Looking back, I’d like to think that 2016, despite its flaws, had some really great things to offer. There’s no denying that these great things were sometimes overshadowed by the turmoil of life, but at the same time, these good things made 2016 a lot more tolerable in the long run. But before I get to my favourite books and best movies of 2016, I want to look back at some of the songs and TV shows that made me happy this year.


Last year I picked up a habit of listening to entire albums from start to finish (albums are listed and considered favourites as well), and many of them were on repeat until the next one came along. But there were of course a few catchy songs, from albums I didn’t listen, that became favourites as well.

10. Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

Is there anyone left who wouldn’t be able to at least hum along to this song?

9. Pillowtalk by Zayn (Mind of Mine)

Not going to lie, I actually like Zayn’s album.. quite a lot.

8. Colors by Halsey

This song hunted me for weeks!

7. Starboy by The Weekend (Starboy)

Part of me was certain Starboy will be higher up but something was missing.

6. Ride by Twenty One Pilots (Blurryface)

Their concert was the bomb! and Heathens was the best part of Suicide Squad.

5. Goodbye by Kid Cudi (Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’)

Though not on his latest album, Goodbye deserves some attention!

4. Am I Wrong by Anderson Paak (Malibu)

I simply can’t stay still when this song comes on, and this album is filled with songs that make you want to move!

3. Formation by Beyoncé (Lemonade)

There isn’t anything Beyoncé can’t do wrong and in 2016 she proved why she is the queen B! There are so many great songs on this album, but Formation stands out just barely. Though I didn’t listen to this album in the second half of 2016, it still made an impact big enough to break my top 3!

2. All Night by Chance the Rapper ft Knox Fortune (Coloring Book)

The most recent discovery of mine that quickly became a favourite, is just like the title suggests, a colorful experience you can’t miss. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to it but it’s definitely more than five times.. and I mean the whole album! I listen to it when I go to work, and continue when I come home, it’s 55 minutes of pure gold.

1. Me & Your Mama by Childish Gambino (Awaken, My Love)

So many artists evolve over the course of their careers, but Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover surprised me the most this year. The entire album has a completely different feel to it than his previous albums.  It’s so raw and tribal.. and the album cover hints at this as well, and I simply can’t get enough. There are a few songs that catch me off guard every time they come on, but I’ve decided that this type of surprise is a good thing. By the way, is it too early to start waiting for his next album, because I’m dying to know where Gambino could take his music!?


This list will be compiled of only five entires because I’m listing here TV shows that premiered in 2016. The new additions to our television screens that got us excited, emotional and laughing our heads off. Also, a disclaimer, I’m not saying that the order of shows means the ones higher up are in any way better, these are all amazing, like, these are TV shows that I want to see every day and all day long!

5. No Tomorrow

Hopefully this won’t be a bittersweet addition to this list, as the future of No Tomorrow is still uncertain, but I had to mention it. This show has a healthy outlook on life, live every day like it’s your last, take chances, do weird things you’ve always wanted to do, and do them with a really hot guy, who thinks the world is going to end in 8 months. I mean, it’s as funny as it sounds, and it would be a shame if this show ended up being a 13 episode wonder.

4. Westworld

No doubt that Westworld will be among the greatest this year, and many years to come, and I agree. Sure, I had my small problems with it, but in the long run, Westworld was a very strong new show, that earned millions of fans from episode one. Twists and turns, hidden meanings, and brilliant performances across the board, Westworld combined my favourite genre sci-fi with my least favourite, western, and made me enjoy it for all 10 episodes!

3. The Night Of

Though a mini-series of just 8 episodes, The Night Of resonated with me on so many levels. Not only was it a slow burn investigative thriller, it solidified my crush for Riz Ahmed to a whole new level. Yes, The Night Of was the last thing I saw in 2016, but it was definitely worth the wait, and I think I will be talking about this show for a few weeks, so I could get it out of my system. Also, talking about The Night Of gives me an opportunity to talk about Riz Ahmed so.. it’s a win-win situation from every angle!

2. This Is Us

Oh, the feelings are strong with this one, guys! This Is Us is the perfect combination of humour and honesty, accompanied with tears of joy and sadness. I love every minute of it, and I love how it approaches very serious issues, from a very clear angle. The performances are amazing, I know we started off by seeing Milo Ventimiglia’s ass, but as half the first season has gone by, This Is Us has been about exposing characters from a deeper level, not just taking off clothes. It’s wonderful. It’s Parenthood meets Modern Family but it stands strong on its own! I love it!

1. Stranger Things

Imagine my surprise when I watched the first episode of Stranger Things, and was like, “I love this!” – even though I’m the least likely person to watch anything horror related, let alone enjoy it! I’m so bad at keeping myself clued to the screen, when things get scary, and I miss out on like 80% of things that are important, but not with Stranger Things! I love when a show manages to surprise me like that, and I’m especially impressed when a show manages to pull me out of my comfort zone. This show did all those things, and it gave us some amazing characters, not just grown ups but kids and teenagers, that aren’t shallow and stupid, and addicted to technology! It’s a fresh show, inspired by the past, which hopefully will inspire kids to go out and seek adventure.. minus the horrible monsters lurking in the woods.

Are there any songs in my list you feel similar towards? And have you seen all the new stand out TV shows from 2016?


  • I have one big YES for your songs list, especially Twenty One Pilots. The soundtrack was the best part of Suicide Squad, and Heathens was the best part of the soundtrack 🙂
    Have you seen Atlanta? It was a new show in 2016 starring Childish Gambino, and I think he produced it or wrote it too. Two birds with one stone!

    • Yes, I agree, Twenty One Pilots is awesome!

      I have seen some episodes but I didn’t want to add it to the list based on those few episodes yet. I’m sure I’ll end up loving it by the time I actually watch it. I’ve been waiting for the right mood! 🙂

  • I have never heard of any of these songs and I don’t think I ever want to. I’m in my mid-30s and I’m too old for that shit. I’ll just stick w/ my NIN and Joy Division. As for TV, I only saw Westworld which I do love.

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