This week was brilliant and mostly because I saw Looper and that just gave me that extra push to blog like crazy. Most of which you will see next week because I do have a new paper deadline on upcoming Friday and that limits my time here. Also trying out a new header which I quite enjoy but at this point, I’ve given up on finding the perfect one before I commit to an upgrade that allows me to tweak and touch up some of the elements of the blog. That being said, here are my this weeks links and interesting finds, only one trailer though – because I have established a pretty solid “no trailer” law for myself these past few months.

Went to the cinema on Friday to see my boy and finally was able to read Cinematic Corner’s Looper review – as suspected, her post was brilliant and better than mine.

Dan The Man reviews Pitch Perfect and confirms my expectations: predictable yet entertaining, this would be the film I watch when I’m completely bored with a box of wine.

Bonjour Tristesse has been blogging VIFF (15 days of it) like crazy and my list of foreign films is becoming bigger than the actual list of movies. All I have to say is, wow…

Among many others, Love and Squalor gives me hope that The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a really good movie and I can’t wait to see it as soon as possible.

Cinematic Corner celebrated her blog birthday so on to the next one, Cinematic Paradox is adding another year and the special event calls for special posts: her movie biography starts with 2006.

Blog find of the week was Movie Reviews by Tom Clift, I appreciate the clean look and the content which is expected from somebody who has that much experience. Be ready to be directed to Moviedex though..

My Looper obsession will probably continue on for a while so bare with me, or get on to my fan train and read this interesting interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt that the Hammer & Thump did.

Another great found this week was an article about The 32 Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes after which I wanted to see all the movies I’d seen again just for that unscripted moment.

Just the other day I watched Crazy Stupid Love again, after that I can’t wait to see Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling together again. It just works, in every universe – plus, the movie also seems thrilling but I’m more interested in these two getting hot and steamy than the actual shooting and blood.


Going to share something I found yesterday that has actually been around for two years (I have no idea why I discovered this so late but I’m glad I did) and it’s originated from my home country. So I thought I’d share some Estonian talent in a form of a music video/short film – I can see it working as both, hence my confusion of describing it. Also, I kind of called the main guy the Estonian Alexander Skarsgard to a friend and she saw the similarities as well and I think it’s a great compliment to Tambet Tuisk who is one of my favorite Estonian actors.

Wait For Me from Peeter Rebane on Vimeo.
[vimeo w=500&h=281]

  • Thank you so much for the link! You review of Looper was great! I’m not sure about Gangster Squad, the recent poster was awful and the trailers didn’t really make it look wonderful, but I agree the chemistry between Gosling and Stone in CSL was fantastic.

    • You’re welcome and it was not as thought out.. but like I said, it’s a movie that one could write pages!
      With GS I’m actually more interested in Gosling and Stone rather than the plot of the movie…. I just want them to get steamy because we didn’t actually see that in CSL. I’m weird, I know.

        • Yeah, it worked for the movie, nothing to be said there just the steaminess in general, I want to see that between them for some reason.

  • Thanking you for the link! I feel sorry for Gangster Squad, having to reshoot and all, but it should be interesting. Gosling and Stone are too gorgeous.

    • Oh? Reshoot? Haven’t even heard about it but I guess I’m behind on my movie news due to school again (and watching 30 shows a week is also harmful in more than one way).

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