Here comes the final part of the set of my favorite TV characters which has been a long process to say at least. The final TOP 10 was the most difficult one to be honest, because if you start to think about it, there aren’t many supporting females that pop into your head. Of course, with big casts such as Modern Family and The Game of Thrones you will have only supporting characters but I feel like it isn’t the same as I had in mind. Still, I managed to put together a list of 10 by today and this is why this post comes later than usual but at least I made it, so I’m happy.

Though I’ve said it three times before, I need to stress it again because some of you might be new, the selection will be made based on a criteria that I will choose only one supporting female per show. Of course there are many I want to pick from Game of Thrones, but just picking one makes it more specific and to be honest, lets me mention a lot more shows.

The ones that almost made it to the list:

Claire Dunphy from Modern Family, Sookie St. James in Gilmore Girls


Janice Litman from Friends

Portrayed by Maggie Wheeler

Although she is the kind of character who you would either like or hate, you can’t deny the fact that she is one of the most memorable beings on TV since like forever. I can still hear her stand-out voice in my head when I hear the phrase “Oh my god!” and I like to mimic her hand gestures as well. She just sticks with you, I wasn’t rooting for her but I was sure was influenced by her in a way the show wanted me to be: annoyed as hell! And it takes a brave woman to portray such a character that nobody will like – but I like her role in the series, I like how she surprised the whole gang in the final seasons again and just kept coming back in the most awkward moments. Rachel giving birth with Janice there? You can’t deny that she offered one of the best supporting roles to make the entire Friends character bunch shiver and run away with fear like Joey did that one time. Yes, I remember a lot about Janice, that’s why I love her so much.

Anna Stern in The O.C.

Portrayed by Samaire Armstrong

While everybody was probably rooting for Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts, I still enjoyed the relationship Cohen had with Anna – the girl who had so much in common with him. She liked comic books, she saw him technically first because she was not afraid to be associated with nerds or what ever that teenage drama was back then. I might be wrong but didn’t Anna date Seth to make Summer jealous and then fell in love with him and Seth did kind of the same? Either way, I liked her and I thought it was important for the show to have somebody else for Seth in the beginning. To be honest, I don’t know how I remember her so well, I guess it was the fact that she was such a nerd that I kind of connected with her. This list will have a lot of nerdy girls actually – I guess all the supporting girls have a tendency to be nerdy. Though Anna did not look like one!

Lilith in Supernatural

Portrayed by Sierra McCormick

Not even sure why but I can’t seem to get little children as demons or just generally evil characters out of my mind. They have such a big impact on me, probably because they are supposed to be innocent and all. I can still remember Cameron Monaghan’s performance in Criminal Minds when he was the killer and he was just 10 or something! So when I thought about supporting roles, I actually remembered Lilith quite well despite the fact that she was only in 2 episodes (4 in total, but 2 others were with an older actress)! Just look at the last image – I kind of love when children that age (she is born in 1997 and appeared in season 4) can look so menacing and demon-like, it gives me the creeps. I wish more demons in Supernatural put themselves into little girls bodies and gave Sam and Dean a run for their money.. or I don’t know, how the hell do they keep driving that car if they don’t even seem to actually work for money?

Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie in Veronica Mars

Portrayed by Tina Majorino

Like I said, there will be a lot of nerdy girls in this list and this lovely lady is a computer nerd that handled the more complicated tasks in the teenage crime drama. She entered the Veronica Mars cast as a hero/villain all in one because she benefited from one of the bad situations Veronica had to deal with but I actually didn’t mind, she was too cool for hate. I also thought it was interesting to see her background in one of the episodes but I mostly love the way she became a good friend for Veronica. They were very similar and yet, she didn’t come close to how cool Veronica was – though, she was pretty close. I also like Majorino a lot, I was quite thrilled to see her in True Blood for a while but there wasn’t enough of her. Plus, she looks like a girl who is smart and that’s probably why most of her characters are smart and know a lot about technology. Most female supporting characters are either very girly and naive or smart and helpful. At least that’s what I seem to be thinking of when I try to sort supporting female characters in my head.

Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds

Portrayed by Kristen Vangsness

Have you ever seen a more colorful character who wears big flowers in her hair and has tons of irrelevant stuff on her desk? Probably not because even if you have, no one can come close to Penelope Garcia, who is the second computer nerd on my list, because she is the girl who does all the IT stuff in Criminal Minds and she is damn good at it. She probably stands out in Criminal Minds because of her colorfulness, she is this huge ball of personality in the midst of people who rarely dress with color. Though she doesn’t come close to my love towards Reid, I still think Penelope and Derek make one of the cutest friendships on TV! Their phone calls are always my soft spot when it comes to the show which is lovely because since it is mostly about killing and evil people, a little bit of sunshine comes in handy.

Elizabeth Burke in White Collar

Portrayed by Tiffani Thiessen

Hands down, best wife in TV show history! Not once has this woman had any doubts about her husband, she hasn’t questioned his judgement nor his infidelity and I don’t know about you, but it is refreshing to see a woman like that on a TV screen. Trustworthy Elizabeth let’s her husband do things other women might not agree on and the best part, she actually finds it interesting and wants to help. White Collar fans might remember a scene with her giving tips to her husband about kissing another woman? Just when I think she’s gonna freak out about her husband’s acts, she surprises me and her husband my understanding the situation like I always think people should understand situations! So many weird break-ups between characters start with stupid fights but this will never happen to the Burke’s. They are solid and it’s because Elizabeth is amazing! If you don’t know her or haven’t watched White Collar, the quote is probably the best way to describe her.

