Netflix’s hit show Elite has been on my mind recently and I’m hoping I’m not the only one. This show is a little crazy and a bit all over the place but I love it. I love its characters, its mysteries and the over the top drama that I’m now apparently addicted to. But like with many Netflix shows there’s not a lot of information regarding Elite Season 4 – the upcoming season. So I figured I’d spend some time doing what I do best – scroll through the internet. Here’s what I found and also what I predict will happen in Season 4 of Elite.


The show kicked off in 2018 with three teenagers from the poor side of the city getting scholarships to study in an elite school. There is intrigue, class differences, racism, LGBTQIA relationships and many important themes woven into the show. There’s also a murder mystery thrown into the mix! The show is basically a take on Gossip Girl with a hint of Sex Education and Riverdale. And a whole lot of Spanish drama!

Season 3 came out on the 13th of March last year and the next two seasons have been confirmed. It’s not yet known when we’ll get Elite season 4 but the filming has wrapped. In other words the upcoming season doesn’t feel far off. Plus they filmed two seasons in one go so COVID-19 won’t prolong season 5 which is probably coming in 2022.


But being a fan of Elite at the moment has been a little difficult. There’s not a lot of information about the upcoming season. A few tidbits have been released, social media has given some details but overall it’s all a big mystery. But that won’t stop be from sharing all that we know so far.  In other words, here is all I know about season 4 and my predictions about the new characters. Plus a controversy that could cast a shadow above the upcoming season for its fans.

PS: There will be no major spoilers except which actors and actresses will not be returning for season 4.


The third season finale was the end for many main characters. Ester Expósito as Carla, Danna Paola as Lu, Álvar Rico as Polo and Mina El Hammani as Nadia won’t be returning. All four had been central characters in the first 3 seasons and I’ll especially miss Carla, Lu and Polo. Jorge López who joined the show in season 2 as Valerio also won’t be back.

Miguel Herrán as Christian from the first season and Jamie Lorento as Nano from the first two seasons are probably out for good as well. Both are in another popular Spanish Netflix show called Money Heist. Though I do think Lorento’s return is the most likely with his characters brother still part of the main cast.

Elite Main Cast Returning Characters

Itzan Escamilla as Samuel, Miguel Bernardeau as Guzmán, Arón Piper as Ander and Omar Ayuso as Omar, who all have been there since episode 1, will all be back for another school year. Thank god for Ander who is definitely a fan favourite, as is Arón Piper. I can’t imagine Elite without him and luckily I don’t have to (at least not yet). Other familiar faces, Claudia Salas as Rebeca and Georgina Amorós as Cayetana, are also back for another season at least.

After getting renewed for season 4 and confirming that many of the characters won’t be returning there was obviously going to be new characters introduced. And in July 2020 it was announced who those were going to be. Apparently with four main characters leaving we’re getting four new ones portrayed by Martina Cariddi, Pol Granch, Carla Díaz and Manu Río. According to IMDb Diego Martín and Andrés Velencoso will also join season 4 as adult characters.

Elite Season 4 New Characters

Who the new actors and actresses will be playing is a bit of a tricky question as IMDb doesn’t even list their character names yet. But it’s pretty certain all the four younger additions will be school kids and probably the new classmates of Samuel, Guzmán, Ander and Omar.

But it’s fun to predict things so here are my predictions of who these new characters could be.


One of two new main actresses to join Elite is Martina Cariddi (24). Though still quite new to the industry Elite is not her first acting gig, according to her CV she has three movies and another television role in her resumé already.

The first thing that stands out in Cariddi’s promo photos for Elite is that she has not shaved her armpits. Instagram photos also reveal that she might have not shaved her legs during filming either. While it can be Cariddi’s own personal choice it can also be something she did for her role in Elite. My only possible argument and proof for this to be part of her characters personal choice is  Cariddi’s photoshoot photos from September 2019. Posted on her Instagram the photos show that her armpits are shaved.

This is why I think she’ll be the free spirit type character, carefree and go with the flow kind of gal. I don’t want to assume she’s gay but there’s a possibility of Cariddi’s character being bisexual.

martina cariddi

As for the online trolls? Of course there are some who have already commented on the armpit hair as being disgusting and I can see that being a controversial thing for many. I for one don’t care even though I choose to shave my armpits and legs. It’s simply a choice and if Cariddi and/or her character embraces her natural body, her hairy armpits and legs, so will I.

Another element to her character seems to be leather. Cariddi posted a short video clip and a photo from the set of Elite and dressed as the character of the show she wears various leather accessories. Now this could also refer to her being a bit edgy or even sexually mischievous (similar to Kat in Euphoria).

While these aren’t strong arguments and those two elements could be interpreted differently I stand by my predictions. Though I can be completely wrong. Elite has a habit of surprising the shit out of me so I won’t be surprised if they did something completely out of the box with Cariddi’s character.

Bonus: when the filming of seasons 4 and 5 was wrapped Cariddi wrote on Instagram: “A very crazy and fun adventure!” So no doubt will the upcoming season be as crazy as the previous ones.


Pol Granch (22) shot to fame in 2018 by winning Spanish X-Factor and released his debut album in 2020. So I won’t be surprised if his character is either a singer or a musician in the show as well. It would be a nice addition to the mix because we haven’t had a musician in the show yet. But part of me also thinks he’d be the bad boy character, music being his escape. Again, that’s just what I predict.

