I was being my usual self, creeping around on blogs and then stumbled on Cinematic Corner’s 50 Wishes post. Some of you might remember this, it was almost 2 years ago and inspired by Southern Vision’s post but obviously I had somehow missed it. But the idea is still great and since nothing ever dies in the blogging world, I hereby bring to you my 52 movie & TV-show related wishes (since it’s two years later, I figured it’s honorable to add some extra wishes).


  1. I wish there were more movies with Heath Ledger.
  2. I wish they stopped making bad sequels like every other sequel.
  3. I wish Leo already had his Oscar!
  4. I wish One Tree Hill had stopped with season 4.
  5. I wish Premium Rush never happened.
  6. I wish I could not remember the Bridesmaids street shitting scene.
  7. I wish I owned the cat from Meet the Parents.
  8. I wish there were more TV-shows like Friends.
  9. I wish War horse didn’t have such praise.
  10. I wish I had fallen asleep while watching The Tree of Life.Accidentally-Purpose-tv-03
  11. I wish they didn’t cancel Accidentally on Purpose.
  12. I wish they did cancel Cougar Town.
  13. I wish Atonement ended differently.
  14. I wish there never was a Sex and a City movie.
  15. I wish High School Musical songs weren’t so damn catchy.
  16. I wish (in secret) that Supernatural ended with season 5.
  17. I wish they didn’t try to remake everything.
  18. I wish Guy Ritchie would make something as great as Snatch again.
  19. I wish Johnny Depp would get back to his glory days.
  20. I wish Tim Burton did the same.
  21. I wish there were more rom-com’s from the male perspective.alice in wonderland
  22. I wish Alice in Wonderland was less CGI.
  23. I wish Shameless US got more recognition.
  24. I wish they made more black and white movies like Frances Ha and The Artist.
  25. I wish HBO kept The Newsroom for longer than just 4 seasons.
  26. I wish Dead Poets Society won the Best Picture instead of Driving Miss Daisy.
  27. I wish Melissa McCarthy got cast in less annoying roles.
  28. I wish Ezra Miller did more movies.
  29. I wish Revenge didn’t go all soapy after season 1.
  30. I wish Christopher Nolan keeps doing what he does.
  31. I wish The Originals was all about Klaus.
  32. I wish The Vampire Diaries was all about Klaus and Caroline.
  33. I wish Michael Fassbender was in Nymphomaniac.
  34. I wish Emma Stone went back to being a red head.
  35. I wish Adam Sandler stopped making movies.
  36. I wish there were more book adapted franchises like Harry Potter.
  37. I wish Hart of Dixie didn’t screw up Wade’s storyline.
  38. I wish My Mad Fat Diary had more episodes.
  39. I wish Canadian TV-shows got more love.
  40. I wish people got over Glee already.
  41. I wish movie parodies were more clever and not so damn stupid.
  42. I wish Wentworth Miller will have a great screenwriting career. robert sheehan misfits
  43. I wish Robert Sheehan hadn’t left Misfits after season 2.
  44. I wish Olivia Wilde had more roles like Kate in Drinking Buddies.
  45. I wish there were more perfect screenplays like Zodiac.
  46. I wish Idris Elba was James Bond.
  47. I wish Russell Brand and Paris Hilton stayed far away from acting.
  48. I wish people would stop hating on James Franco.
  49. I wish people could cool down their emotions, good and bad, regarding Jennifer Lawrence.
  50. I wish Jennifer Aniston would break out of her comfort zone.
  51. I wish movie trailers didn’t reveal so much about the movie.
  52. I wish more movies would surprise me like Spring Breakers did.

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