Surprise surprise, this week had a lot of interesting things prepared for me. I managed to watch a lot of movies this week compared to my previous ones, hopefully it will continue as such. Arbitrage kicked off a busy weekend with Beginners and The Tree of Life following, not to mention a movie for the BOT series. Today, Take Shelter is in my daily plan. In addition to that, I am now responsible of introducing new LAMBS! Yes, I already have drafted them and they await their time (starting Monday) – crossing my fingers that I manage. Besides, I found couple of new blogs! and I planned an interesting Halloween special for the entire week and then killed it the next day: I actually don’t have so much time in my hands at the moment, lots of academical things to do etc.

PS: Over 200 views each day this week – woop!

Love & Squalor reviews one of my most anticipated animations this year – Frankenweenie and tortures me a bit because I really wanna see it.

Holy Motors, based on Bonjour Tristesse’s review, sounds like a movie after which I will probably will be able to say only: “Holy…”

Cinematic Paradox started her big marathon to end with a bang today – probably something as amazing as her 2011 summary  – my favorite of all of them.

Front Room Cinema reminded me this week that I really should see Beasts of the Southern Wild – I mean, it is the third movie in the LAMBSCORES.

I know I mention Cinematic Corner a lot but I can’t help it, she keeps giving me great reads and this week, she reviewed the pilot of American Horror Story: Asylum.

Yet again I’m glad I read blogs that agree with my assumptions, The Movie Waffler gives Paranormal Activity 4 a low grade and keeps me from torturing myself with it: which is only a good thing!

Two blog finds this week might not come as a surprise to some but for me, they surprised me: Aziza’s picks and And So It Begins… both of which I probably found through somebody’s links post.

The trailers give a certain vibe of the whole series/season but I really think that they don’t really do justice when it comes to the actual series. I especially appreciate the style and art departments because both series look really expensive and authentic.

The Walking Dead / American Horror Story: Asylum

Two of my favorite series started this week and it’s ironic how both represent the genre regarding movies I actually don’t watch. I’m not sure anymore if I don’t like horror or I just don’t watch it because I love both of these shows, plus the 666 Park Avenue which is also a bit creepy. So, I guess I love horror….. series. Because I have fallen behind on everything on my blog lately and I can’t really write TV-show posts during the upcoming weeks, though I really want to. I actually have to start drafting a lot and prepare things because I’m going to Portugal in the beginning of November. If I only planned so much ahead with my school work…

This song has been playing a lot this week.. I think the fact that it’s such a catchy song must have a lot to do with it but I still recon most of my love is towards those half naked guys taking a shower behind her.. with a slight homoerotic vibe and all. And no, I feel no shame – lalalalala-love-you!

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  • Thank you so much for the link, though you confused the name with Stevee’s site’s name 😛

    I hope you’ll like Take Shelter it’s such a great movie, wonderful performances and amazing score. Great you enjoy Diana and Alex’s blogs – they are fantastic!

    • This is why I should write posts in the middle of the night.. although, both of you begin with “cinematic” it is really confusing sometimes. 😀

      I hope I will.. I actually watched the trailer too, only now, since I stay away from them and I already liked it!

  • Yay for Take Shelter, The Tree of Life and Beginners! I adore those films. Beginners is my favourite of them all, but the others are great showcases of Jessica Chastain’s talent!

    And thank you for the link. If you don’t mind me asking, why was that particular one your favourite?

    • I didn’t have time to watch Take Shelter, I ended up doing paper stuff. Damn politics, so much papers to send and sign which is especially difficult since I’m not at home nor in my own damn country. Anyway…
      2011 was a good post because I personally had seen the movies you talked about so I kind of understood it the best, if that makes sense? I also think it was a massively good year for movies, for me The Ghost Writer brought me so much motivation. I also saw Shutter Island in 2011 and I always connect it to The Ghost Writer. So lots of personal connections with that post. 🙂

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