Just my luck guys! After coming back from the hibernation, my laptop decided it was time to give up on me and well, it doesn’t look good. Not only did I loose a large amount of important stuff, I was also stripped away from my image-editing software and blog writing possibilities away from home. Not sure how or when I will get my laptop back, if I get it back, but here’s  a fun blogathon to distract you from my life-issues.

Katy at Girl Meets Cinema put together a cool little Blockbusted Blogathon for us all and I like the idea a lot. It inspires us to look at B-rated blockbusters that we love and share the enthusiasm. Given the fact that one of those blockbuster movies has made it to my Top 50 Favorite Movies list, I’m pretty much obliged to follow through with this. Therefore, I’m sharing with you a movie that is not everybody’s cup of tea but I love it and, if I’m being completely honest here, have seen about 10 times and wouldn’t mind seeing it again. So here are 10 reasons why I love THE ISLAND:

  •  It’s a sci-fi movie and I love sci-fi movies.. even though this one is directed by Michael Bay – we’ll just look past that, okay?
  •  Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson star as clones and they are great!
  •  It has just the right amount of future-esque things without them overtaking the entire movie.

  •  The main character is charismatic and curious, a very likable hero.
  •  The plot is actually well thought of and I for instance can’t see any extremely visible logic-mistakes. It kind of fits together, all of the little details and things which is wonderful.
  •  First half of the movie is brilliant, the second is action packed and still good.

  •  Ewan’s second character is a great minor villain of the story.
  •  Steve Buscemi and Sean Bean – should I say anything else?

  •  The cinematography is actually a great mix of cold and warm colours.
  •  It’s just fun, a fun little movie that gets you all bumped up and excited.

The Island is considered a blockbuster bust, it didn’t cross well in the States and it cost a lot to make so, you can imagine the disappointment. Though, some say it was bad publishing and I agree, I mean, there are worse movies out there and those movies don’t have Ewan’s charm on their side! At the end of the day, it’s well thought through, Bay’s direction is actually great and I mean, if it’s raining and I’m looking for an entertaining sci-fi action movie, I tend to go for The Island and I’m happy with that life-choice.

So, there you have it, my little list of reasons I love The Island.. I mean, there are a lot more little details I adore but I’m not that good with lists. But in case you are a master of list-making and you want to particpate in Katy’s blogathon too, here are the rules:

  1. Choose a super cheesy blockbuster B-rated movie(s). Genres include: disaster flicks (examples:Twister, Poseidon), alien invasions (i.e. Independence Day, Mars Attacks), creature attacks (Eight Legged FreaksTremors), retro horror (i.e. The Crawling Eye, The Blob), and 80s and 90s action (i.e. Total Recall, Armageddon), supernatural (The League of Extraordinary GentlemanVan Helsing), and others like Battlefield Earth and the first three Star Wars. Here’s a resourceful list for inspiration
  2. In your post, include a picture(s) of your selection (etc) and reasons why you love that particular movie. Characteristics to consider may be the sense of adventure, the cast, the script, the one-liners, an nostalgic memory, the cult following. Share all the reasons why you are shamelessly in love with this particular movie; the sky’s the limit!
  3. Remember this blogathon is not about “bad movies”; it’s about our unbreakable bond towards a cheesy blockbuster-esque movie with a setting, story, or character that introduces or deals with something not from this ordinary realm. (Even 90s action movies break the laws of nature and sane storytelling – so they count!)

  • Thank you Mettel! I’m happy that you could participate! I really need to see The Island when I’m in a mood for a sci-fi blockbusted flick. How could I have avoided this long with Ewan and Scarlett – o_O
    Sorry to hear about your laptop meltdown – mine did too! I sorta of enjoy starting over again but then the realization of all that I lost or didn’t back up previously, slowly starts to sink in.

  • Nice choice. I also enjoy this movie despite its director or what most people think of it. And yes, the first half is downright brilliant.

  • Well… Scarlett Johansson, not just once, but as a clone? You have won me over.

    The screencaps look beautiful, especially the last one. I totally want to see this now. Sean Bean too! All seems great. Love your reasoning!

    • It’s a fun little movie, I mean.. I’m surprised it failed at ticket sales… damn Americans, Bay gives them The Island, they don’t watch it, gives them Transformers, they run to see it.. I just, don’t understand!

  • This was actually a surprisingly great movie, given who the director is. The music in the film is freaking fantastic, I listen to it a lot, especially the track that was used in that lovely and very tasteful sex scene, as disappointed as guys must have been she didn’t take her bra off.

    • I didn’t even know who the director was before I put it into my favorite movies (I really just loved it for what it was) and then I was extremely surprised.
      And Scarlett with her bra.. such a disappointment. 😀

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