Probably one of the most intellectual movie related weeks passed by in a blink of an eye. I’m especially thrilled that I didn’t only post every day, I actually managed to read and view a lot of things related to movies and basically had a blast. Hopefully this will continue on to be a good month filled with many interesting links and videos!

Love & Squalor has become one of my favorites and I was glad to see her back with a review on Beast of the Southern Wild, Joe from Two Dude Review made me think of Brad Pitt being underrated and his scruff with his Killing Them Softly trailer post and I just kept reading Film Flare every other day (archives are so much fun sometimes! plus her blog is gorgeous).

Since I am bored of trailer posts (at least for now) I decided to put them all up in my linked post:

Goats has a funny title and while its cast is filled with people with comedic flare I can’t see myself liking the movie, but Ty Burrell and Justin Kirk are my men and I’m probably gonna watch it anyway! A more definite must on my list is Nobody Walks which has John Krasinski, Dylan McDermott and again my man Justin Kirk! While the plot appeals to me a lot, the fact that Lena Dunham co-wrote it is even a bigger magnet. The trailer that made me a bit confused was Lee Daniels’ The Paperboy with Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman and John Cusack. Sometimes confused is good but I’m not sure about this one.

Here’s a little treat I saw thanks to Rob from In Camera, 135 Shots That Will Restore Your Faith in Cinema. It’s beautiful and a very awesome “name that movie” game could come out of it as well.

PS: I have a new style to the blog yet again, hopefully this is a more permanent solution because I’m warming up to it as we speak. Header image still needs some extra thought, any ideas?


  • I can see what you’re trying to with the header image but it’s just a little too confusing i.e is it meant to spell out a word? Plus it’s very hard to see the images contained within. Also I would always have the comments link below the post as some people may read the post and think there is no link. To be honest a week ago I thought you made the site look a lot better. I hope I don’t annoy you with my comments 🙂 I tinkered with my site a bit today so feel free to let me know if I improved it or made it worse 🙂

    • I wasn’t trying to spell out a word but people seem to think so, accidentally confusing people but I’m already taking the time to use bigger circles.

      And a week ago, I can’t even remember what my blog looked like and I really hate that I can’t change the theme on my own and by that I mean, the way the theme is. And the comments don’t bother me, I just get reminded that I have to pay money in order to make small changes that the theme’s have. 🙁

      • I’m not familiar with WordPress but I’m sure you can use a basic theme and customise it with html. There are lots of sites that show you how to do this, just google what it is you’d like to change and I’ll bet someone will have written a post showing you how it’s done. As for the header image you should download GIMP, it’s like Photoshop but free (always nice). You could make a banner with your links as pictures using another free software called Geo HTML. Thanks for the feedback on mine 🙂

    • I tried to fix the comments and put them not so far but I think if the right “leave a comment” gives the jump to the actual place people wouldn’t mind.. but yeah, it meant I had to cut down my sidebar on the right. Feels so empty now.

    • You’re not the first one. People think it has a word.. I think it is funny. Cause it makes people look harder and I like to think that if one person stays for 5 min on my page, I have accomplished something: made a tricky header image.

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