fallandwinter-16It has become a tradition of sorts to assemble these types of lists every now and then, to have some clarity for the fall/winter and spring/summer TV schedule. This time, I have left things to the last minute and instead of predictions, I have already an idea what I will keep watching, what won’t make the cut, what I still might try out and what shows from the past are still relevant.


LUCIFER, 2015 –

There were two shows that stayed on my radar throughout their first season, and both I’ll continue to watch this year. Lucifer for reasons such as Tom Ellis, and the slightly supernatural element that makes the crime show stand out a little. But mostly the reason is Tom Ellis.


The second show that I kept watching and will keep on my schedule is Scream Queens. This parody style comedy has a weird and dry humor that at first didn’t click with me, but is now probably my favorite thing in the world. The transition from season 1 to the second season was masterfully done, so I’m excited to binge watch most of the episodes soon enough. This show is a binge-watchers heaven!


The only comedy show that I’ve stuck with because for me it’s the most consistent. Partly because I haven’t really picked up other comedies, even though I really want to start with Veep soon, and partly because I’m used to Modern Family. I’m used to its fast humor, it’s crazy dynamics and even though I will miss Andy deeply, I’m hoping the show manages to give us another ship to ship soon.

THE FALL, 2013 –

Well, it’s no surprise I’m tuning in for The Fall this fall, I’ve expressed my interest in a post of its season premier earlier this month. So far, I haven’t continued because again, I like to binge-watch this one, it just feels so much better to go into it, and stay with it until the end. I’m very unaware what they are planning to do, and whether this is the last season, so I’m hoping to avoid spoilers until I start watching it.



For the life of me, I can’t remember if I ever saw the movie by the same name, but I think I did, because the plot of frequency sounds vaguely familiar. A detective accidentally starts communicating with her dead father, who is living 20 years in the past. And well, give me a crime show, and a sci-fi element, and I’m all excited. There aren’t many known actors in this one, but I do remember gushing over Riley Smith when I was a teenager so that’s something.

THIS IS US, 2016 –

The premier of This is Us got a lot of buzz because the first thing we all saw was Milo Ventimiglia’s bare ass – let’s just say my Gilmore Girl fantasies became a lot more detailed! But what surprised me was the twist at the end of the first episode, which made this family drama a lot more interesting. Sure, the spoilers have probably now revealed that twist, but for me, at the time, it was a very nice way to end that pilot episode. The cast is diverse, Mandy Moore has always had a soft spot in my heart, and if they would add a gay character to the mix, I’d say the show would be perfect!


It would be a shame to miss out on this western inspired science fiction show that is filled with big names like Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris and some really good underrated actors such as Jimmi Simpson and Ben Barnes. After three episodes the plot has developed, yet more questions are asked and few answered. We are in for a pretty mysterious season and HBO is really poking our brains.


Now, No Tomorrow is possibly my new favorite comedy show because it has great characters and lots of humor, and you can’t help to love it! Our main character Evie, a bit shy and safe, meets a really hot guy who just happens to believe that the World is going to end in eight months. Most importantly, not only is No Tomorrow funny and sweet, but it has Joshua Sasse who is so hot I might cry.

ATLANTA, 2016-

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is such a great guy. Talented and a bit weird in the most wonderful way. His own show Atlanta is exactly that kind of mix of talent, weirdness and humor while exploiting social questions and standards. Definitely worth a try.


Though I did not watch Agent Carter, I do like Hayley Atwell and I would be curious to see where her new show Conviction is going. The plot for me looks quite similar to Scandal, where a team of attorneys try to free the wrongly accused. Atwell plays a problematic character, the former President’s daughter, who has had some scandals of her own. There’s already some personal drama and weird looks, I love it.


Crime shows are my favorite. This one is adapted from a Norwegian show and it follows two teenage boys, hiding a secret, witnessing a crime. Due to their secret they can’t go to the sheriff, who also happens to be the guardian to one of the boys. Not the best out there but still, an interesting premise, and since I’m too lazy for subtitles, a perfect fit instead of the original.



So, this is a show about time travel and though I did enjoy the first episode a bit, I’m slightly hesitant. Time travel can go so wrong so quickly and since I’ve only seen the first episode, I don’t know where I will stand later on this season. For all I know, they will mess it up in the first half of the season anyway. For now, I will try to watch a few more episodes and who knows, maybe I’ll keep at it.


When the President and the Vice President are attending the same event, the designated survivor is the next in line for presidency, which means he is kept far from that event and secure. In this case, Keither Sutherland plays our designated survivor, said to be not fit for the job, and becomes the President after an attack. Only problem, it’s on ABC’s network and I haven’t had the best track record with them.


Pamela Adlon seems like an awesome woman, and Louis C.K. seems like a great guy – so when these two come together and create a show, I’m curious. Based vaguely on Adlon’s life, the show is about a working actress and a single mother of three, who is trying to juggle her responsibilities.



