Today has been quite hectic because I went shopping with my mom: luckily I spent almost no money at all. Yay! I did eat my first ever real cupcake and though it looked super delicious, I didn’t care much for it – crumbs everywhere! That being said, here are this week’s thoughts and links.

  • Went to the big bad capital city last Sunday and stayed until Wednesday – while I did fall behind on my TV-shows, I saw two movies at the cinema: Oz the Great and Powerful and Upside Down.
  • Sadly, both were 3D and both were pretty bad not just because of the movie itself, some of the blame goes out to those school kids who were on their school breaks and annoyed me the entire time I was in the cinema.
  • Two girls even managed to smuggle in McDonald’s and I was the lucky person sitting next to them: I don’t particularly like the smell of burgers but I’m especially against them in the theater!
  • The actual reason I went to the capital was to attend the premier of a short film called The Last RomeoΒ which I helped out with last summer. It was a musical with a talking dog and it was surprisingly good. Let me know if you guys want to hear more about it because it had subtitles and I think I’m able to provide a Vimeo link (at some point).
  • Catching up with TV-shows this week was actually pleasant. The Following surprised me, they solved the love-triangle by killing one of them off and as a result, I love Jacob now. I’m pretty sure he will go dark and dangerous very soon which will make him into the type of guy I go for.

  • Look at him! Isn’t he looking like he’s going to cause some serious trouble to Emma who just happens to be the character I hate the most. She is so annoying and I hope the show isn’t afraid to kill her off soon. Though, I think the viewers need a character to hate..
  • New Girl is solving the Nick and Jess situation rather well I think. Amongst the TV main ships, I enjoy them the most and the fact that they turned their chemistry into something angry, is not just funny but quite exciting for me.
  • They still don’t have anything remotely awesome going on compared to my favorite TV getting together plot – Chandler and Monica win all the awards.
  • Also watched The Impossible and Unbreakable. I liked The Impossible but I think I never had any doubts regarding it being a good movie. Seeing the Unbreakable for the third time indicates that I liked that movie as well, obviously.
  • All of that didn’t stop me from catching up with Californication – and to be honest, six seasons in and I still like it. It’s bold and yet, it hasn’t lost its shine just yet. It’s less shiny, sure, but it still has something going on.
  • I’m currently catching up with Pretty Little Liars (3 episodes in a row) and although it’s such a messy show at times, I still like it. Aria is gorgeous and the guys are good to look at. Plus, it does seem to be a little bit better than most teenage-focused shows out there.

  • My desperate attempts to avoid everything Game of Thrones season 3 related have been going quite well. Though, one of my favorite bloggers, you know who you are, is making it really difficult. Still, I know almost nothing about what’s going to happen and I like it like that.
  • Which reminds me, does just hearing the Star Trek new trailer count? Because, technically, I still haven’t seen it – I just heard what was going on and that isn’t the same… right?
  • And last but not least – LAMMYs are gaining speed and it’s time to start casting in the nomination votes – I already gave mine to my favorites and I also managed to be listed in four categories. Like I already said, I have high hopes in the best rating system and best blogathon categories. Fingers crossed and good luck, everybody!


Fellow Estonian on Films and Coke reviewed Ruby Sparks – apparently it motivates to write which means I need to see it as soon as possible.

Terry Malloy with his huge amount of LAMMY nominations reviewed The Paperboy.

As I reviewed Fight Club, I Love That Film wrote on the topic of power, control and liberation.

Movie of the week on Ramble Film is The Truman Show – among the few movies I enjoy Carrey in.

Olympus Has Fallen is a movie I even hadn’t heard of, so when Dan the Man and Two Dude Review posted about it I was like – wha!?

Lindsay from French Toast Sunday wrote a lovely post to celebrate the FTS’s third birthday.

Though The Walking Dead stuff and things situation is still hilarious, I also enjoyed this joke that was going around this week.


  • I’m starting The Walking Dead season 2 tonight, it just looks too hilarious to miss πŸ™‚
    Haha, yeah my teasing is mostly for those who read book 3 but hopefully the gifsets based on HBO promos aren’t spoiling much πŸ™‚ They are actually doing pretty good job with the editing as some scenes suggest things that aren’t going to happen.
    Thy killed off one of these morons on The Following? I bet the show is much better now.

    • The Walking Dead is a bit slow at the end before the final episodes but the beginning is promising. And I’m getting through the books so slowly that I’m pretty frustrated now.
      And yes, they killed off the other dude.. it was pretty.. intense. I liked how they wrapped his story line together and now I’m waiting for the Jacob and Emma showdown.

  • hehe, love that Walking Dead caption, I thought the exact same thing. There’s also some graffiti on my walk to work that’s written the same way that I always read as “F*** Smokes, Cops Rock”.

  • It’s a good watch and definitely worth the look if you miss those old-school action movies of the 80’s and 90’s. Thanks for the link love, Ray!

  • Haha, love that Walking Dead picture. Very similar to a scene in British comedy The Parole Office with Steve Coogan. And thanks for the link, although I did nominate myself for some of those LAMMY categories, so i’m not that popular! πŸ™‚

  • How the heck does one smuggle in burgers? Jeez. And I passionately hated Pretty Little Liars. Got through the first three or four episodes, then gave up. Waiting forward to seeing your short film, though!

    • I’ve smuggled in food to cinema as well, candies and water mainly, but burgers are beyond my logic.
      Pretty Little Liars is quite the same throughout their seasons so I don’t mind. I need to rest my pretty little head from the serious shows and movies once in a while.
      Not my short film.. the one I assisted with. πŸ˜€

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