Amber Holt (Braverman) in Parenthood

Portrayed by Mae Whitman

First of all, Whitman is probably my favorite teen actress who is really underrated and I hope her role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower will give her a bit more attention. Reason why I like her is because I really enjoy Amber Holt amongst the Braverman clan – I really think she is one of the best characters in the whole family because she isn’t boring me. I don’t know why, I guess it’s because her character rarely wants to stand out now and feels more natural because of that. She was a bit of a bad girl in the beginning and then she just stayed in the background until Parenthood’s last season. Her relationship in season 3 was one of the highlights and then that stupid Kristina had to ruin everything. By the way, off the topic, those who watch Parenthood, I feel sorry for Kristina and all, but I find her character too much sometimes. Is it just me or does this happen to others as well, I’m just wondering? Same goes for Haddie, I just simply don’t like them but Max is the scene stealer!

Sloan Sabbith in The Newsroom

Portrayed by Olivia Munn

When a character becomes as awesome as Sloan Sabbith in The Newsroom it literally makes the actress stand out from the masses. I didn’t really care for Olivia and didn’t enjoy her up until she took on this a bit of a quirky role in this summer’s best new show. At first, I wasn’t as attached to her but since all the other characters managed to piss me off way too much, she started to appear more and more as my favorite. I do think she needs more screen time and some of the other characters need much less but since the show left her in a pretty interesting situation regarding her love life, I am crossing my fingers that we will see her more in a leading role next season. But now, honestly, who would have known that Olivia Munn will make it to my top 3 with a character? If you had told me this a year ago, I would have laughed my head off and would have probably made bad jokes about her last name which in Estonia refers to a man’s body part I’m not gonna mention here (but Google Translate will cure your curiosity) – but now, I love Sloan and tolerate Olivia!

Arya Stark in Game of Thrones

Portrayed by Maisie Williams

One thing I actually dislike about Game of Thrones a bit is the fact that there are too many characters sometimes and it is just sad because there isn’t enough of Tyrion and Arya on the screen. They are both short when it comes to their height, yet, they stand out from the cast like they are seven feet tall. Arya is probably my favorite of GOT, proven by the fact that she made it to top 2 (highest of the Game of Thrones cast) and there are many reasons. First of all, I like that she is brave and smart, plus, she offers interesting story lines with the people she meets. Quite frankly, I wanted to add some of her conversations here (when she for instance bargains herself a deal with Jaqen) but it would have taken so much room, so I thought this quote serves her the best: she is definitely NOT an idiot among the girls and actually, most of the characters in GOT fall behind her when it comes to natural intelligence. Secondly, she is sometimes funny as well but mostly because of the fact that she happens to end up in situations that are destined to humor me. She will do great things, I’m sure of this.. Maisie Williams deserves a shout out as well – just, brilliant!

Donna Paulsen in Suits

Portrayed by Sarah Rafferty

Basically, I had no doubts on the matter which supporting female role would be the first one because when I had the idea of doing these top 10’s, Donna’s character was high on the list in the overall scheme I had before it became a four part post. In short, I love her a lot! I wanted to include her in the leading female roles but I thought she deserved a number one spot. I guess it’s because she is so interesting and fun, or I don’t even know. I’m just 100% sure that this is where she belongs! Donna and the can opener have Harvey’s heart and she has also mine, if I only knew now what the can opener is for… Second season for her was a bit of a rough road but when she returned, just, the bossy walk itself was worth the being away a while part of her character’s story line. Sarah Rafferty also seems like fun and if I ever do a ginger Top 10 post, I’m pretty sure she is again takes the number one spot: I mean, look at her, just absolutely gorgeous!



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  • Great list! I must say I’m not very familiar with some of those women as I gave up on the Newsroom and only started Suits, but it’s awesome to see Janice here – that moment with Joey running away upon seeing her is one of the hilarious moments of the show for me.

    • Gave up on Newsroom? I wonder why? Suits is.. just.. perfection to me in so many ways. I was a Gabriel Macht’s fan before but I now love her!

      PS: I had a really hard time putting the list together.. I bet I left out like dozens of great supporting roles.

      • The dialogue was way too stylized for me and the show didn’t engage me. I’m glad Daniels has a lead in it though, he is so underrated and he deserves more.

        • Daniels is great in it.. he is such a weird character though.. I love it. Some roles kept getting bad though, I wanted to punch that blonde chick a lot in the end but Olivia Munn’s character just became awesome. Writing is my kind of weird and I like it. But Suits… do you like it?

        • I only saw 2 episodes so far but it’s fun, I’ll definetly watch more. This guy with amazing memory is making me so jealous – remembering all this silly legal stuff without even trying…that’s like a best gift in the world for a lawyer 🙂

          • It is.. but it always comes with a price like Mike’s life shows. I mean, before he literally started to break the law and stuff. But I watched the first season 3 times.

    • I think the show wouldn’t function without her at all! They made Harvey totally attached to Donna and if they ever take her away from behind that desk, there’s better be a baby involved or something!

  • Hmm, this is definitely your list of characters I am least familiar with. I love Arya Stark though! She’s easily the best part of GoT for me. I also personally love Busy Phillips as Kim Kelly in Freaks & Geeks and Caroline in the Vampire Diaries.

    I have really enjoyed these lists!

    • I didn’t want to put Caroline here, I don’t feel like she is supporting but more main character .. I would see Anna as support but I didn’t like her that much.

      It is all weird when I think of supporting roles, they are either “main” roles or like Anna from The OC, just during one season.. it is a weird category.

  • Lilith’s portrayal was absolutely amazing, though my favourite supporting character in Supernatural has to be Ruby – both actresses, though, both were stunning and I miss Ruby a lot.

    And wow, you really made me want to watch Suits and Game of Thrones with these lists. Damn TV, ruining my life, haha.

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