linked17Sundays are not my favorite, I don’t know why but they always seem so annoying. I’m guessing it’s the fact that they are followed by Mondays but why would it bother me now as I’m not doing anything the whole week? Just thinking about it makes my head hurt even more so let’s get to the links and skip this introduction nonsense that is most likely boring you.

My week:

  • For some odd reason I wasn’t feeling movies this week, I only watched two: Animal Kingdom in the middle of the week and Skyfall this morning.
  • Therefore I have almost nothing for next week (except Skyfall) because I’ve decided not to review Wreck-It Ralph nor Here Comes the Boom. Don’t even have a show for next Saturday…
  • Doubt that it will stop me from posting, you’re not getting rid of me that easily. I just have to have a very movie filled week ahead of me.
  • I purchased three new DVDs this week, Rockn’rolla, The Avengers and Full Metal Jacket, don’t worry, they were on discount. I wanted Snatch but obviously the store didn’t have it or I just simply didn’t notice the full priced product due to my discount focused eyes.
  • Still have to share my LAMMY submissions but most of my favorites have already been mentioned. Best of all, so have I! Some great bloggers have mentioned me for best blogathon and best rating system – that’s very awesome and considering my long war with the rating system, I’m glad I finally found the one.
  • Went to a concert yesterday which was very funny and entertaining – seriously, it was more like a stand-up comedy with musical intermissions but that’s what I liked about it.
  • Made a Letterboxd account and still getting used to it.. but I do like the fact that I can give 2,5 ratings there because I’ve noticed a need for it here. But then again, not changing my rating system just for that ever again!
  • Then I spent the morning adding films to my list… 660 so far but I’m pretty sure I could get to a 1000 if I didn’t doubt myself. Some movies are so familiar and yet, I don’t trust to rate them and therefore I didn’t even put them there at all.
  • Hopefully next week will be more productive and more movie filled cause two movies in 7 days is not acceptable for a movie blogger.


A fellow Estonian has entered the blogging world! Films and Coke is a fresh site that just started and Great Expectations is one of three reviews currently posted there.

Love & Squalor saw The Paperboy and reviewed it among her Under 250 feature.

Visual parallels are back and Cinematic Corner looked at the similarities between The Dark Knight and Skyfall.

It was a long time ago when everything was about 2012 but it’s still great to see Favorite Movie Scenes of 2012 on Lights Camera Reaction‘s site.

Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions did a massive marathon of posts upon becoming a legal grown-up (18!) – the final post was about her life in 18 movies.

Emma Watson looks good in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Rings trailer. I hope this movie delivers, the topic itself is interesting and the real-life aspect behind it makes me want to see it even more.


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