Months ago I did a post about Teen Wolf, Season 2 – I got almost no feedback and I was disappointed at myself because I felt like I let down the show by not describing it in the best way possible. I do have to admit, it wouldn’t be the best show to describe for instance in comparison to The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad but it does have its benefits. For me, it’s the comic relief, heart and easiness of it all – Stiles Stilinski portrayed by Dylan O’Brien is my #3 favorite leading man when it comes to TV-shows. Therefore, since I didn’t have enough time to prepare a BOT post (and now I’m really crunching the clock with my paper due this week) I thought I’d share a little bit of fresh meat in a form of Dylan, although being two years younger than me doesn’t make him that fresh but still. PS: I’m a bit obsessed.

I want to add gif’s so badly but WordPress doesn’t allow them due to my lack of upgrades (I put them as links down below) – I’m getting frustrated about this and thinking about moving to Blogger a lot, though it would mean additional problems and I’m too lazy for those. Therefore, a Christmas gift to buy the upgrade would be nice!

Can we just take a moment and appreciate his arms – this is why I like drummers!

Gif madness: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Dylan approves this message.


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