This is a rather personal post and has more or less a bit to do with movies and TV-shows. But that is not the main point, the actual thing I wanted to say, is that I’m going to be absent for some time from now on. Time: a week and a half, depending on my school work and all. I do have some posts scheduled for you all, so I won’t be totally quiet but still, me, myself and I won’t be around a computer for a while. Hopefully I won’t loose any of you during that time – I’m coming back, I promise!

The things that saddens me the most, is that I can’t watch Homeland and The Walking Dead. Those are the shows that I have now kept in my schedule which has been limited to only certain shows. Due to that, I have fallen behind with American Horror Story but watching it all the way through during Christmas sounds delicious! Dexter is also still going for me and getting interesting because there are a lot of moral problems going around this season, plus, having the secret out there for Debra is quite the plot builder. Not to mention the new love interest for Dexter.. and other problems. No problem free season for our beloved serial killer. What else, I’m still watching 666 Park Avenue for some reason, can’t get enough of The Vampire Diaries drama, Hart of Dixie is still my guilty pleasure and I received my Teen Wolf hoodie and can’t stop wearing it. Criminal Minds is still my little treat but I hate the newest addition for obvious reasons, plus it seems to have many female killers this season (3 already, if I’m not mistaken).

When I come back, I’m going to be writing a review for Brave (small spoiler – I loved it), Lola Versus, Savages (another spoiler – can’t believe I wasted my time) and a French animation Monster in Paris in addition of making it 75% through with Somewhere. I also have planned a TOP 10 post and slowly getting closer to December means a big posting marathon about the year 2012, right? BOT is a bit dead now, I’m sorry but honestly, was anyone even interested in that because I kind of felt lonely on Mondays with that post. Anyway, I will keep it up, for myself at least but I’m taking a general break because I can’t let my school work suffer at this point. It’s getting way too stressful. But no worries, guys, sometimes I watch pictures of Ewan and everything gets better. Enjoy your week!


  • School work is more important than blogging (unless you are making millions with your blogging ;)). Go study and looking forward to your return!

  • I’ll still be here for sure! I haven’t been around much (college exams and all), so I totally get your one and half week break. Hart of Dixie is amazing, I swear it’s the one show that I most look forward to every week. It’s just so positive and nice — not a guilty pleasure at all, I LOVE it without shame!

    • It does sound a bit stupid when you explain it to people but yeah, I do love it for its heart and warmth. Plus, it has one of the most refreshing love triangles I’ve seen! Wade and Zoe have a pretty rare relationship amongst the TV world! Glad, I’m not the only one who loves it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • oh Zoe and Wade are so cute! you’re exactly right – when I try to explain Hart of Dixie I always say something like:

        “it’s about a city doctor who moves to a small southern town, and falls in love with George, who is a lawyer, but George is engaged to Lemon, who likes the mayor, and now George doesn’t like Lemon, he likes Zoe (the doctor), but she realizes that in fact she likes Wade, who is a total southern hottie, and they all know/hate/love each other. It does sound pretty silly and clichรฉd but it’s not, I swear!”

        Of course, that never works, so I resort to mentioning Rachel Bilson, whom I adore, plays the lead character. But I think I’ve never actually convinced anyone to watch it… it’s a shame.

        • I convinced my friend to watch it! She finished it and loves it! Ha! But then again, she asked me to recommend a show and I just said “Hart of Dixie” – it has hot guys! Worked. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Good luck with your school work! I’m fortunetly not in the critical point when I need to deny myself pleasure of blogging to study, but that point is fast approaching ๐Ÿ™‚

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