coffee talk 12Today I woke up and everything seemed to go wrong. This has not happened in a while but the feeling is familiar to me and all I wanted to do was to whine and complain. Trust me, this is the kind of emotional state of mind where you don’t want to be in, you don’t even want to be near a person who has it and today I happened to have that utterly negative outlook on life in general. And though every inch of me is screaming out to whine and complain, I’ll try to push myself into a discussion on how negativity can really fuck up your ability to write reasonable reviews.

I like to think that I’m pretty reasonable when it comes to writing about movies and finding their positives as well as negatives. Sure, I tend to emphasize certain elements time to time and there might be a slight preposition set on few actresses as well as actors, but I try not to focus on things that definitely annoy me. I should specify the word try more because clearly we can’t all set aside the negativity when it comes to reviewing and it’s almost impossible to stay 100% unemotional in regards to movies. There are some bloggers who are very emotional in their writing, there are some who state the facts, the obvious and give their opinion without falling into the depth of feelings but there is always a little emotion behind a review. So my first point is, as I sat down today of all days, I realized that my bad mood was literally suffocating my review on Spy and I had to stop.

In other words, my first draft on Spy had nothing to do with how I actually felt about the movie, but how I am feeling today – shitty. Every little detail that I felt wasn’t on point in Spy became this huge issue I had to discuss and by the third paragraph I myself was exhausted by my own negativity. It’s inevitable and even when you try to sound positive and upbeat, which Spy actually is, it felt fake and forced because of my annoyance of a mood. That’s the best way I can put it, I felt annoyed, I still feel annoyed by everything really, even the stupid fly hovering in my room is annoying the hell out of me right now. But that’s not what I really felt about Spy, far from it, so why was the review I was trying to write coming off so negative?

The best way I can put it is to say that all reason is thrown out the brain when you have a bad mood. It doesn’t have to be a bad day per say because I’ve penned down praises to movies on bad days multiple times but the mood of the writer is what sets the tone to words. So if I were to write a review today, it would be of Entourage because it sucked and all this bad energy would go to good use – but I won’t because I want to sound a bit reasonable while discussing the series inspired movie that was pretty bad on its own. There is always ways to harness the negativity but I believe it’s not into reviews because it isn’t fair. It isn’t fair to the people behind the movie, it isn’t fair to the people in front of the screen because being clouded by negativity doesn’t allow the writer to see clearly.

To put this all into perspective, and to explain the title of the post, I think that I review movies best when I’m annoyed… but I’m happy about it. If I feel annoyed and my mind is a cluster of negativity, my reviews will suffer and I don’t want to imprint any unnecessary negativity to my readers. Sure, I could put out a review on Entourage on a bad day, but I can do the movie much more justice when I’m having a good day, even if it doesn’t really deserve it. So, apologizes for not publishing a review today but I’m waiting until I’m that happy go annoyed again because I much prefer that to what is happening today and is clearly something far beyond hormonal.


  • I get the feeling. I’ve noticed my reviews are longer when I’m complaining about the film. Some of my most viewed reviews on my blog are negative ones. Maybe I should hate watch more movies? lol. I hope you have a better week!

    • Hah, I don’t like channeling that hate into reviews, it’s just hating on everything and most I don’t even hate. And yes, my week is slowly progressing into an acceptable week now. Thankfully!

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