coffee talk 13There was this one week where I failed as a blogger. After months of keeping up with the two posts a week schedule, I completely neglected my blog and didn’t write a single post. I did try, oh how I tried to push out coherent thoughts that sounded at least somewhat normal but with no luck. Finally, I arrived at a point where I simply gave up and didn’t try to force words and here we are, a couple of days later and everything seems to be back to normal. And from that emerged the topic of this post, if you force yourself into liking something, it doesn’t work but why is it that when you are manipulated by force of advertising it works wonders?

I myself am a fan of advertising in general. It’s a concept I find very interesting and I actually did my Bachelor’s on a topic that was strongly related to advertising. I find it useful and, at the same time, a force of evil and yet it is completely unavoidable when it comes to every day life – adverts are around us everywhere, brands, celebrities – everything is advertised through a filter, through social media, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t interest me from every angle.

The movie world is no different, with having probably the biggest influence on me personally, the whole system of it just seems so complicated and thrilling at the same time. We are fed information constantly, names, characters, teasers, trailers, trailers for trailers and for some reason, I still sometimes catch myself falling for the same old tricks again and again. Though there are innovators in the world of advertising, the basic fundamental elements of posters and trailers have remained the same. I mean, the same kind of design we see on one horror movie poster is destined to be on the other. The same kind of tricks are used in other mediums as well, and it’s almost like brainwashing if you think about it – we are without a doubt tricked into wanting something, needing to see something and spending money on it due to the way things are advertised towards us.

One of the more interesting aspects of the force of advertising  is apparent with one of the most hyped movies this year, the sequel to Avengers. It was everywhere before it hit the cinemas, it was on our brains, it was in our DNA and what happened? It fell apart. Part of me thinks that this was due to the amount of advertising around it, the force was so strong and apparent that it made the movie, that was not necessarily weak, sound so much better than it would have ever been. It’s parallel to the idea of nature, where it is part of life and necessary in so many ways, but with bigger, uncontrollable forces of nature, like hurricanes or earthquakes, everything around it will be destroyed. Advertising has the same effect – the stronger its force, the more it destroys in its wake. Sometimes it’s the brains of fans, other times it’s the movie itself.. and it’s a force of nature that is as common as trees producing oxygen.

So as apparent as this connection is, there is another one that brought me to advertising in the first place – the force of motivation. Understanding that forces in controllable amounts are necessary, and that the bigger the force, the more destructive it is, I realized that motivation works exactly the same way except it’s its own black hole. The more motivation you push out towards a result, the more you try, the more you push and push, the less you are able to achieve because it isn’t enjoyable anymore. Being motivated is amazing, yet, the more you are, the more you feel like you need to succeed and the less you end up doing. Or is it just me? Or is any of it even remotely logical? Who knows.. I’m running on low motivation right now because clearly, using too much of it is useless to me.


  • Have been having trouble remaining motivated for my blog recently and therefore my posts havent been as regular as they used to. I’ve seen the result of this with much lower numbers and less comments too. That doesn’t motivate to pick it all up, so I know the feeling.

    As for the over saturation of advertising and the effect in can have on you I’m wondering what you think than of the amount of time that has already been spent on marketing the new Star Wars. Although I’ve pretty much avoided it as much as I can that new one has been pushed already since last year…

    • You know, the lower numbers and fewer comments seem to be the result of SO many blogs out there, that it is becoming a little tiresome to keep track of everything AND comment as you go along reading them. And I guess the movie blog community is loosing its momentum a little.

      I actually am not a Star Wars fan, and I haven’t seen the effects in my country, nor in the Internet because I don’t track it as much. But I do feel like it isn’t as big because.. there is the casual counting down the days thing but over all, not as many interviews and so on. Or is it just me and I’m completely unaware of the HUGE promotion?

      • I guess there have been changes in google indexing as well as my number have gone down really hard this year. I’m currently thinking about cutting down on the amount of blogs I’m subscribing to (not yours though ;)) and only read the ones who I have great interaction with and start looking for new blogs I don’t know about yet. See if that motivates me a bit more.

        Well, I have noticed quite a lot of Star Wars news and trailers on the sites I visit and the podcasts I listen to. It really has been a mine field to get around all of that. Not that I’m a Star Wars fan either, but I do want to see it and know as little as possible about it.

        • I try to slim down my reading list but it’s still rather long. And since I avoid reviews of movies I’ve yet to watch, I’m limited to posts I read each week. And since I follow like 100 blogs on other topics such as fashion, beauty, travel etc. I’m literally loosing track of EVERYTHING. But sometimes I’m so motivated I only read blog posts during that day.

          I think I have to watch the previous ones before I get to the one that’s coming soon. I think I’ve watched half of the first one…. I think.

  • I’ve been through a lot of stuff lately which is why I haven’t posted every day and films are getting harder to watch because of that as well as a dog who is on her final legs. I’m lucky now if I at least post something.

    • It is understandable when things happen and you don’t post. I had that many times. It is important to take time off when you feel like something isn’t helping you cope or get through things.

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