Now, this might be somebody’s cup of tea, a period drama revolving around Queen Victoria and how, at an early age, she became to rule a country. But I’m not much for these types of shows, maybe when I’m older and tired of crime dramas, but for now, I don’t see myself tuning in for this one.

QUARRY, 2016-

Again, something that seems quite promising and yet, I’m not that interested. A soldier returns home and is haunted by his memories of war, is approached by a mysterious man who offers him to become a hitman. The show takes place in the early 70’s, and it already premiered in the beginning of September, which means the first season is almost over.

GOLIATH, 2016-

Amazon is giving it all to become as good as Netflix, but for now, I’m not really that interested. Billy Bob Thorton is playing an ex lawyer who gets a chance to redeem himself by bringing down the firm that destroyed his life. All episodes are out, so maybe, if I’m in the mood for a serious drama, I might watch this. But not today, tomorrow, or this month.


I don’t watch a lot of horror, as you all might now, so The Exorcist doesn’t interest me one bit. I do think it’s well made because it has a pretty decent score, but since most of the shows in this list are scored 7,0 or more, I’m guessing the overall quality of TV shows has been raised high these days.

Some other new shows I’m not interested in: Pitch, Bull, The Good Place, Notorious.

Are you watching any of these new shows? And what shows have stayed on your TV schedule?


  • The only shows I’ve been keeping up with this Fall are comedies (Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Goldbergs)–mostly because I’m trying VERY hard to get through all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls before the revival airs. I am planning to give Timeless a proper chance when I get a moment. The pilot was so-so, but the previews for the next few episodes look good so I’m going to give it another shot. I did try No Tomorrow too, but I think I’ll wait until it’s on Netflix to watch it. The show’s cute, but it’s a streaming sort of show for me.

    • I think I won’t be able to do a Gilmore Girls rewatch before the revival, I would like to, but I won’t make it! Did you know Erik Kripke created Timeless? I felt a lot better about the show when I finally (I’m apparently slow) realized he was behind it. The last episode was pretty funny too, I actually liked Matt Lanter’s character in that one, he was so geeky that it was awesome!
      No Tomorrow is cute indeed, I like it. I like watching it every week.

  • YASS! This Is Us has been a pleasant surprise for me! I agree, if they add a queer character I’d say it would be perfect! I’m also waiting to watch The Fall! I watch it with my mom and it feels like we watched the season 2 finale FOREVER ago, I can’t wait to binge the entire third season! I’m slightly interested in Frequency & Timeless, but I think I’ll wait to see if they get cancelled before I invest haha! Awesome list!!

    • I know right, somebody has to be closeted or something!? It’s just.. that’s the only diversity they are missing, and I feel like they need it.

      I will invest in Frequency.. though I’m afraid for cancellations as well. I don’t want this to be another Accidentally On Purpose for me. Thanks for the comment! 😉

  • NO spoilers, don’t worry:
    Yeah so, I watched The Fall’s season finale without knowing it was the last episode of the season, and it didn’t feel like a finale at all! I’ll have to re-watch it for signs of closure, I guess. I hate when this happens. But, that means you can start binging the 5 eps now 😉

    I do love horror and am watching The Exorcist! Definitely recommend it for demonic possession stories’ fans. It’s not *good* like Hannibal though, more commercial. But within that realm of tv, it’s very good.

    I’ll do some research on the other shows you’ve mentioned, see if I’m interested ! 😀

    • Omg, really!? That sounds and feels awful, I mean, Season 2 felt like it was the perfect closure and I loved it.. I don’t want that open ending to happen. And yes, that means I can, if I ever have the time. I promised to watch Black Mirror soon as well and then, Gilmore Girls!!! And the movie festival.. and November is going to be super busy!

      Definitely research. Let me know what you think if you end up watching something!

    • It doesn’t look that bad, I kind of like it. I’m not even ashamed! But it does feel like every other show with a bad ass female character in the lead, like, we’ve seen this all before. I know I mentioned Scandal but I now realized it feels like The Good Wife as well. Minus the cheating husband. But I mean, it’s a nice entertaining little show with *cough* cute guys *cough*.

  • Cool list! I was so into watching Scream Queens but something spoilerish happened, so I tuned out. Might get back into it at some time but am not in a rush. Can’t wait to start The Fall’s new season! I hope it lives up to the first two. Frequency was one of my favorite movies growing up. I don’t know why I was obsessed with it, but it seems like an oddly perfect fit to be made into a series. May have to give it a chance!

    • I will probably most likely binge watch The Scream Queens.. even though I’ve seen some spoilers now as well. Oh well. It’ll still be hilarious. And I feel like The Fall has to be just as good when I binge watch that one as well, but I already heard something, non spoilery, that scares me a bit. And when you do give a chance to Frequency, let me know what you think!

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