linked23Firstly, sorry that I haven’t posted much this week. Secondly, I’m pretty sure I’m having an existential crisis. Not to worry though, I’m sure this will pass but I’m just warning you guys in order to get this off my mind which will hopefully lead to a newly developed motivation.

  • Here’s a gif that summarizes my week better than anything else. I just wasn’t feeling it for the better half of the week. Didn’t watch any movies, didn’t really feel like watching shows (except on Saturday when I discovered The Good Wife which is AMA-zing!) and some of it might have to do with the Lammy’s. Yes, I got a nomination for the Best Blogathon, my thanks to The Movie Waffler who encouraged me to make it into a blogathon!, but I didn’t get a nod for my rating system. Now, I’m not mad (anymore) but just sad, since it took me forever to finally decide and lock down on a rating system that worked and looked interesting. Oh well, maybe next year.
  • As I did not watch any movies nor feel the need to talk about The Good Wife, I should mention that I didn’t even watch Catching Fire’s trailer. Looking forward of the movie, yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna watch the trailer. Besides, I read the book so I know the plot, when the movie’s gonna play around with it, I wanna be surprised in the cinema.
  • By the way, weather is nice and spring-like, which is always nice.
  • What’s also nice is the fact that I know my date of departure from Estonia to Ireland – May 28th! Who knows how well I am able to keep up blogging with my work schedule and all the new things surrounding me but I guess it’s a nice practice for when I return in the fall and start looking for a job. We all can’t be students forever and even though I would love that, my pockets are running low on money and me wants to buy nice things.
  • Meanwhile let’s just cross our fingers that I get back my motivation before I leave and get this blog to its third birthday in excellent form – May is pretty close already and I still don’t have any birthday posts planned… yet. I feel like I should do 3 posts – one for each year but about what.. no idea.


Love and Squalor didn’t squalor and loved Trance.

Dan the Man went back a few years and reviewed The Killer Inside Me.

Fellow Estonian blogger who loves films and coke (not the drug kind) saw Oblivion and I think I want to see it now too.

Cinematic Corner has yet again graced us with a Game of Thrones post – this time about its Top 10 unintentional hilarious moments.

Everybody loves Ryan Gosling so I’m jealous for Lights Camera Reaction for seeing The Place Beyond the Pines!

Here’s my next week’s mission – do a lot of cardio because you’ll never know when the zombie virus takes over the world. Plus, how certain are we that they are slow? I mean, they might be fast as hell but considering that their dead, I’m thinking their slow. But some cardio never hurts.

PS: I am 2 followers away from 200 on Twitter which is surprising and awesome.


    • Oh well, I’m hoping The Good Wife will bring me back my kick-ass mood!
      Don’t be sad, I’m considering my nomination for Best Blogathon a bit of yours as it is mine. 🙂

  • I have to say that I was surprised your rating system didn’t get nominated. But still, big congratulations on the nomination for Best Blogathon! It’s a great achievement just to get that far 🙂

  • Hey you – I don’t know if you keep up with my blog or not (or even read it : ( ) but I am going to run a type of “film festival” about shitty movies. I would love for you to be a part of it. I also don’t go around pimping myself on other people’s blogs, so if you had time (or the desire) to check out my blog post from Monday or last Friday, I would love it if you gave it a thought. If not – cool but : ( and I’ll still keep coming back here!!

  • Same here with motivation, problem is that I promised my friend we are handing our dissertation next Monday, so…awesome 😛 I’m sure being in Ireland will fill you with tons of inspiration, it seems like such a magical place.

    • Well at least you have school work to fall back on.. I don’t seem to be doing anything productive these days.
      And well, I’m just a bit disappointed that I’m not going to North Ireland but I’m gonna get pretty close. 😀

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