eddie the eagleIf you’re looking for a feelgood movie, that is motivating, sweet and honest, go for Eddie the Eagle! This movie will teach you that winning is not always the only way to win, and being the best you can be, is sometimes better than being the best in the world. And to have such great life lessons in a movie based on true events, and having Egerton give a brilliant performance, adds to the pile of great things Eddie the Eagle brings on to the table.

The big picture is simple, Eddie the Eagle is a movie about Eddie Edwards (Taron Egerton) and his journey to the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada and it is an amazing journey to witness. Not only because the story itself is uplifting and full of heart, but because Taron Egerton manages to portray Eddie in a way that demands the viewer to root for the underdog. And cringe every time he fails, and hold your breath while he attempts something new. And the need for Eddie to succeed is almost as grand as his own desire to become an Olympian, to have his own special moment of greatness.

Since childhood, Eddie Edwards tried out everything that could possibly get him to the Olympics – from holding his breath to weight lifting, from pole jumping to the hurdles, Eddie tried it all for his dream. Then, he decided to try his luck towards getting to the winter Olympics which almost worked out, but not really. So eventually, due to certain circumstances, Eddie picked up ski jumping, which at that point had been forgotten in Great Britain, and worked hard towards his goal.

What surprised me the most was the fact that Egerton looked so different from himself and so similar to the real version of Eddie. Not only did he look like him, but he was able to mirror that sort of unique presence the actual Eddie has. Plus, he managed to steal my heart and I couldn’t help not to root for him, I knew he wasn’t the best athlete, but he had the most heart, the most gumption and he deserved recognition.

While he begun his journey alone, he did finally land himself a couch – Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman). A washed up drunk and a former ski jumping prodigy, Bronson was reluctant to help Eddie but was won over by his determination, and the fact that Eddie annoyed him so much. Jackman, who was cast well in terms of appearance, felt a little out of place at times. Maybe it was the fact that it was a little difficult to see him as a drunk, let alone a person who was supposed to be washed up and maybe even depressed. Though he did a great job, no doubt about it, and his chemistry with Taron definitely helped him along.

Part of me thinks, as I conclude this review, that Eddie The Eagle wouldn’t have been as amazing if Eddie Edwards wasn’t real. This film wouldn’t work so well if it were fictional, and I think part of its charm is the fact that I know it happened, I know it was all real and it is somewhat awesome to have that piece of sports history existing. Eddie might not be the most successful Olympian, but he is definitely the most memorable, especially to Great Britain I supposed, and I think his spirit and love for the Olympics should inspire many to pursue the impossible!


  • I agree this is a definite feel-good film, but also had me on the edge of my seat at times. I’m surprised you found Jackman to be out of place at times as for me he fit perfectly. Nevertheless, a great review and I look forward to reading more!

  • I enjoyed the film as I really had fun watching and found myself rooting for Eddie. Especially in that last jump as I pumped my fist in the air and was like “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes” Taron Egerton is really becoming something as he made me root for that guy.

  • This movie does seem really sweet. I didn’t see it, I think I would’ve had Rupert Grint still been attached to it. Though, I really like Egerton after Kingsman. I’m glad it worked for you. Nice review!

    • Egerton was great, so much potential for him to be like, the guy I would love when I’m 50.. like, look at that man, still being so handsome and talented. Like, he has that potential to be the Gary Grant for my generation.

  • Great review thank you. I didnt expect to hear the audience cry at this one, but sure enough they did. I loved it too. Drop in for a read of my take on this film.

    • I think my friends also cried a little but I even though it got mw emotionL, I wasn’t really crying. Though it would have totally deserved my tears 🙂

  • Good review! I really wanted to see this in theaters but didn’t snag the chance. It looked so heartwarming. Next time I can see it, I’m definitely going to.

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