I went a bit overboard looking at Homeland’s intro and just wanted to share basically everything. Mostly because I think there is a lot of hidden meanings in this intro and the more I look at it, the more I want to see it. I especially love when two scenes melt together and the color distortion on a lot of the images. The innocents that it portrays in the little girl who is probably Mathison and the fact that Mathison and Brody, at some point, are in a maze – so close and yet so far. Still, hands down favorite image of the whole Homeland intro is the last one! We can see Brody standing next to Brody –  there is that underwhelming feeling of seeing the actual double life he’s leading.

PS: I’m super thrilled that the show got renewed for season 3, not that I ever had my doubts about it.


  • Great post! I love the show, the latest episode had the best scene so far for me, that ending was unreal! The intro is really cool, my favorite shot is Carrie and Brody in the maze.

    • I thought the final scene was great but in terms of Carrie’s character, extremely stupid. Yet, I like the new guy Peter as well! I was extremely surprised to see another Brit on the show that like. Keeps getting better and better.
      The maze shot is also good, yes.. lots of meaning and stuff.

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