Finally back from my trip and like I have said before, swamped with school work left and right – all while I’m also contributing to the new site called The Artifice as a writer. More or less just lists, trailers and small essay type of posts are planned for there while Mettel Ray Movie Blog stays review oriented. Makes sense since I rarely see movies while they are fresh out of the oven – but I’ll be sure to link my articles from there to here. (Keep in mind, the site is on Beta mode at the moment because it doesn’t have much content yet but a lot of cool writers are working on it.)

Some pictures from my trip will maybe appear later this evening (big maybe!), I plan to finish one of my school assignments tonight as well. And since I missed a whole week,  I haven’t been able to catch up with my readings yet! Therefore I don’t even know why am I doing this post, probably because I’m itching to write – hence the “linked special” post. Keeping it fresh for y’all!


This is by far one of the most refreshing couplings on TV at the moment. Reason? They are in a  friends with benefits relationship while not sleeping with anybody else – nor dating as it seems. Clearly they like each other a lot but while Wade doesn’t want to admit it, Zoe is conflicted by other feelings as well. Hart of Dixie isn’t the kind of show like Homeland is but it is by far one of the most heart warming things on TV at the moment. It gives me a bit of a Everwood and Gilmore Girls vibe – but it has a lot more hawt guys and by hawt guys, I mean Wade.

The Vampire Diaries amp things up in season 4 by making the lead character into a vampire at last. The difference between her and the other chick who loves vampires and is a movie franchise, is that Elena never wanted to be one. Now, as she tries to face her emotions and quilt which is enhanced due to the fact that she is a vampire, things get interesting for the season already in the very beginning – there is a cure! And I don’t mind that it’s a bit weird that all these things pop up when Elena needs something like that because the show still has Klaus and hopefully Elijah and Alaric.

I tend to watch quite a lot of reality talent shows – emphasis on the word talent because I will never start watching Kardashians or Honey Boo Boo type of shows. The X Factor UK is probably my favorite because I like the format, US one does not come close to the quality which is why I stopped watching it after the auditions. UK one has James Arthur this year, a guy who has emotion, appeal and a lot of talent. For those reasons I hope he doesn’t win because the ones who come in second/third are always the ones who succeed in the industry far more than the winners.


While it represents another franchise that introduces two new upcoming actors as star-crossed lovers, I still think Beautiful Creatures might have a chance to become a bit better than Twilight in my eyes. Especially since the supporting cast has names like Jeremy Irons and Emmy Rossum. Though I have seen the trailer and plan to read the book (light reading after a study period has never harmed anybody), I think the movie will be still a surprise. Or I’ll be proven wrong and all the promises will be crushed. Hopefully it doesn’t happen.

Another movie that I will definitely see and not just because I love Jesse Eisenberg but because it looks absolutely awesome! The movie doesn’t seem to be based on a novel (I’m not 100% sure) nor a play, it is possibly just pure movie fiction and I hope it comes off as brilliantly as it is featured in the trailer. Now You See Me is probably the most exciting movie in 2013 for me so far and I actually have a feeling that this thing called anticipation is finally coming back to my life. I like when some trailers have that effect on me. Plus, it has Woody Harrelson – everybody loves Woody!


I watched both Bridget Jones’ movies this weekend and let me tell you, if you have any doubts about the quality of Colin Firth as a man, shut your mouth! He is amazing and I feel bad that I haven’t featured him on this site more often but it might be a bit creepy since he’s 52 years old! Damn, that man does not look 52! And if you are wondering what else I might watch this weekend to get my Firth fix, you guessed it right, Love Actually is on its way. Besides, a little bit of Hugh Grant is also needed.


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