Instead of writing a really good introduction to this post, I’m just gonna say that I love The Newsroom and I couldn’t be happier about its second season. Surely it doesn’t have the impact it had during the first season where many globally known issues were discussed throughout several episodes but it still has the characters I like. Fun fact, I think Olivia Munn’s character is the best one of them all and I’m super impressed by her. I’m also impressed by the new intro but it’s fairly obvious because that’s the whole point of this post. By the way, I’m sorry for being so distant this summer, life just gets in the way sometimes!











  • Hi Mettel!! I love The Newsroom and find it to be extremely engaging. I’m fascinated by the way Sorkin ties in real life events into his stories. I also like mist of the characters and how they are being developed.

    • Some of the characters are very interesting and very innovative in terms of television. I’m glad you like it. I thought about writing more about it but as I have almost no time in my hands lately, I didn’t even bother trying. I will some day.. I hope.

  • I’m still catching up on last season… BUT I like this opening far more! I actually dislike the first season’s intro. I fast forward through it without hesitation. Now I won’t have to.

    • First one was less memorable to be honest. I was fairly surprised by the new one cause it actually seems to have a plot to it.. I tried to capture it with the images as well and hopefully it worked. Glad you like it!

  • I love this new intro so much more than season 1’s. I’m already digging season 2 over season 1. I think having a fictional story (Genoa) is really working out for them, and there’s so much character growth with Maggie, Don, Jim, Sloan, and Neal this season. I’m just in love with it all around.

    • In terms of the news, I prefer season 1 but character development is definitely on a more profound level this season. And I agree, the intro this season is much much better!

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