It was during a very late Friday night when I was scrolling endlessly on Tumblr and saw this great post, titled Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters on Weartheworldwell‘s page. But instead of posting mine on Tumblr, I decided to share these three characters that describe me here.

LORELAI GILMORE from Gilmore Girls

Though I would definitely be well described as Rory, in terms of the reading, I think my humor and popular culture knowledge, and the coffee addiction, is more like Lorelai’s. Also, she’s running an inn, which describes my job description a bit as well. Plus, I think my youthfulness is well described through Lorelai’s outlook on life, since I don’t feel like an actual grown up at all sometimes.

CHANDLER BING from Friends

Yes, Chandler is a man, but nonetheless, he describes me oh so well! His humor, sarcasm and dry wit, is what connects us, plus he has few friends, but those friends mean a lot to him. Also, he is hopeless with love and relationships, which is exactly how I would describe my life. And I do believe there’s a Monica out there for me.. though he will be called something like Peter or Steve.


Sure, she is not the most likable character, but at the same time, I feel a bit connected to her. She is a little lost, and she is trying to find her way, which is how I would describe myself. She is also very strong minded, and she is great at her job, with some minor mistakes. She also makes some bad choices, but she accepts them and tries to move on. Sometimes I feel like she describes me the best, and other times, I’m all of the above.


  • Great characters! I’ve never seen Gilmore Girls, but Lorelai sounds awesome. Chandler is such a great character. I kinda think he was the best one on the series (next to Rachel). Matthew Perry played him so well from beginning to end.

  • I did mine of this was well. I had Karen from Outnumbered, which is a UK sitcom (she’s a little girl who is too clever for her own good and is very imaginative and good at figuring people out), Donna from That 70’s Show and Katerina Stratford from 10 Things I Hate About You.

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