, don’t know why but I guess everybody has taken the last weeks of summer off – except me, kind of, and are hopefully returning in September. I need me viewers back, it is getting lonely!

As you can see, I’m ending the blog week a bit earlier this week, not sure if this is going to be a tradition or not but either way I didn’t do much blog reading because I was mostly focusing on shows this week. God, the shows – I have literally 3-4 TV-shows to write about and the pile of movies isn’t getting any shorter as well. But sadly I’m slightly unmotivated to write lately, must be all the Swedish air I’m not used to. Anyway, I still enjoyed couple of the reads this week:

Cinematic Corner’s Why I love Brad Pitt was probably my this week’s favorite (due to the fact that I want to avoid reading reviews of movies I plan to see and haven’t watched yet – it kind of sucks because there is a lot of those reviews I miss week after week but I do get back to them after seeing the movie in question, I promise!)

Tony Scott’s passing was probably the most shocking news of the week, Front Room Cinema‘s Rodney wrote a lovely article about him.

List of Top 10 Directors (part 3) is always a good place to see what you have missed out on over the years, blahblahblahgay – not just a movie review blog gives you that chance. (Check out part 1 and part 2 as well!)

And I found a new and awesome blog, Viral Infection, which not only looks pleasing for the eyes but also is super good for the mind (cause it is sophisticated in case you didn’t get that analogy).

Sadly I can’t point out any movie trailers from this week but it is going to be a documentary trailer instead. Produced by Keanu Reeves Side by Side is featuring all the big director names such as Fincher, Lynch and Scorsese. Definitely excited to see that one!

So that’s it for this week, hopefully I will have a very productive Sunday because I still need to write my TDKR review and I’ve been putting it off for so many reasons (I will discuss them in that specific post), in addition, BOT feature’s first post is getting closer and closer (it stars in September) and I’m already excited to start off a 7 month project! Yes, it will be super long and demanding for me but I’m thrilled to give it a try. No worries though, next week reads are going to be as thrilling – lots of TV-shows are on their way although those posts seem to be less popular, I wonder why…


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