It is no surprise that the 31st of October shall be the day I talk about horror. But while everybody had prepared tons of stuff for this moment, have had various horror-related posts during the whole month or over the past week, I just mention it briefly today. Mostly because I have been some what lazy this past few weeks (I was bound to loose my blogging motivation at some point) and more or less because I am not a fan of horror movies. Still, I wanted to talk to you about two TV-shows that are horror and which make me think that maybe I’m a horror person after all…. maybe.

The picture of this post appears after the jump because I don’t want to have those pictures permanently on my main page because one of them actually disturbs me a lot.

First of all I want to let you know that though I try to stay away from horror movies, I still can’t say I’ve had total absence of them over the years. I’ve seen some, including Saw and Paranormal Activity, Grudge and even House of Wax despite the awful Paris Hilton who I was happy to see killed off quite early. So, I’m speaking of experience when I say that I don’t enjoy the genre as much as I would like to and don’t even get me started with the Asian horror classics – I just find it all way too much.

And then the contradiction in me kicks in and I start watching The Walking Dead in the middle of the night and clapping at the amazing scene that just took place! Seriously, I don’t know why this happened but I absolutely love this show despite my distance from horror. I guess it is the suspense and the high-level gore or I don’t know, I just know that I love it, I don’t mind watching it in the dark and I wait forward to see what The Governor does in season 3 since I’ve heard he is one of the best villains ever.

My horror love for TV-shows continues with American Horror Story which I also love. I don’t mind the creepy theme song and the scary plots at all. Which again is weird and especially because I would never watch a horror movie in the dark (which reminds me that I have to watch Cabin in the Woods soon..) but when it comes to the American Horror Story, I can’t enjoy it when it’s sunny. No way, I need complete darkness to get the full experience and I’m not afraid of it. Go figure!

So as my short post is coming to an end, I know, I’m just so lazy lately, I was just wondering if you might have an answer for me. Why do I keep disliking horror movies and constantly love a whole season filled with gore and zombies and dark corridors where anything can jump at you? I might have a special prize for the best answer as well.. no money involved because I’m a student but I bet it is worth it. Discuss my minions of horror, why I love this genre in shows and not movies!?

PS:  For Halloween  I’m going to wear my anti-social student costume aka staying at home in my pj’s eating ice cream and watching movies. What is your costume going to be like?


  • Hi Mettel and Happy Halloween to you!!

    I used to be a huge fan of all things horror related. I guess you could say as a young child I was a bit twisted, but it was just the genre of film that I fell in love with first. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more and more distant from horror films. I’ve had the conversation as to why, with friends (and myself) for awhile now and the best answer I could come up with is that there’s no longer any originality when it comes to horror. There are no longer any classic or iconic characters, and more importantly than anything is the laziness in writing that’s become more and more evident.

    What’s made me even more frustrated is how good (and in a number of cases original) the writing has become on T.V. shows. You made mention of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story and I couldn’t agree with you more about how effective they both are at inducing scares and/or those jump moments. These are 2 shows that I put in the ‘Can’t Miss’ catergory, and not just because they are scary or different. They are both so well written and provide me with everything I want in a good horror movie.

    • Interesting point of view.. I do think that if we’d compare The Walking Dead single episode to for instance House of Wax the writing is far more excelled and original (in terms of it being a comic book first is to be considered). Maybe real horror should be smart writing rather than blood and guts everywhere..

  • Happy Halloween Mettel Ray!

    I gave up on The Walking Dead after the first season because most of the characters were too annoying. I still haven’t seen any of American Horror Story, but keep hearing good words about it. Will have to set aside some time to check it out.

    Have you seen the UK show Dead Set? That one I thought was excellent.

    • Haven’t seen the Dead Set.. I will probably watch it soon then because at the moment, total off mode and probably no posts during my trip to Portugal as well. Mettel is planning a break. And then returns to horror.
      I like The Walking Dead for the visuals mostly, the story line, the characters could be a bit less but actually in the third season, the sheriff surprised me! He changed… big time!

  • I think there is just something about TV series – they usually create many more exciting situations than movies and the fact they run longer alows us to bond with the characters. And with horror it’s even easier as there aren’t really any new good horror movies out there, great horor TV series really stands out in such circumstances.

    • People keep saying that there aren’t good horror movies.. but at the same time, I feel like it is not because of that. I think that maybe horror shows aren’t that .. horrific.

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