Though mother’s day isn’t celebrated universally on the same day in each country, I still wanted to create a very pink image to accompany my Linked post. Besides, when at least one mother will get my wishes via this post, I would be very happy.


  • This week was rather eventful with me visiting some friends out of town (finally, some socializing with peers) and getting a Marvel overdose.
  • I re-watched Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Avengers and then got to see Iron Man 3. Woo!
  • Really-really liked IM3 and I’m not gonna lie, a lot of it had to do with Robert Downey Jr – he is simply the best on screen, off screen and in fantasies as well!
  • IM3’s credits were extremely long but I was glad to see about 5 people besides me and my friend staying for the final scene. Shout out to those Marvel fans who know better to watch through the sea of people behind the production (there were so many names) for that extra scene which quite nicely tied in the voice-over thing (thank god!).
  • Saw The Great Gatsby’s trailer in the cinema and I must say, it feels super powerful! I think it’s the power of the songs that gets me.. so I think the soundtrack will be amazing!
  • Still haven’t reviewed The Place Beyond the Pines (though, I had a fairly interesting conversation about it), and 42 needs a review as well.
  • Keeping my promises is becoming difficult as I still don’t want to watch Hemlock Grove, while the idea of reviewing a TV-show I don’t like is very delicious.
  • Watching TV-shows is still my #1 activity with me getting through Broadchurch in a single day and catching up with Elementary like a champ. Loved the first one and starting to develop strong feelings for the second one as well.
  • Broadchurch is a British crime mini-series (that became an actual series) with David Tennant as the lead. I’m definitely gonna review it but I don’t know when exactly. Soon probably.


  • Tennant’s Scottish accent needs its own bullet-point.
  • On a more personal note, I started to pack for my Ireland-summer. Mostly because I wanted my mom to get off my back (she’s the plan a month ahead kind of person) but since I want to be very minimal with my luggage, I kind of need to plan ahead. I hate when traveling is made uncomfortable by the amount of bags, so I’m going for a medium sized suitcase and my laptop bag – call me crazy but I think I can do it!
  • Reading hasn’t been going so well, mostly because of TV-shows, but I hope to finish the crime book soon. I just need a day to sit down and read… currently I don’t have that day as I’m behind with blog stuff.
  • Lammy’s are upon us and so many great blogs have received their awards. Blogathon category, only one I’m up for, is still left to be announced – fingers crossed!
  • Also, I got two very exciting possible opportunities regarding the movie criticism world. I’m gonna try to grab on to both, one would be now and the other after the summer but it evolves work so… I need to get my working hat on (which I don’t have) and my coffee ready (which I have!). Wish me luck!


After seeing Iron Man 3 I was finally able to read the positive reviews by Love and Squalor and Terry Malloy.

Though I haven’t seen The Great Gatsby, I still kind of cheated and read the first sentence of Dan’s the Man review.

Films and Coke saw Trance and showed off it’s interesting cinematography.

Mud is another one of those great movies that shouldn’t be overlooked, And So It Begins… writes why.

Cinematic Corner took on Soderbergh’s final movie Side Effects – she wasn’t impressed with.

Biutiful is still in my to-watch list but after Mr. Rumsey’s spoiler free review it won’t stay there long.


This is pretty much old news but I’m always behind when it comes to music, not that I haven’t heard it before, I just started to love it this week. As it happens, it was used in Arrow’s latest episode (22 – Darkness on the Edge of Town) and well, when a song is used very well it just catches my ear and so did Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive.




It’s gonna be a special one because it’s kind of selfish – highlight of this week was my Beard post. I thought outside the box and I wanted to make something fun and yet meaningful, so men with beards seemed to be the best way to go! And with one post Love Me Some feature became much more versatile and not gonna lie, I love it.

And I think Sofia’s comment summarizes the post the best:


*it sure is*


  • With 18 seconds in, I already love this song. Your beard-post deserves Highlight of the Month in my opinion and thanks for the link! (I finished listening to the song and I have a new album to get now…)

  • Congrats for winning the Lammy! I voted for you and so glad you took it. Elementary is so much fun. I have latest episode to see, Natalie Dormer is in it so I really need to find the time to do so.

    • Thank you for voting! And Elementary is certainly progressing to be better and better as the season goes on. I’m still in the middle where he thinks Dormer’s character is dead.

  • The song is pretty cool, I’m really behind on that kind of stuff too. Last episode of the Cobert Report was all about The Great Gatsby, I’m SO excited. I’m not the biggest Baz Luhrmann fan (I know, only person on the planet here), but seeing him in that interview and how much he loved the project actually made me want to re-watch some of his films.

    The beard post was a real treat, hahah. I must say Tennant never looked that hot (I mean, a beard AND a scottish accent? DEAD.) AND CONGRATS ON WINNING THE LAMMY!!!! Extra points for getting your win announced by the cute guy with a great accent 😉

    • I’m intrigued by Gatsby, I’ve read the novel and I’ve seen the trailer (looks like a huge production), and I’ve read the not so satisfying comments – who knows what I think about it!

      Tennant looked fabulous! And thank you for the Lammy congrats.. and I’ll take the extra points as well. 😀

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