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I wanted to make this post special because it is 11.11, so it is published at 11:11 and the image is taken from here: 111 page and the 11 picture on that page. I don’t know what benefits this system has, but I just thought it was nice. 12/12/12 would be even cooler – so during that day, Wild Wednesday will be extremely wild. But this is so not the point, so I will get right to the post! (I’m writing this on Friday, so don’t get mad if I don’t link your amazingĀ  late Friday evening or Saturday post.)


I started a “My Movie Alphabet” blogathon, you can see it growing and growing here: Amy from Yam Magazine was the first to alphabet her movie world, Film Sloth did an amazing job with hers as well and Cinematic Corner makes my alphabet look not so good.

PS: Seeing different alphabets and the variety of choices really puts a new perspective to the movie world, so much to choose from and so many different people loving the movies!

Though Love & Squeler wrote many reviews this week (for her under 250), I liked her Wreck-It Ralph the most but probably because I’m waiting for it like crazy!

The Viral Infection gave Argo a clean bill of health, definitely turning into one of my waiting list movies but I mean, the only thing I seem to be doing, is waiting.

I talked about Rust and Bone a while back, And So it Begins gave it A+: I definitely have to see it now.

Front Room Cinema wrote about My Neighbor Totoro which reminded me of the animation and made me smile.

New blog found:

The Film Sloth – I just love her already, I bet she will keep evolving and give me a run for my money (if I ever start getting money for this).


I tend to stay away from them but now and again I stumble on something I want to see. Or something I don’t want to see, for instance Twilight’s trailer that Youtube STILL forces on me without the skipping opportunity. Anyway, this weeks pick is actually a teaser:

Despicable Me 2

Music recommendation:

Since I loved to listen to music when I was studying, it took me some time to get used to the quiet because the lyrics in English started to bother me while I wrote in English. Now I have found my way to soundtracks and instrumental music – this is a 10 hour track that I love to listen to when I need to have some background noise while I write, study, write and study. This is actually everything I seem to be doing lately. If you are like me, you’d find this super useful!

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