Hemlock.Grove.S01E01.720p.WEBRip.x264-QRUS.mkv_000431472Last time I did an intro appreciation was last year (so far there have only been two: Homeland and The Walking Dead) so it was about time I brought back this visual feature; and upon seeing the newest Netflix original series Hemlock Grove, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to share its opening credits. Though I’ve only seen couple of episodes, I already see the connections with the story lines and the overall choice of the colors such as red and blue. Am I in love with the series itself is still to be determined but I’m certainly in awe with its intro!




  • I heard the show blows so I won’t be watching that, but the intro looks cool. Awesome that Alexander’s brother is getting roles, they are such a talented family.

    • I haven’t gotten past the third episode so I’m guessing the rumors are correct. It did have the best human to werewolf transformation I’ve seen but that doesn’t save the plot.
      Bill (the brother) looks good in this.. he has that kind of look to fit a horror show and hopefully now he’ll get even bigger and better roles.

    • I watched the second and the third as well.. didn’t get any better except the slight hopeful scene in the second one. It didn’t help a lot though.

  • I watched the first ep and forced myself to give the second ep a try but I eventually just turned it off. Interesting to see others had similar responses. Great post though. How about an x-files intro appreciation next? Just a thought 😉

    • I’m planning to suffer through all of it some time next week as I’ve never really reviewed a series I disliked. So perhaps, if you are interested, you’ll find out what happens next week.

      • Thanks, I’ll be sure to check it out. I am rooting for it. I hope the show improves as you watch more of it. If I hear that that is the case then I would sit through it too. I look forward to your review. Thanks for being so bold =)

  • The werewolf transformation has been the only redeeming quality of this series for me so far. I think I’ve slugged through the first 10 eps, hoping that somewhere they’d surprise me with awesomeness again.

    I’ll probably finish the season, but I can’t imagine that I’ll tune in for Season 2… if there even is a season 2.

    • Still haven’t had the motivation to suffer through with it.. Watching Elementary seemed much cooler.

      And who knows about season 2… might get it as it seems to be pleasing for some.

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