But the addition of Granch could not be a good one. Just three days after his acting debut in Elite was announced he issued a public apology on Twitter. Apparently (and I can be wrong here because I had to use Google translate to understand the issue) he made fascist comments on Twitter seven years ago at the age of 13.

Many on Twitter didn’t believe his apology and felt it was made because Netflix or Sony Music advised him to do so. Some implied he didn’t write the apology himself and some even hinted he still has these shitty political views.


Some thought that the statements made seven years ago, statements he (allegedly) has not repeated, and now apologised for, should not be something to cancel him over. Yet many think he simply is washing his image. Stating he is apolitical means he’s not taking a specific stand and doesn’t exactly contradict his previous political comments. This controversy may very likely shadow his performance in Elite. And I’m guessing many Spanish fans of the show may feel a little differently about Elite now that he is part of it.

Yet it seems Granch, who currently has over 300k Instagram followers, has kept many of his dedicated fans. Plus it seems his co-stars are also there to support him. After the online controversy exploded last summer Omar Ayuso spoke out and defended Granch.


With Danna Paola and Ester Expósito leaving I feel like there’s an empty slot for the rich mean girl. Carla Diaz (22) seems to be the perfect fit for that role. She has the most acting experience being in the industry since she was 9. Starting in 2009 Diaz has been mostly in television shows, shorts and a TV movie. (She does have an upcoming role in a feature film too it seems).

Diaz (who shares a name with a Brazilian actress) is also a trained dancer. She has a degree in Spanish Dance (classical ballet, flamenco, classical Spanish, and other disciplines) so I won’t be surprised if there’s some dancing in season 4. She also speaks French.

Carla Diaz

Her social media presence is the smallest with 212k followers on Instagram but she has already faced some online backlash. She was criticised by few online trolls for a dancing video where an up-skirt moment happens. “Vulgar” was the word used and many thought this kind of thing didn’t belong in Elite. (This show has had a lot of vulgar things so I don’t see it as a problem myself).

I figure it doesn’t really matter what she does or does not show on social media and her role in Elite can be vastly different from her actual personality. She has many almost nude photos on Instagram but that doesn’t mean she’ll be baring it all for the show. Some stepped up to defend Diaz and said that she is a very good actress and can fill the shoes of the likes of Expósito (Carla) and Paola (Lu) well.

With her long resumé and a high chance of her character being written well I have no doubt that Diaz could succeed.


Manu Rios (22) is a well known name in Spain already and has been previously called the Spanish Justin Bieber. He has a Youtube page with more than 1,5 million subscribers where he started off as a cover singer and has over 5 million followers on Instagram. In addition to his social media career he has also done some modelling and acting. He is clearly the most well known name added to the Elite cast in season 4.

Manu Rios

Over the years there have been some online rumours about Rios’ personal life. About four years ago it was suggested that he is gay. He commented those rumours on Twitter by stating that those who use “gay” as an insult are “so sad”. But didn’t and has not confirmed or disputed the rumours. I bring this up because it seems there is a strong possibility that his Elite character is gay.

Elite Cast Pics Twitter account posted an image (that has what seems to be Georgina Amorós on it) which may hint to a polyamourous relationship between Ander, Omar and Rios characters. The photo in question looks like a promo photoshoot for season 4. Rios seems to be positioned between Omar and Ander and the intimate feel of the photo does seem to hint at a relationship between the three guys.

Elite Ander Omar and Manu Rios

If that is true and Rios is playing a gay character kudos for him! Even with the ongoing rumours about his own sexuality he is not afraid to take on a gay role. Besides a new gay character in Elite is always a welcomed addition. And I love that Elite is not afraid to introduce different relationships. After that one SHOCKING relationship a throuple doesn’t even surprise me though. I mean we did sort of have one already. So knowing Elite they will deliver this throuple well and I will love every minute of it.

In the promo photo Rios is also hugged by Diaz so part of me thinks their characters are best friends. They seem to be part of the rich kids gang too. Meanwhile Cariddi is the only one who seems to be a scholarship student to me.


Now since everything has been kept under wraps it’s not clear what will be the key focus of season 4. My guess is that there will be another murder or an accusation plot of some sorts. I doubt it will focus on one of the new kids. My guess is actually a lot scarier and I’m afraid they will kill of one of the returning characters. It would make most sense.

So I predict that season 4 will start with a shocking revelation. And everything spins off axis from there on out. With the previous investigator being bad I think a new police guy shows up. The other adult actor possibly a new teacher or the new principle. Yet one could be a dad as well but for some reason I’m leaning into the teacher angle with Diego Martin especially.


As for the release date? Who knows. My guess is we’re getting the new season in late May or June. It was in October 2019 when the third season was announced and already wrapped filming so I think the timeline for post production/marketing is about 5 to 6 months. Last time we got a heads up like a few weeks before the season dropped. The trailer appearing online on March 2nd before its 13th of March release date.

The fourth and fifth season wrapped on December 22nd so May and June seem most likely at this point. But that also depends on the Netflix schedule and who knows what’s happening with that.


So there you have it. Have you watched Elite? If so what are your predictions for Season 4 ? Who from the new characters/actors appeals to you the most at the moment?



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