Not sure how happy you all are about these kinds of announcement posts but I’ve re-located. Not to make it too complicated I decided that NOTHING will actually change in this blog.. it’s just that I’m now living in Sweden!  I thought about not writing this into a blog post but since I’m like super tired I thought I’d share this piece of info due to possible lack of posts in the next days. I thought I was up for posting as soon as I arrive but it has been hot like crazy and I’d been literally going from store to store to purchase necessary things for my flat. Which, surprisingly, looks very motivational and cozy, apposite to that, I have a very creepy looking water tower literally in my back yard which towers over the building – very movie like scenarios are going through my mind right about now.

With that, I leave you to your own posts and as I have some unpacking to do (which I assume I’ll do tomorrow) and massive amount of blog posts to read (and this week they decide all to write!), I’m probably back later in the end of this week. Stay tuned because I have so much planned!

PS: I’m so excited to be living in such an interesting city, Helsingborg looks to be visually quite the place.Though, I’ve been getting USA vibes the whole time I’ve been here and since I’ve been to the States I think I’m right about it – they have Vitamin Water in Sweden (I’m thrilled, cause I loved it in the States and now I can have it again!) and the housing resembles America as well.



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