It’s been a while since I did my favorites post and I feel a bit bad, it’s not because I haven’t had favorites, it’s because I just haven’t had enough. But I figured, it doesn’t matter, I can ramble about few of my favorites for hours anyway, so why not do it each month. So I’m kicking this tradition into motion for the second time, harder this time, so it would actually get itself started. Also, this marks my third post this week, which means this one is extra special and I have done extremely well with my resolution to post two posts each week. Yay!

olivia wilde

Ever since I watched Drinking Buddies, I have had a crush on Olivia Wilde. I always thought she was pretty, since god knows when and I liked her in House MD but in general, her movie roles haven’t really impressed me. Well, it all changed with Drinking Buddies and I’m seeing her in a whole new light now, and I love it. Plus, she honestly looks even more gorgeous while being pregnant and that sparkly green dress she wore to the Golden Globes was just perfect.

mindydannyI’m going to play this scene in my head over and over again until it’s 1st of April because The Mindy Project just gave us the biggest cliffhanger ever and waiting to see what happens next is just torture! I expressed my love towards the show and Kaling in my Commercial Break post and now I’m again bringing it up. Sorry if this is getting boring but hey, this was one of my favorite TV-show episodes this month and The Mindy Project will most likely a favorite in April. Such a long wait, I don’t know if I can handle this but at least I have this scene to watch every other day….

shameless season 4

It’s hard to keep a show going and innovative after some seasons but Shameless is pushing all the right buttons this season that started in January. We have Lip struggling with his academic life, Frank is very sick, Debbie is still annoying and has now one really disturbing story line and then there’s Fiona, having the hots for her boyfriend’s bad boy brother. And then there’s so many great plots, triplets and all, but I’m missing Ian, he went to the army last season and I can’t wait for him to get back and stir up some drama with a certain somebody who’s missing him like crazy. Go Shameless!


robertstingAnd then this happened… I can’t even express how much I like this song and everything about it.

the fault in our stars trailer

At the end of the month the long awaited The Fault in Our Stars Trailer came out and I cried. That’s right, I cried just by watching the trailer because I can still remember the book and the devastating plot and all of the tears just came rushing back. I’m not quite sure how I will survive this movie..


  • RDJ with Sting is the cutest thing, have you seen his appearance in Ally McBeal? RDJ sings Every Breath You Take, so this just feels right! Plus I mean… could he get even hotter?

    Shameless is good, I’m loving Lip’s storyline too! Debbie’s is just scary, I hate her freaking stupid friends.

    • I have seen it yes, but he sings much more in this video and I just.. awesome.

      Lip is such a sweetheart.. I just wanna give him a hug. And how realistic it all feels, how normal, Shameless is wonderful! Can’t wait for the next episode to see more Fiona’s new man-candy!

        • Mad? I’m loving the concept of her having an addiction when she has voiced her anger towards her father so clearly this season. It makes her a very interesting character and plus, I like the bad boy brother way more than the current nice boss boyfriend.

          PS: I miss Ian!

  • I can’t wait to see TFIOS! It’s such a great read, and it gets heartbreaking to read it over again because you already know what’s going to happen next, and every moment they spend together just gets more precious because of that. I like how the trailer didn’t spoil anything for the non-readers, but at the same time it brought into life those pages and those lines that readers fall for.

    You’re not alone in being a fan of The Mindy Project. That was a major cliffhanger and I can’t wait until April. Hopefully, they are good episodes – and that they don’t put this moment to waste.

    • Oh, as a person who has read the book, I think it spoiled a bit too much in the trailer but who knows.. It could’ve been less, just a tiny bit. But it still made me cry, stupid trailer!

      I hope it keeps the standard where it is now, I have developed a slight addiction to the show and I would be super sad if I would be disappointed with it in April.

  • Woah is that RDJ/Sting a recent appearance? They go way back. I haven’t seen Drinking Buddies yet but it’s somewhere on my helplessly long watchlist.

    • It seems so because their appearance surfaced somewhere last week… And I loved Drinking Buddies, it’s the opposite to improvisation that is the messy American Hustle,

  • MINDY & DANNY. Oh my god, I freaking loved that whole plane scene. It was perfect. If that show gets canceled I’ll probably cry.

    Dammit I am halfway through TFIOS right now and I can’t wait to watch the trailer when I am done. I adore the novel so far though.

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