Right at this moment, I’m giving myself a great big hug because I blogged every day for two weeks!! I would so shout out some happy word or something but I caught a cold and literally can’t talk because my throat hurts like there is no tomorrow. Luckily, the blog requires no talking and just writing – that I can do in any condition!

This week was very slow and it was seen in comments and in traffic as well as posts that were in my feed. Still, some great stuff happened this week like any other week, slow or not, movie blogs never leave – unlike Batman (yes, review is right around the corner). Front Room Cinema has an awesome giveaway, you can win a designed Breaking Bad T-shirt and it doesn’t matter where you live! Love & Squalor reviewed Hope Springs which I really want to see. And no matter how slow the week seems to be, Bonjour Tristesse keeps those foreign movies coming, Valley of the Bees is for her another high rated movie from the 60’s.

There were many trailers that became of interest, This is 40 as a Knocked Up kind-of sequel is probably going to be another big comedy for Apatow. The same promising tone is present in the Lawless trailer although I have doubts about Shia LeBeouf but who knows. Little White Lies is a foreign movie, French of course, that I’m looking forward to see and mostly because of the Oscar winner Jean Dujardin.

This is it for this week and just heads up, I’m not sure if I can post next weekend as well as the past ones because I’m traveling to Sweden. But Linked is definitely not going away for good and I have lots of reviews planned for you guys.

PS: For the first time I took part in one of the LAMB feature things and Brad Pitt’s Acting School 101 was the ting I participated in. I really liked it and hopefully I get to do a lot more in the future. You can see my post here.


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