Pretty bad week and I’m not even sorry, taking some time off and being a slow blogger is sometimes necessary. And this week, I decided to take that small break and blog less than I’m used to. Despite of this, I can’t let my Linked system fall apart because I’m lazy – oh no, that would be unacceptable! There aren’t many but at least I tried…

My week:

  • I watched Wreck-It Ralph and Django Unchained this week, first one was okay and the second one was bloody brilliant!
  • On a less of an interesting note, I re-watched Cool Runnings.
  • During the Django Unchained previews I had to literally keep my eyes closed and cover my ears when the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer was on – I’m glad to announce that I still haven’t seen it and I’ll be spoiler free when I do actually see it.
  • In terms of TV-shows, I enjoyed every bit of House of Cards this week and during the weekend, I caught up with four episodes of My Mad Fat Diary.
  • Also hang around with my friends this weekend, finally some socializing and shopping as well – got a pair of new trainers that were 70% off, gotta love discounts!
  • I still haven’t figured out what to do for Valentine’s Day, I’m hating my previous post idea and I can’t seem to think of a new one.


Terry Malloy Pigeon Coop saw Silver Linings Playbook and liked it a lot.

Cinematic Corner‘s Margaret put down a list of her best and worst of 2012.

Dan the Man brings back memories and reviews Sixteen Candles.

Ramble Film made Mysterious Skin the movie of the week – I really should finish watching it now!

I’ve been feeling very nostalgic while seeing all these Friends gifs lately, oh the good old times.


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