It feels like I haven’t done one of these list posts in a while and when I read Ruth’s posts about five new-to-her actors she’d like to see more of on Flixchatter, I was eager to do the same. The idea sounded great and I didn’t even mind that I had a lot of thinking to do when it came to actually listing these actors. Instead of picking actors from 2012 and/or 2013 movies, I’m simply splitting them into kids/teens and adults who caught my eye in movies I saw in 2013.

My biggest problem listing these new-to-me-actors is the fact that I haven’t seen two movies that would most likely add two to this list, 12 Years of Slave and Captain Phillips. Considering the nominations for Lupita Nyong’o and Barkhad Abdi, I’d be most likely glad to see more of them but as it turns out, I have yet to see them for the first time.  Oh, and the list is very manly for some reason…


onata aprile

One of the most memorable performance by a girl that stood out for me last year was Onata Aprile from What Maisie Knew. She was on the screen most of the time and I never got tired of her, nor did she feel fake. Pretty great for a kid her age!

nat wolffThis guy showed up twice this year and I wouldn’t mind seeing him again. Nat Wolff was in Admissions, though he didn’t really stood out for me there as much as he did in Stuck in Love. That movie really showed his ability and I can’t wait to see more of him in The Fault in Our Stars this year.

nick robinson

Flixchatter gave him a mention, I’m giving him the spotlight. Nick Robinson in The Kings of Summer was one of the most underrated teen performances this year and I hope it won’t be his last. He was good with dramatic scenes, he had a great comedic timing. With his mention, I just have to note that other teen performances in this movie were also really good!

tom holland

I still remember this phenomenal performance by Tom Holland in The Impossible – I saw it in March and I still remember him, still feel his performance. I can’t wait to see more brilliant performances of this guy this year and for years to come, I hope he makes it, I really do. Simply amazing.


miles teller

Considering the fact that he has tons of movies lined up for 2014 I have no doubt I’ll see him again after he won a piece of my heart in The Spectacular Now. He is charming, the boy next door kind of guy and he has great promise to be one of my future favorites. I just hope his roles will be as pleasing and enjoyable as the one I saw.

xavier samuel

Since I haven’t seen Twilight movies, I had no idea this guy existed but here he was, Xavier Samuel in Adore, being all hot and hotter. But honestly, this guy doesn’t seem to be all about looks, he does have that something something that just somehow makes the whole older woman young boy thing work on the screen.

brie larson

Shocking, I know, but I really don’t remember seeing or hearing about Brie Larson but here she was, everywhere it seemed. From Don Jon to The Spectacular Now to the Short Term 12 which I haven’t seen yet but will soon, I promise! Definitely great screen presence, especially considering she stole scenes without saying anything in Don Jon.

domhnall gleeson

I’m cheating a bit, I know him, or his face at least but his name is definitely brand new information to me. After being surprisingly content with About Time and Domhnall Gleeson’s performance, I want to see more of this charming Irish guy and hopefully more in the leading role because this suits him well, the spotlight I mean.



  • Glad you loved Tom Holland, I feel exactly the same way! He was very impressive, and I too am looking forward to what he does next. I honestly hope he keeps getting parts and becomes a great actor, if he wants.

    I saw About Time two days ago, Gleeson was adorable, fit the part perfectly!

  • I’m conflicted about Gleeson, I mean he was beyond terrible in Anna Karenina but he was charming in About Time, good fit for the role too, I always considered Rachel McAdams plain and he looks like an ordinary guy.

    My fav new to me actors would have to be Margot Robbie (she was actually in About Time too) and Lupita Nyong’o, I wasn’t blown away with her hyped performance but she is gorgeous, talented and humble unlike some young actresses.

    • I didn’t see Anna Karenina.. so maybe it’s good I didn’t if he wasn’t as charming as in About Time. Also, maybe it was the role, no? Writing? Curtis always writes very charming characters in my opinion.

      Oh, Margot was in Wolf right? Have to see that but I’m waiting for it to hit the cinemas, and I’m on it! Lupita seems like a great person, I wanted to add her just based on the interviews I’ve watched but since again, yet to see 12 Years of Slave, didn’t feel right to put her here just yet.

  • Great list! I really enjoyed Nat Wolff’s performance in Stuck in Love, and looking forward for more of his work, as well as Miles Teller. He was great in Spectacular Now, even if I didn’t like the movie that much. I would probably add Margot Robbie in mine as well, she was great in Wolf of Wall Street.

  • Great post! I dig Brie Larson and I can’t wait to see Short Term 12. I loved Aprile in What Maisie Knew as well, she gave such a strong performance for someone so young.

  • Glad to see you’re doing this post Mettelray! Nice picks, some of which I hadn’t seen before. I really want to check out The Spectacular Now, been hearing good things about Miles Teller. Yay on Nick Robinson, really like his performance in The Kings of Summer. I saw Domhnall Gleeson in Dredd last year, but didn’t notice him until I saw him in Shadow Dancer (with one of my new faves Andrea Riseborough). Totally agree about Brie Larson in Don Jon, I definitely remember her despite hardly any speaking lines.

  • Ah you should look for a Black Mirror episode called Be Right Back, Gleeson was awesome there in my opinion 🙂
    I saw Tom Holland in How I Live Now which is pretty small role and i wished his character would have more screen time, i hope he’d do great too!
    Definitely agree with Brie Larson! And I’m looking forward to see Miles Teller more too!

  • I too have fallen for Miles Teller and Brie Larson. They’re both amazing. I just saw That Awkward Moment with Miles Teller and Zac Efron and Miles was definitely the best part of the movie!

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