This week I opted in posting a mid-week roundup because there were many things to discuss and sadly there’s still a lot to talk about. Starting with things I did this week and then confessing that I’m most likely the only person who didn’t like the new Star Trek.


  • I did almost nothing in the beginning of the week although I was supposed to write to this thing. The thing has a deadline, it’s tomorrow.. I don’t know if I’ll make it but I’ll try.
  • On Thursday I traveled 2,5 hours with a train to see Star Trek Into Darkness but I ended up seeing it on Friday instead.
  • Long story short, I was tired and Star Trek was supposed to be uplifting.. and it wasn’t. Basically, I loved the first one and I just liked the second – I’m sorry.
  • Also watched Hansel and Gretel because I love me some Jeremy Renner but he wasn’t really worth it in the end.
  • Now officially behind with SO many reviews that I’m going mad.
  • There’s a TV-show post I wanted to write yesterday but the damn thunder storm decided to arrive after lunch and stay forever.
  • Even the Eurovision Song Contest didn’t scare it away though it should have. Every year I think this will be the last time I watch this and I keep going back; this year I even watched the voting part – why do I do this to myself?


  • Seamus Dever (plays Ryan in Castle) was at the Eurovision Song Contest with his wife.. she tweeted about Estonia… only that she tweeted it into Estionia – I don’t know if I’m upset or a bit thrilled that she considers visiting Tallinn.
  • A great thing that came from the thunder storm was the fact that I finished the first book of the Game of Thrones series and I already started the second one. I’m trying to speed-read it cause I’ll be leaving in a week and I don’t want to take the book me with me. I’m basically setting myself up for a failure.
  • Have seen a couple of season finales in addition to the ones I discussed on Wednesday – 2 Broke Girls and The Big Bang Theory. Which reminds me that I need to catch up with The Vampire Diaries; I’m behind with 4 episodes!
  • Watching The Graham Norton Show is the highlight of my week because I just.. I enjoy it so much more than the American scripted talk shows!







  • Daniel Radcliffe, Isla Fisher and Baz Luhrmann were this week’s guests and is it just me or does Luhrmann give out gay-vibes? I mean, he’s a married man but I get this weird feeling that maybe he plays for the other team but then again, it could be a posh thing.
  • Radcliffe is adorable as usual and I like that he’s doing so much theater, though I’m not able to see any of his plays. One of his upcoming movies is called Horns – it sounds like it could be interesting. Juno Temple also stars.
  • TV-shows premiering this fall was my obsession this week and next to the endless new lineup that Fox has, the spin-offs seem to be taking over. Pretty Little Liars gets a spin-off called Ravenswood, Once Upon a Time gets Wonderland and The Vampire Diaries brings on The Originals.
  • Honestly, I think The Originals will be the best out of three because the cast has two of my favorites out of TVD: Klaus and Elijah. Which is sad because that means TVD won’t have Klaus and that means less interest from me but I’m hoping The Originals will make up for it.
  • Also, Marvel launches a series called Agents of Shield – I’m not going to be excited because I don’t want to be disappointed.
  • Last but not least, New Lambs are back which means I got my hands busy with so many entries – still feels unbelievable that there are so many movie blogs out there..


Everybody loved Star Trek Into Darkness: The Velvet Cafe, French Toast Sunday, Terry Malloy, Three Rows Back, JunebugThe Drama Lama provided 72 reasons why to watch it.

The Running Reel brought back sweet memories of Dexter which will have its final season this summer.

With so many movies on my watch list, I’m glad Rambling Film reminded me of The Sessions.

Star Trek was reviewed a lot this week but also was The Great Gatsby: Rorschach Reviews, Aziza’s Picks, Love and Squalor, The Cinematic Spectacle.

Udo Kier is the focus of And So It Begins… In Character post.

And on the day Game of Thrones is on TV, it’s only normal to read up on last week’s episode 7: The Bear and The Maiden Fair provided by the Cinematic Corner.


For some reason, this week’s song Goin’ Crazy by Dizzie Rascal feat Robbie Williams is kind of an anthem for me because I also think I’m going crazy at the moment – with all the packing and travel plans that I’m not very comfortable with.



A picture says a thousand words:


PS: This will be the last time I mention my Lammy, I promise! But heads up, the competition for the next year’s Best Blogathon Lammy is already on with My Filmviews announcing the 5 Obstructions blogathon! and it sounds cool! Lot of work but cool – I’ll be sure to take part even though I’m frightened of my internship getting in the way of my blogging things – still, the blogathon is worth checking out!



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