LammyButtonThough I was technically a Lamb during the last LAMMY Awards, I was more or less not as invested in blogging as I am now. Therefore, I’m kinda new at the 2013 LAMMYs and all of this is super exciting for obvious reasons. Since the polls open tomorrow, I’m gonna start my campaign for votes. Though it sounds political, trust me, it’s not… or maybe it is but just a little.

LAMMYs are annual Awards hosted by the Large Association of Movie Blogs, so it’s like the Oscars but better since we (and by we I mean the movie bloggers) actually get to decide which one of us gets nominated, who wins etc. Plus, we might get the award! All very exciting but what’s even more superb is the fact that I’m eligible (full list of all the categories with the eligible blogs for nominations is here) for four categories – meaning, I have a pretty good chances to actually win a LAMMY!



I’m glad for the fact that I’m at least considered amongst the best blogs of the entire LAMB. Though, even the most optimistic side of me does not think I will get the nomination. Of course I would want to but there are 78 blogs and only 10 get the actual nomination. So I’m not going to get my hopes up with this one. Besides, some of the other blogs in this category are my personal favorites and I can’t imagine being in the same nomination category as those. I’m just shy like that.


Now isn’t this a pleasant surprise?! My never ending battle with the layout of this WordPress theme and the constant change-up has finally ended and I get into the best design category where 5 out of 35 get nominated. I doubt my luck will grant me a nomination this time as well and I’m okay with that. I do think that I have squeezed every possible string free of charge in order to get my blog looking this stylish. So maybe the fact that I have less free-range and restricted possibilities will get me a nomination but I’m being realistic – there’s some heavy competition out there!


My category! Yes, I’m saying this with the up-most confidence (5 out of 20 get nominated) because I couldn’t be prouder of my first ever blogathon that eventually ended with Our Movie Alphabet. Having 40 blogs participating, some with multiple posts, was a great deal of fun and a challenge as well. So I hope all those 40 people remember their struggle of naming all letters with great deal of positive feelings. I’ll be certainly campaigning for this nomination/award like a proper blogger.


Also a category where I also hope to have some luck (5 out of 20 get nominated) because I’m satisfied with what I have and getting some recognition for it just makes me smile. It was a long and difficult rode to this rating system but man, was it worth it or what? It’s different, it’s fun, it makes some people most likely hungry but most of all, I love it!


So there it is, my thoughts on my possibilities on getting nominated in these categories. I’m going to be honest, I love my blog and I adore my design but I know I’m not the best out there. Some of my favorites are definitely ahead of me with experience and visual appeal but hey, I’m glad to be at least considered. But when it comes to the blogathon and the rating system, I’m thrilled to be considered because I’m expecting to be nominated. And since it’s up to you guys to make it happen, here’s a FYC (for your consideration) poster that will hopefully swing some votes into my yard.



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