Some of you might already know, others will find out in a second: I watched all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation within 2-3 weeks. Truthfully, the last season took a little extra time but it was because I wanted to postpone the inevitable –  the end of something special. But luckily, I have endless possibilities to watch it again so.. it technically hasn’t ended, though it has, and it is quite sad. As a cure for the sadness, I’ve created this endless list (which isn’t actually endless) of things I love about Parks and Recreation.

Thing 1: Leslie Knope and her outlook on life

Thing 2: Leslie Knope’s friendship with Ron Swanson

Thing 3: Ron Swanson’s hate towards the government

Thing 4: Ron Swanson working for the government

Thing 5: The Park’s departments team dynamic

Thing 6: Leslie’s resistance, durability and dislike against negativity

Thing 7: The show’s many ways of showing the real value of friendship

Thing 8: Andy Dwyer and everything about him

Thing 9: Andy Dwyer’s love for April Ludgate

Thing 10: Andy Dwyer’s love for cosplay

Thing 11: The lack of love for Jerry / Garry

Thing 12: Jerry’s hot wife Gayle

Thing 13: Nobody understanding how Jerry got such a hot wife

Thing 14: Ben Wyatt’s constant struggle of how hot Gayle is

Thing 15: Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope’s relationship and everything about it

Thing 16: Ben Wyatt’s Cones of Dunshire

Thing 17: The accountant who kept getting rejected by Ben Wyatt

Thing 18: Tom Haverford getting rejected by women, a lot

Thing 19: Tom Haverford’s inability to suceed

Thing 20: Tom Haverford’s ability to succeed

Thing 21: Tom Haverford dating Ann Perkings

Thing 22: Ann Perkings, Leslie Knope and their non-lesbian relationship

Thing 23: Ann Perkings’ actual relationship with Chris Traeger

Thing 24: Chris Traeger being literally the most optimistic person on the planet

Thing 25: And Christ Traeger being literally the healthiest person on the planet

Thing 26: Chris Traeger catching the flu

Thing 27: Chris Traeger and therapy

Thing 28: Tom Haverford and Donna Meagel getting some Treat Yo Self therapy

Thing 29: The concept of Treat Yo Self

Thing 30: Donna Meagel’s hot husband

Thing 31: The hotness that is post diet Andy Dwyer

Thing 32: The nerd like hotness of Ben Wyatt

Thing 33: Leslie Knope referring to Ben Wyatt’s hotness

Thing 34: Leslie Knope’s monologues about anything really

Thing 35: April Ludgate not saying anything about anything

Thing 36: April Ludgate’s unmotivated look at life

Thing 37: And April Ludgate’s love for dogs, Champion and Andy Dwyer

Thing 38: Ron Swanson loving April Ludgate as his assistant

Thing 39: Ron Swanson hating almost everything in the world

Thing 40: And Ron Swanson loving meat, whiskys, hunting, woodworking, breakfast food and jazz

Thing 41: Ron Swanson’s scary ex-wives

Thing 42: Leslie Knope not knowing Ron Swanson’s birthday

Thing 43: Leslie Knope knowing everything about everything

Thing 44: Leslie Knope giving the best birthday presents in the world

Thing 45: And Leslie Knope’s projects

Thing 46: Leslie Knope building a park

Thing 47: Ann Perkins and Chris Treager building a family

Thing 48: Ron Swanson building a crib for Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger

Thing 49: Ron Swanson saying he tested the crib by hitting it with his truck

Thing 50: Ron Swanson saying things that are extremely funny

Thing 51: Andy Dwyer singing things that are very funny

Thing 52: Andy Dwyer and Johnny Karate’s Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show

Thing 53: The emotional impact of Johnny Karate’s Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show

Thing 54: The feelings of joy, happiness, sadness and warmth during and after watching any Parks and Recreation episode

