Today was a good day, I went to the store and I saw that there was a really good deal on DVD’s. Had a bit of a challenge choosing the ones I really wanted but I think I ended up with good ones. Maybe if I go back to the store soon I will also get Spider-Man 3 but since I don’t have the first two I feel like its cheating. Since the Angelina Jolie Tourist and Salt didn’t appeal to me, apparently not to others as well cause there were a lot of those DVD’s and only one of the ones I got. The first one I got was The Social Network! I was thrilled that I got it for such a low price, not because I wouldn’t pay more money for it, but just the idea of getting something good for a great price is a-ma-zing!

The box had a box – packaging to the max.
They look like boobies, just putting it out there.

But my purchase didn’t end there, I also gave in and bought the second Sherlock Holmes. And no, not the sequel but literally the same movie in a different box. I had Sherlock Holmes in a black dvd-box before and now I got a white one because I didn’t want to be racist. Kidding! I’m totally racist and giving away the white one to a friend. But all jokes aside, the color of the box doesn’t actually matter as much as the fact that the the black dvd-box has the two DVD’s separate – much healthier for the DVD’s themselves. Anyway, there was also a nice 15% discount thingie in both of the boxes without an expiration date so, see you in 5 years Scotland Yard Pub.

Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.
Black box promoting the “healthy DVD” placement.
Buy a DVD, get a discount on alcohol – sounds about right.


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