top10FriendsA while back The Film Sloth put together her Top 10 episodes of Friends and I was utterly shocked but not in a bad way. For me, putting Friends episodes into an order is almost impossible and I can’t even seem to get the list down to 15 or something. Therefore, I went around the problem and decided to do a Top 10 of my favorite Friends moments because that requiredย  less of my brain cells. In the end though, it was still difficult and I had to summarize, like, a lot but those who’ve seen Friends, will understand this dilemma. But after some obstacles, I finally got my 10!

Central Perk

The moments where they hang out in CENTRAL PERK

So, of course a Friends list can’t be without a Bonus place and I’m already easing this Top 10 into a cheating marathon because there are so many moments in Central Perk Cafe! In a way, I almost put everything that happens there in the Top 10 beginning with the first episode where Rachel walks in wearing her wedding dress to the one where Ross kisses Rachel etc. There are many memories in that cafe and one cannot forget any of them.

Chandler and Joey

The moments of Chandler and Joey TOGETHER

As you can see, yet again I’m cheating but how can I not include all the moments of my favorite friendship in Friends. Joey and Chandler were so good together not just as friends but also as characters on screen. Being roommates had amazing moments but I can’t help to think about those episodes where they were already living apart and still having those boyish moments.

Phoebe Singing

The moments where Phoebe is SINGING

Let’s just face it, I’m cheating with almost every moment there is but I never said there were going to be 10 individual moments, I just said moments so… Phoebe’s songs are definitely worth remembering and they kind of became her trademark. Plus, remember the video she filmed after Smelly Cat became a hit?

Bruce Willis

The moment when BRUCE WILLIS guest starred

There are three amazing guest appearances on the show that have been stuck in my head and Bruce Willis’ performance as Ross’ girlfriends dad is one of them. He also ended up dating Rachel and well, the episode where all four ended up in the cabin is just unspeakably amazing!

Baby Got Back

The moment when Rachel and Ross sing BABY GOT BACK

After Emma was born things changed for the show a lot but the characters stayed as funny as ever. The episode where Ross and Rachel sing Baby Got Back to Emma still makes me laugh and I owe the fact that I can sing that song a bit to that episode. Plus, do you remember the slapping?

Danny DeVito Stripping

The moment when DANNY DEVITO guest starred

Can we just take a moment and remember that brilliant moment during Phoebe’s bachelorette party where an old and short guy came to strip? I think this moment is indescribable with words and one just has to watch the episode and laugh as it is one of the best things that happened on the show.

Brad Pitt

The moment when BRAD PITT guest starred

The third and the number one guest star in Friends was definitely Brad Pitt who portrayed Rachel hating Will. I remember reading that the then married couple didn’t want to play lovers so the writers made Brad/Will hate Rachel which made TV history and worked out more brilliantly than I would have expected. Plus, I wish it was me hugging Will instead of Phoebe.

Ross and the Wrong name

The moment when ROSS SAYS RACHEL

After seeing this season finale and having that cliffhanger I told myself that no other show can trump that kind of an ending to a season. So far, no show has come close to this epic moment where Ross says Rachel instead of Emily and everything is just epic!

Phoebe and MIke

The moment when Phoebe and Mike GET MARRIED

This was brilliant and I loved every moment of it! I loved how Chandler walked Phoebe down the aisle and that Mike aka Paul Rudd was waiting for her. And how adorable was Joey’s speech and the snow and everything – just right amount of romantic and yet, still funny!

red sweather


Okay, this moment needs a lot of knowledge to the Ross and Rachel back story but I’m sure if you clicked on this post you’ll be aware of their history. Anyway, the moment Ross picks up his red sweater is when the most epic truth is revealed – Rachel and Ross will have a baby!

Chandler and Monica

The moments when Chandler and Monica are HOOKING UP!

While the Ross and Rachel story was good, nothing can beat the one with Chandler and Monica! From the moment they got together in London to the moments where they didn’t stop hooking up in secret to the heart breaking proposal and of course the wedding. To the moments where they found out they couldn’t have kids to the one where they were holding their twins – hands down the best and my favorite thing that happened in Friends during its 10 seasons!


  • Awesome list! I loved Bruce Willis episodes, especially that moment when Ross walked in on him and Rachel kissing and freaked out ^^ Joey and Chandler’s friendship and Chander+Monica was probably my favorite thing in the series, but I also loved Phoebe and the triangle with David and Mike – that whole double proposal in Barbados was hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I was always rooting for Mike though cause I’m a Rudd fan hands down! Though out of the two long term relationships Phoebe had, both guys were very nice and adorable! I liked how Ross was hidden under the bed and saw Bruce do all those weird things in front of the mirror! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Great list! Friends wouldn’t be amazing without those moments; they make for great episodes. Chandler and Joey’s friendship is golden and I love their chemistry. Brad Pitt is my favorite guest star, loved the episode. Chandler and Monica are one of my favorite TV couples. They’re fun and they have their moments where it’s really just about what makes them happy. Their proposal was such a refining moment in their lives.

    • Glad you agree! But I must say, Ross has one of the best and most memorable lines, I will try to do a quote post but I’m struggling with choosing just ten.

  • Really great list of favorite Friends moments. Brad Pitt’s guest starring might be my ultimate favorite – It’s a moral imperative to watch this episode every Thanksgiving!

  • Amazing list. There are so many great Friends moments that this is a tough challenge. The One Where Everybody Finds Out is a great episode. I also love The One With Ross’ Sandwich is also one of my top episodes – all those moments in series six where Ross is having his mini-breakdown are sooooo funny!

  • I love Friends! This list made me laugh thinking about some of these moments. I love when Ross finds the sweater because it’s such a jaw dropping moment. One that sticks out to me is when everyone slowly is finding out about Chandler and Monica being together and everyone is playing each other because they don’t know that the others know. when Phoebe comes on to Chandler is just hilarious.

  • Oh this brings back some great memories. I have been watching the episodes as they have been appearing on TV in HD – interesting to see the show looking so good (and in 16:9 too!). I think your number one choice – Chandler and Monica hooking up – reminds me why I love series 5 so much. That whole secret dating thing works a treat!

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