Here’s a pretty short summary of this week since I’m pretty tired of traveling around. Not that I’ve done much of traveling, it’s just more than usual and therefore I’m immediately more tired. Plus, I saw just one movie this week – so far my all time low this year.

  • In the beginning of the week I saw the first Star Wars movie and thought it was rather good. I kept waiting for Harrison Ford to appear and when he finally did, I was content.
  • Wanted to go to the cinema this weekend but opted on going to the gym instead. Happens.
  • Don’t wanna say much about the movie yet, since I really need to watch the other movies but I’m sure I’ll do it soon enough.

  • Game of Thrones is picking up speed which means I’m getting confused again. Seriously, love this show to bits but I guess knowing the books is quite good in terms of the clarity.
  • Currently I’m trying to keep track of the characters and I’m like “who’s that?” and “where is he?” etc. Re-watching the show should be a good idea after I finally read the books – mental note.
  • The Following is losing its magic episode by episode but I really liked how Bacon’s character’s past was revealed. It makes him more complex and that’s the way I like my leading characters.
  • The chick from Criminal Minds (too tired to Google her name – told you I was tired) was on Modern Family and well… she was okay. I wasn’t really thrilled about her character.
  • Ran outside for the first time this year, it was rather decent but it’s still pretty cold for my taste.
  • Ate pasta for the first time this year – yes, I have so far avoided it successfully.
  • The good thing about being away from home is the lack of feeling like I have no friends. Yet, I was pretty tired yesterday to go outside to the big city – I’m that pathetic! I have this big city in front of me, it’s Saturday and I was too tired to go out.
  • To be fair, I ran 4 km yesterday and today added 5 km – pretty good for a lazy weekend.
  • Waiting patiently for the contract to come back from Ireland so I can finally book the flight. Can’t wait but more importantly, I can’t wait to come back and start with my thesis.
  • It might seem weird but while being away from school for a whole semester (I’ve been studying straight for 16,5 years) I kind of miss studying. Studying and blogging is pretty much the only two things I’m fairly good at.

Looking for Alaska

  • Started to read John Green’s second book Looking for Alaska and so far it’s good. Not as great as The Fault in Our Stars but then again, the topic isn’t as close to my heart.
  • Scratch that, as I was traveling back home on a train for 2,5 hours I almost finished Looking for Alaska and the second half is much much better! There’s something about John Green and his writing that makes me want to write and I haven’t felt that way in a long time.
  • While reading the book, I didn’t do much blog reading this week. Which is a shame and yet, makes sense as I’ve been away. The posts I posted were all scheduled anyway – except the Top 50 part 2 which I worked on for hours and hours.
  • Yes, I’ve started to make graphics that take longer than usual and I can’t help it. Might take longer but they look much prettier!
  • LAMMY nominations will be announced tomorrow.. I’m crossing my fingers for many of my favorites and I hope they do the same for me. I’m not sure about my own categories but at least one nomination would make my spring.
  • Wanted to end with a very interesting fact but I’m a total blank, I guess all the excitement will be left for next Sunday, until then, stay cool!


I Love That Film saw Spring Breakers which I still think it’s a brilliant piece of film.

Love & Squalor LOVED The Place Beyond the Pines which frankly is no surprise, I’m quite excited to see the film myself.

Those who don’t know, I love me some sports movies so when Dan the Man reviewed 42 and liked it, I got all excited and stuff.

Visual parallels is most likely the coolest (and an endless) feature and this week Cinematic Corner put together Pulp Fiction and Breaking Bad.

Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop (I almost wrote Poop – my bad!) saw Killer Joe which reminded me of that grilled chicken scene and all of a sudden, not so keen on eating chicken.

Fellow Estonian Films and Coke is much more successful in terms of being Estonian cause she reviewed an Estonian film (in almost three years, I have reviewed none) Dead Mountaineerโ€™s Hotel.

Rob on French Toast Sunday blogged about directors he’s gotten into after he started blogging.

And So it Begins listed Top 15 movies that demand re-watching.

Sometimes I think Chandler is me and then I’m like, no, I am Chandler!


  • Thanks for the link! Oh-oh – if you find the show confusing, I’m not sure how you will react to the books. I find the show to be very clear and easy to follow, but this season it may be due to the fact I rewatched the previous 2 recently. There are many links to season 1 and 2 and some characters that were minor will be very important now.

    I hope you get nominated for Lammies, I myself don’t really care about that seeing how most of the blogs that deserve nominations (and wins) probably won’t get anything.

    • Indeed, I think the re-watching the series helped you cause I watched couple of first season whilst reading the books and it makes much more sense now! So if I follow the books and the show simultaneously, I think I could actually understand everything. ๐Ÿ˜€
      I don’t know how the Lammy politics go, it’s my first year actually participating so I kind of hope for its honesty or something. But certainly due to the LARGE amount of blogs, many are left out who deserve it more than those with “popularity” votes.

      • That’s not a bad idea, but the books are kinda..mixed. Some events from book 2 are only in the show now and some stuff that happened last episode we only read about in book 5. So it’s hard to do but I think reading the story and then figuring out what’s gonna happen in the show is the way to go. I read the books but I’m still so surprised because they are changing stuff and a lot of times it works even better than book version.

        After last year I kinda gave up hope people who deserve to win will win..Some say all those blogger chain-awards where others reward you and you need to pass it on to other bloggers are silly but I think they are much more fair and honest than this thing.

        • I guess GoT is kind of different for people, some like the show and will never pick up the book but I’m sure they’ll get a lot of info from GoTwiki or something.
          Well as this year kind of changed the system and we were able to submit the blogs in the beginning I’m certain less blogs were left out. But since the community is getting massive – I think it becomes more difficult to actually be fair indeed.

  • I’ve been a college grad for a year and I really miss school. Not sure if I miss it enough or am focused enough on any one thing to go back for my masters though. I really need to read John Green. I’ve been hearing great things for years but somehow still haven’t read his books. Congrats on your LAMMY nom!

    • I haven’t even finished my masters and I’m already thinking about going for a second one. Ironic since whilst at school I usually say I hate it and then now as I’m not in there, I make future study plans. ๐Ÿ˜€
      I was also a bit hesitant that maybe it’s all hype and not all that great but man, John Green really knows how to put down words! And he treats teenagers in such a great manner, I’m planning a book review for this Wednesday so you can check it out. I’ll try to avoid spoilers.

  • Thank you for the link! I’m thinking of reading GoT books as I’ve just started the show and it seems like the kind of thing where the books would add endless depth (and clarity)!

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