january wrap upThe first month of 2016 was successful – I’m on track, and it is a miracle considering everything I had going on. I worked 10 days straight at one point, during which, I started AND finished an 850 page book. I think reading is slowly becoming my superpower though I still feel like I’m such a slow reader.


Marissa Meyer / 2012

The Lunar Chronicles is a series I was drawn towards due to the amount of hype revolving around its last installment, Winter. I plan to read the entire series but since the first book left a lukewarm impression, I’m not sure when I’ll pick up the series again. Told from the perspective of a mechanic, and a human with robotic enhancements, it is a typical YA dystopian story. The downside, the mechanic Cinder herself hates her robotic parts which is ironic, considering she became a mechanic and is good at what she does…

Themes: YA, Dystopia, Science-fiction, Steampunk


Amy Poehler / 2014

The plan is to read more autobiographies this year, and the first one I picked up was Yes Please by one of the funniest women in comedy – Amy Poehler. Her book is thoughtful, insightful and funny. Yet it doesn’t try to be too funny, which is why I liked it so much. It had a lot of heart and I must admit, I got a little emotional when I read Seth Meyer gush about Amy.

Themes: Auto-biography, Funny, Comedy, Improvisation


Diana Gabaldon / 1991

This is the 850+ book was the most wonderful read. It was also a wonder I read this book so fast and it is a compliment to Gabaldon’s writing really. I flew past the chapters and I excitedly read all about the adventures Claire had! My enthusiasm was most likely evident in my Outlander post, and well, it hasn’t subsided yet so I’m most likely to pick up the second book soon enough.

Themes: Time-travel, Adult romance, Historic-fiction, Scotland


Shaun David Hutchinson / 2015

After reading Outlander I was in a mood for something light and YA is always my go to genre in those moments. This book was alright, though the plot did flow a little hesitantly for me. The story was still emotional, and though I expected to cry, I actually didn’t, which is why I’m a little disappointed. Maybe the characters never really connected with me, maybe the end was solved too fast and maybe it bothered me a little, how Andrew Brawley “solved” his problems.

Themes: YA, LGBT, Cancer, Depression


Alexandra Bracken / 2016

This was the most disappointing read this month, and not because it was bad, it was simply not what I expected. Hyped beyond hype, Passenger let me down a little because I didn’t connect with the characters. The plot was good, I actually enjoyed the time travel element, and I loved the diversity – I just wasn’t rooting for the main character. She seemed too together, too adaptable considering she was supposed to have stage fright – yet she never seemed like a fish out of water when portraying to belong in different eras. All in all, a better read than Cinder in a way, but more disappointing because of expectations.

Themes: YA, Science-fiction, Fantasy



How many books did you read in January? What were your favorites? And which of these have you read or plan to read?


  • I’ve only read Yes, Please. I liked it, but I read it right after reading Bossypants and it made me realize I didn’t like how Amy jumped around in her time line when Tina started with her childhood and just moved on as she aged. Still a very good read though.

  • I have yet to read Yes Please, though I’m planning to listen to the audiobook instead (I heard it was pretty good). I have been seeing Passenger everywhere but it doesn’t seem to entice me to want to pick it up. Same goes for Cinder, although I’ll be giving it a chance once my reading backlog clears a bit. I’ll try to read Outlander this year, the number of pages is quite daunting though.

    • I don’t seem to like audio books. I have tried, but I just.. I don’t like it. 😀

      Outlander flows so quickly, the pages don’t matter. I mean, I just started a Brandon Sanderson book and that is 300 pages less but it already feels a lot heavier than Outlander.

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