The reason of this post is quite obvious, it’s the 50th birthday of Quentin Tarantino! The man who needs no further introduction nor explanations why this post is being brought to you. Tarantino has made such movies like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Inglorious Bastards and Django Unchained – many of them my own personal favorites. So in order to celebrate one of my favorite director’s jubilee, I decided to put together this list of 10 things I love about him in no particular order!


Personally I like a director who writes his own stuff and manages to do it with such care that most of his (because my favorites tend to be all men) movies stand out. Tarantino is no different and I love that about him. He has been writing and making solid movies for years and I think it works for him. If he’d direct a movie he hadn’t written, who knows. I mean, Tarantino has made a name for himself for writing Tarantino movies and directing them so, I would say it’s because of that he is who he is.

the music

Tarantino seems to have a very strong connection with music which comes across on numerous occasions. Some songs just fit a scene in a manner of perfection, some even add humor to a less eventful scene. I’m not a music expert, I rarely go for soundtracks but with Tarantino it’s different somehow. Or maybe I want it to be different. Either way, I love the music featured in Tarantino’s movies and especially this one in Reservoir Dogs.

his style

I don’t think I need to explain this one to those who are familiar with Tarantino because he has a very consistent style. From car trunk scenes to shots from below to shots in the car to shooting locations – man knows what he likes and uses it. I can’t explain it but those who are interested in finding out more, a long list of Tarantino’s trademarks should explain my love.

flavored humor

Though the topics of his movies are more related to the next reason, there’s a very different kind of humor Tarantino uses. I’ve added a scene from Django Unchained as a perfect example because I can’t imagine any other person making something that iconic into a mockery. As a person who hates comedies, Tarantino makes me laugh better than anyone.

blood violence

This is a controversial thing about Tarantino’s movies, some say he missuses violence and in a bad way, I say, let him at it! I don’t mind violence and I don’t think I’m influenced by it in a bad way. There is a lot of blood in the real world as well, I don’t see a problem with portraying it on the screen with such measures that it almost feels unrealistic at times. Therefore, Tarantino’s love for fake blood and big violent scenes is something I appreciate.

pulp fictionThe only movie that will be featured in this post is Pulp Fiction and for many reasons. I still think it’s his best work and I’m pretty sure nothing will come as close to perfection as this. It also represents the first Tarantino movie I saw, even though I was too little to understand what the hell was going on.


His writing is a bit like a madman’s scribbles or something and what’s not to love? I also read that he makes a lot of grammatical mistakes but those might not be accidental since he added that he likes them. Anyway, I love that his handwriting has as much character as he does.

christoph waltz

Here’s a different kind of reason why I love Tarantino – he brought me this man. Though I hail from Europe, I had no idea who this fellow European, a man from Austria, actually was. Waltz was doing TV movies and appearing on television series, now, he’s a two time Oscar winner and I couldn’t be happier. Since I first saw Waltz in Inglorious Bastards, I’m pretty certain I’m almost obliged to say I love Tarantino for introducing me with Waltz and his talent.

product placementDid you know that Tarantino hates product placement so he comes up with his own products? Some of those products, like Big Kahuna Burger and Red Apple cigarettes, are featured in many of his movies following Pulp Fiction. For some odd reason the fact that he prefers to feature an imaginary burger instead of McDonald’s is comfortingly awesome.

his intelligence

Here’s a fun fact, Tarantino’s IQ is 160 which means he’s exceptionally gifted. Damn right he’s exceptional and gifted – even his IQ agrees. So who wouldn’t love the fact that he is very smart and yet, he still managed to drop out of high school. Irony at its best. By the way, though I don’t remember much of the lecture, I do recall a discussion over the hidden meanings behind elements and physical appearances in Inglorious Bastards – meaning, Tarantino’s movies are reflecting his intelligence which is even more exceptional!


Hereby I’m sending my most exceptional birthday wishes to the one and only, Quentin Tarantino! Happy birthday!


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