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Fall has always signified new beginnings for me. It’s not the New Year’s Eve that brings change, it’s the change in the air, the vast alteration in nature and for most importantly, for years, it symbolized the beginning of a new school year. This year, fall means changes that have happened on Mettel Ray, changes, that will hopefully stir my creativity and motivation a little. Changes, that were inevitable as I have changed and this blog, has always been a reflection of me.

It won’t be long when this blog will turn six – in human years, this means she is pretty much ready to start school! She knows how to count to ten, to read, knows all her favorite colors, and is well aware that if she wants something, crying would raise the probability of getting it. Luckily, Mettel Ray is much more evolved than that, and she is more or less a reflection of me, who knows well enough that crying won’t get you what you want but sometimes it sure does help.

For almost six years Mettel Ray has been something that only shared movies and shows, but for quite some time now, I have felt too limited in my own little hiding place. The place where I feel myself the most. It occurred to me that over time, Mettel Ray, who started off in an empty dorm room, which I filled with many great thoughts and many amazing ideas, became a room that now feels too small. Maybe I’m using up all the space with my metaphors but you get the idea, it is time to renovate and take Mettel Ray from a room to a house.

So here I am, knocking down walls and putting up new ones. I’m not entirely sure how well I’ll be able to transition Mettel Ray from a movie blog to a blog, but I will give it my best. And as you can see, I haven’t even labeled it because frankly, I don’t think there’s any need for Mettel Ray to not be anything else but a movie blog. I’m still going to write about movies and television shows, but I’m also going to write about books and music, and maybe even fashion.

Among the few changes is having created a new rating system. That’s right, no more Popcorn Ratings, which accompanied Mettel Ray for almost three years, and behold, Coffee Cup Ratings! Can I get a whoop-whoop? Please? No? Okay. But how awesome is the new system, which reflects more me and my personality than the popcorn rating ever did? I think it’s pretty darn cool, and best of all, it is more versatile and flexible to use as a rating system.

So there you have it, a little story of change that marks a new beginning for Mettel Ray: just a blog but still a movie blog!


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