The end of the Favorite TV characters is almost here and I’m thrilled to present the Top 10 supporting males in this post. I have to admit, I found it difficult to limit myself yet again but I also found out that some men I considered as leading males are actually supporters (mostly based on the Golden Globe and Emmy nomination categories): that allowed me to mention guys I missed out on in the first male post couple of weeks ago. Isn’t that nice? All my men will have a shout out and since I have apparently been very restricted to as how many of them I can mention, there will be a special post after part 4. Mostly because I need to fix my mistakes and bad memory of forgetting some of my memorable characters which is actually a hint for you guys.

Again I was choosing one supporting man per show to be on this list, with some I followed the obvious supporting role as them being not among the main cast (mostly at the beginning of their character’s journey) and couple made it to the list thanks to award specifications that stated them as supporting. So my first thought to add men that were not in the main cast was slightly shifted towards just getting my favorite characters into a list which I’m quite happy about.

The ones who almost made the list:

Mike Hannigan from Friends, Jerry Barber from Rookie Blue, Mozzie from White Collar, Phil Dunphy from Modern Family and Jake Jagielski from One Tree Hill.


Mickey Milkovich in Shameless

Portrayed by Noel Fisher

His possible better half Ian Gallagher was featured as favorite leading man in the same place so I feel obligated to put Mickey Milkovich under the same number. Misunderstood bad boy who not only has a troubled family life with a missing mom and a cr*ppy dad but who is also a teenager living with a secret life of being gay. Ian’s sort of boyfriend and a definite soul mate (as it is my favorite pairing of the show) Mickey is far from put together, he is scrambled and a bit messy, but some how that is why I like him so much. He adds drama with just the perfect amount of cute, and as I’m all about the guys who start off as the bad guys and then turn into broken guys, I can hardly wait until he becomes the hero guy. Pretty sure Noel Fisher is the best man for this part as well, he doesn’t look appealing and yet, he manages to convince you that he has a soft side – can’t wait to see more of him next year!

Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan in Castle

Portrayed by Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever

I know-I know, I’m cheating! But with a pair like Esposito and Ryan, it is hard to split them up even if you try really hard. They might fight and picker at times but they will always be friends and best partners that TV supporting characters have seen in a while. They add comedic value to the show, though a lot is produced by the famous author Castle, and also symbolize trust and safety for Beckett. I like that they treat her like an equal and hopefully I’m not exaggerating when I say that they are all together like one big family. Not just Esposito and Ryan but Beckett and Castle included. Still, Esposito and Ryan are probably my favorite just because they have amazing chemistry together and not that kind of man-on-man-romance chemistry that is trending at the moment (nothing against that by the way) but a true friendship type which in their case, works like a charm! A lot of that is, as my experience has shown, due to great people getting along and Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever seem to be getting along not just on but also off the screen as well.

Castiel in Supernatural

Portrayed by Misha Collins

From his first appearance, Castiel had my heart and I was always thrilled to see him popping up unexpectedly all over the place! Though this “fallen angel” started working together with the Winchester brothers we cannot dismiss the matter of Misha Collins entering the cast and fitting in right away. Beginning as the angel who didn’t know much about social skills into being an ally, then a friend and finally a traitor, Castiel has gone through a lot as a character. As a supporting male character, he has steadily been one of my favorites and as far as the entire cast goes – very man-filled group with a bit of supernatural and the whole show is memorable. Misha Collins certainly has had his hands full with this contradicting and constantly changing character but I had no doubt in the matter of him being able to deliver so he made the list before I even had the list.

Lincoln Lee in Fringe

Portrayed by Seth Gable

As the final season of Fringe is upon us, I credit this supporting and will not be returning in the final season character as one of my favorites. He at first was only present in the other universe as Fauxlivia’s partner and only to be taken away from us and returning as the real Olivia’s new friend (only difference being the glasses which suit him well). Story lines aside, Lincoln Lee was still a very pleasant and cute yet helpful and in the end irreplaceable. If you think back on Fringe, there haven’t been any Lincoln type of characters and in some ways he reminds me of Castiel. He is the missing link, nobody can really be without him (meaning both Olivias) and that kind of made his departure even sadder. I do think that his brief romantic relation to Fauxlivia as the real Olivia’s universe Lincoln (blame it on Fringe for making it way too complicated) made me like him even more. I was surprised that I placed him as number 7 because I had no idea of how much I miss him before I saw the first episode of the last season. That was probably the reason he rushed ahead of Castiel.

Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Portrayed by James Marsters

Representing the bad boy vampire since 1880 and previously killing couple of slayers, Spike comes to town only to be fronted with Buffy and the story ends with them falling in love. Well, IĀ  might exaggerate a bit on this matter in terms of the speed of their relationship but this is more or less how the story ends up to be. He is sarcastic, opinionated, mean and the typical bad boy turning into a good guy character which is probably why I like him. Who can resist a bad boy who gets himself a soul, right? In addition of having a supporting role in Buffy he became a solid member of the Angel team during the last season and his ghost plot is still embedded in my mind because it was awesome! Plus, back in the day James Marsters as a platinum blond did have that little something going on in his appearance and by that I mean the fact that he looked hot!

Niklaus Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries

Portrayed by Joseph Morgan

Can we just take a minute and think of the fact that two bad boy vampires made it to the list? Yet, even though it is a bit funny it is also quite obvious because I like vampires and I especially love those who do not sparkle on a regular basis. There was a huge fight in my mind when it came to choosing between two Mikaelson brothers from The Vampire Diaries but Elijah, although I love him to bits and pieces, came in close second after his blue-eyed brother. Klaus is the evil vampire from Stefan’s past (for anyone who is not aware of this series, I doubt I’d be able to limit the plot down to a sentence or two) who also has a soft side and it happens to be towards Caroline. A romantic really, he draws and tries to win the heart of a woman he likes, Klaus goes from being completely evil into somebody who everybody tolerates. Can’t really pinpoint the exact moment I started liking Klaus but I guess I’ve never hated him because he does evil so well it is rather appealing than intolerable. Sure, I like his appearance as well, but the reason he came before Elijah was more to do with the character than his appearance, though the dimples are worth my time.

Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones

Portrayed by Peter Dinklage

So, I did a little digging and I found out that when it is a big cast such as Modern Family or Game of Thrones, all the roles are considered as supporting rather than leading. This is interesting, yet it makes complete sense and I couldn’t be happier about adding Tyrion Lannister into a list of supporting characters despite the fact that I see him as a leading male. It probably feels like that because he is a stand out due to the great Peter Dinklage who has made Tyrion a fan favorite. As I’m aware, despite his short height, this Lannister has been a favorite among the fans from the books because he does seem to be reflected as a strong and powerful man. Yet, he has that comedic value to himself and in a series that is packed with drama it does come across as more valuable as other roles. Tyrion is the one I look forward to the most and this is why he is my favorite and since Dinklage won a Golden Globe for supporting role, Tyrion belongs to this particular list.

Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad

Portrayed by Aaron Paul

Same surprising situation goes for Aaron Paul’s role as Jesse Pinkman, I thought it to be a leading role but since he received his second Emmy for a supporting role, I thought, superb, I can have my favorite meth-cooking team in my Top 10 lists! Mr. White was #1 but Jesse makes it to the solid third place because while I do love this character, I think Paul does shine partly due to Cranston’s performance yet separately he is not number one material but he is definitely top 3 in my book. I guess the moment of my honest to god respect elevated into love after the scene where he shot Gale because in so many ways, that was the turning point not just for Jesse but in my mind, also for Aaron Paul himself. To be honest, I haven’t had the chance to watch season 4 and 5 yet but I’m certainly getting there because I don’t want to miss out on two of my favorite male characters getting themselves into their regular trouble.

PS: My 2012 Emmy’s favorite part was Paul’s winning moment when his fellow cast mate and a nominee in the same category, Giancarlo Esposito (portrays Gus), was completely thrilled and excited for Paul while giving him an immense hug. Just adorable!

Arthur Mitchell in Dexter (Season 4)

Portrayed by John Lithgow

Who would have thought that the naive alien from The Third Rock From the Sun would make a brilliant serial killer? Well, I guess those kindhearted actors, such as Bryan Cranston going from a family man to a meth-cooking family man and Arthur Mitchell being a family man who kills women, make the best criminals because they do possess those likability and trustworthy qualities a skilled serial killer would have. Trinity killer from all the nemesis Dexter has had, is probably my favorite and Lithgow set the bar high. Some of it is yes, due to the fact that the Trinity killer was rivetingly horrible himself, but mostly because Lithgow looks terrifying when he really wants to and man, did he look scary as hell. With any other actor in this role, Trinity wouldn’t probably made the list but I’m telling you, the combination of this character/actor is one of the best ones I’ve seen in a long time and I last saw Arthur Mitchell in 2009!

Jim Moriarty in Sherlock

Portrayed by Andrew Scott

I’m sorry but if anyone questions my choice of my number one favorite supporting character you’re probably wrong. No, you are most definitely wrong and you should rethink your choices. Jim Moriarty is the best nemesis a leading role could ever want and Sherlock, as my favorite leading male, has Moriarty who doesn’t crumble under the amazing leading role. First introduced in the last episode of season 1 he made the entire season 2 worth the wait. Eccentric and weird, smart and a perfect match for Sherlock, one could simply not ask for a better villain and a supporting male in my opinion. Andrew Scott does what every nice guy seems to be very good at, making himself intolerably awful and yet, he also manages to be somebody who we enjoy to watch. The scenes that stand out the most for me are the season 2 beginning in the pool where his phone rings and the one where he steals the crown jewels. But surely, the entire character is a worthy number one favorite and Andrew Scott makes him into a delightfully unforgettable one that we all hope returns!


  • Hey…. you put Spike!!! Awesome! Totally forgot about him. He along with Angel are what “romantic” vampires are supposed to be. Not like today’s stalking, watching girls sleep, and glowing vampires.

    My favourite right now just has to be Phil Dunphy. Every time I see Ty Burrell in any other movie, I think of Phil Dunphy.

  • Awsome to see Phil Dumphy almost made it, he is so funny, but it’s usually Jay who makes me laugh the most šŸ™‚ Arthur Mitchell, Pinkman and Tyrion are my favorites too!

    • I tried to focus more on the serious roles this time and I do love supporting roles more as serious than funny. Although I think Phil Dunphy is worth the mention.

  • Oh, Moriarty…such a creepy bloke, isn’t he? (I also love the beginning of series 2. Let’s be real, he has the worst ringtone possible for an evil mastermind to have.)

    • Creepy in a good way. I don’t know, he has a non threatening characteristics and yet his voice sounds menacing. Ringtone was not at all suitable and that made it awesome!

  • It’s funny how like half your list are villains. I loooove Spike, but I would definitely have a hard time not putting Oz on this list if I had to pick a Buffy supporting male (because Xander would be considered a lead, right?). You should totally just do a top 10 Buffy characters list šŸ˜‰

    • I like them bad I guess, it’s just because they have much more character sometimes. Well, I liked Oz a lot, it was between Spike and Oz BUT since I made a rule of picking just one of each show, Spike won due to his longer appearance and the fact that he was a bad boy..
      Thinking of doing Top 10 scenes posts regarding specific shows and I could do one of Buffy, I bet I can remember at least 5 in a second.. if you want?

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