Intro: The Walking Dead

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    • mettelray

      I had also forgotten about it and then.. in the middle of the night, had a feeling of wanting to see zombies and all. Let me warn you, the beginning is super slow and a lot of the drama-story-line annoyed the hell out of me (stupidity is just too much for me) but I watch it for the visuals – set design and make-up is just hands down best of the best in TV at the moment!

  • I loved The Walking Dead intro for the first two seasons. I understand that they had to change it for the third season simply because certain characters are no longer on the show who were in the intro but it just doesn’t compare. I also loved how word ‘Dead’ flashed right before the word ‘Walking’ in the first two seasons causing you to read it as The Dead Walking and then reread it again as The Walking Dead. It was just cool that it made sense both ways. They got rid of that in the season 3 intro and it will probably stay that way for the remainder of the show. Oh well.

    • mettelray

      Well they might change things up again in the next season as we again lost a lot of characters in the third season but who knows. I still like the intro though, it’s interesting and yes, might not be as symbolic but a lot of the times it’s hard to top something that was already very good.

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