Thing 55: The desire to have such employees and friends and people in your life

Thing 56: The actual people behind the show

Thing 57: Amy Poehler’s laugh

Thing 58: Nick Offerman’s mustache

Thing 59: Aubrey Plazas deadpan delivery

Thing 60: Adam Scott’s bed hair

Thing 61: Rob Lowe’s ironic delivery of each line

Thing 62: Chris Pratt’s everything

Thing 63: Rashida Jones’ soothing voice

Thing 64: Aziz Ansari’s enthusiasm

Thing 65: Jim O’Heir’s likable portrayal of Jerry

Thing 66: Retta’s spirit

Thing 67: All the guest appearances

Thing 68: Most of all, Megan Mullally’s guest appearances as Ron Swanson’s ex-wife Tammy Two

Thing 69: The chemistry between the cast

Thing 70: The writing throughout the show

Thing 71: The character developments of all the characters

Thing 72: The way the show was filmed

Thing 73: The blank stare at the camera

Thing 74: The enthusiastic stare at the camera

Thing 75: The worrying stare at the camera

Thing 76: The last credits

Thing 77: Ron Swanson’s showing positive emotion when Leslie does something nice for him

Thing 78: Leslie Knope doing nice things for others

Thing 79: Leslie Knope not being able to act normal during a first date

Thing 80: Leslie Knope being able to achieve everything

Thing 81: Leslie Knope getting a library named after her

Thing 82: Everybody hating libraries

Thing 83: Everybody actually loving each other

Thing 84: Even Ron Swanson with his love towards his coworkers

Thing 85: Ron Swanson’s need to hide his positive feelings

Thing 86: Andy Dwyer’s showing all his feelings

Thing 87: Andy Dwyer being lazy while living with Ann Perkings

Thing 88: Andy Dwyer living in a hole he fell in

Thing 89: Ann Perkings finding out Andy Dwyer lives in a hole behind her house

Thing 90: Leslie Knope falling into the same hole

Thing 91: Ron Swanson falling on grass

Thing 92: Ben Wyatt’s hangover

Thing 93: Leslie Knope’s hangover

Thing 94: All of the guys drinking Snake Juice

Thing 95: Tom Hatheford’s crazy business plans

Thing 96: Leslie Knope’s crazy plans which always seemed to work out

Thing 97: Chris Teager always working out

Thing 98: Watching Chris Teager work out

Thing 99: Watching Andy Dwyer working out for a second

Thing 100: Ben Wyatt and his love for Calzones

Thing 101: Ron Swanson’s love for treasure hunts

Thing 102: Everybody loving Lil’ Sebastian

Thing 103: Leslie Knope’s love for everything to do with Pawnee

Thing 104: Leslie Knope finding out she was not born in Pawnee

Thing 105: The short yet memorable appearances of Craig Middlebrooks

Thing 106: Craig Middlebrooks’ love for WEDDING PLANNING

Thing 107: Ron Swanson’s opposite persona Ron

Thing 108: Ron Swanson without a mustache

Thing 109: Leslie Knope and Dave Sanderson

Thing 110: Louis C.K as Dave Sanderson

Thing 111: Paul Rudd’s guest appearance as the most annoying character ever

Thing 112: Eagleton’s perfection

Thing 113: Leslie Knope’s hate towards Eagleton

Thing 114: Leslie Knope’s infinite belief in herself


  • AND JEAN RALPHIO! Great post, I love this show so much. Ron’s hatred towards vegans and vegetables is one of my favorite things. Also that episode where they stayed in that weird ass hostel and he was like “what the fuck is a german muffin?”! this show has so many great episodes but my fav were the ones where Ron got shot in the head and the one where Leslie assembled previous directors and they were all terrible during her picnic.

    • I’m in the unpopular group of people who didn’t really have big feelings towards Jean Ralphio but I completely understand his appeal. And since I watched it all in a row all the episodes are all puddled together in my head but I totally remember the episodes you mention here. Then again, there are so many episodes more to love!

  • Oh this is an awesome list! In no way did I get anywhere near to watching the whole thing in under 3 weeks, but it was definitely something like a month and a half. February was a good month this year :’)

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