cb67This week is going to be a lot better than the last one. Why? Because I got to go to the film quiz thingie today (we were dumb and all the questions I got right were about movies from the 21st century), I only have to work two days this week, I’m getting a new tattoo on Saturday AND I have the joy of getting a year older to “enjoy” on Sunday. Granted, the birthday part isn’t as good because once you get past a certain point in your adult life, you start to resent your birthday a little. I’m past that point. So I don’t even have plans for Sunday, which I guess is a little sad but I’m just going to wake up and see what the day will bring!


Spent 3 hours at a hospital getting all kinds of sci-fi looking eye tests and found out there is excess pressure in my eyes – I now have to use eye drops twice a day, including another set of eye drops three times a day. This is so much fun – not. But apparently eye diseases burn out in a year so what ever that means, I have the possibility to get better by July. That being said, I have another two appointments for eye tests in March and I’m pretty sure, one of those tests is the eye pressure one, which is so weird! Basically, a plastic knob thing pokes your eye really quickly… oh science, I love you in movies, really not a fan of you when you’re that close to my eye.

My flatmate aka best friend ever gifted me FOUR books as my birthday present! And no, I don’t care that I received them early, I care that they are awesome books! I got the first three books to the Gentleman Bastard series, which is this sort of fantasy Ocean 11 type of thing, I think. Anyway, it’s fantasy, so I’m excited! The fourth book is something that I’ve wanted for a while now, and it’s Estée Lalonde’s Bloom. She’s pretty much the only Youtuber I’ve watched since almost the beginning, and while I get tired of the others, I will never get tired of her!

As I mentioned earlier, I’m getting a new tattoo… and yes, I think I can safely say it won’t be my last one. I’ve had this idea of getting a sleeve for ages now and I figured it’s finally time to focus on gradually adding tattoos to my arm. So far I only have two on my left arm, so on Saturday I’ll be adding a third one. Then, we’ll see where life will take me because I have this image of a really big piece on my mind and it would be amazing to get that piece done before I turn 30…. which is in 2 years…… god, I’m old.


Got into a very great mindset the other week and watched two movies. First was Hacksaw Ridge and not gonna lie, I loved it! It was just the right amount of hope and faith, mixed with horrific war scenes that I, for all the right reasons, just enjoyed.. And yes, I know Mel Gibson is not a good man, but I have to give him credit for directing so well in those moments of violence. I felt like I was there, it felt so random and chaotic, which is exactly what war is and it felt hopeless. Yet, we had this brave man, who everyone thought nothing of because he wouldn’t pick up a gun, proving that you don’t have to kill to be a war hero.

The other movie I saw was Hidden Figures which I liked a lot. I thought it was very subtle and well acted across the board. I thought the scenes were Taraji P. Henson was running, were really good because instead of jump cuts, they took the time to show her running and the effect of it was emotional. I don’t know why I didn’t love it because I enjoyed it a lot but I guess there was something missing. It didn’t hit as hard, but at the same time, it didn’t felt like one of those cliché dramas of unlikely people saving the day.

Fifty Shades of Darker comes out this week.. I’m more and more thinking about seeing it because… why the hell not!? I will hate it but I will hate it with passion, which, you know, is a great feeling actually. Or am I just crazy?


Last week was amazing for TV shows! I watched The OA and loved it! It was exactly the right amount of weird and quirky. Plus, it had some really great new actors which is always great. Plus, it was funny! Oh boy, it was funny in between lines which made it even more special than it was. The topic of it, well, I’ll get to it in my review which I will write today/tomorrow and it will be up next week. But I think it will be a spoiler review because it’s hard to talk about The OA without spoilers.

The second show I watched was Santa Clarita Diet which was so freaking awesome! Guys, after the first episode, I wasn’t sure, but the show kept getting better and better and I kept drooling over Timothy Olyphant and I just.. it’s amazing! As an Estonian, I think I’m more likely to love dark humour than that typical American silly humour, which is evident in the fact that I haven’t enjoyed the majority of comedies that have come out in recent years. In terms of humour, it reminded me of Scream Queens a lot, in a good way and I wouldn’t mind watching it again soon.. just for the laughs.. and Timothy.

With my newly found crush for Timothy Olyphant, expect me to dive into Deadwood and Justified.. I first thought I’ll just go straight for Justified but Margaret from Cinematic Corner said it was a dark and sad path to watch Justified and not Deadwood first. So I’m doing it, I’m watching Deadwood AND then Justified, but I know I’ll watch them both because my god, that man is a god!.. And there goes my Twin Peaks because honestly, I can’t seem to get myself to watch that one.


Wasn’t able to read at all last week because my eye sight isn’t the best during the evening and my eyes get tired really easily these days. But I will pick up and finish The Wise Man’s Fear this week! I will do it! Because then I’ll get to Bloom and then Gentlemen Bastard’s first book and with three books read in February, I think I can call it a successful month.

Saw this dancing video (that last girl who dances alone is amazing!) and I really liked the song, so I’ve been listening to Bishop Briggs’ River non-stop these past three days. It is a perfect work out song at the gym.. if I ever go there.


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  • I’m glad you liked Hidden Figures! I liked the 2nd half of Hacksaw Ridge lol

    One of my friends just binged Santa Clarita Diet and loved it too. I haven’t even seen a trailer for it. I just finished binging The People v OJ Simpson.

  • The OA is on my to-watch list. I’m trying to get through my backlog of Sci Fi and Fantasy shows. . .which is putting off my Twin Peaks watch-through too. I’m finishing up the first season of The Magicians now and Dark Matter will probably be next on my agenda.

  • Sorry to hear about your eyes, hope they’ll get better soon! I’m practically blind myself, my prescription is so high that I could barely see anything when I wake up in the morning.

    Thanks for the link. I barely have time to blog these days due to my film project, but I try to do it once a week.

    • Hopefully but it seems that it will still take months. I keep wondering if it will get worse and worse instead and it’s like it is… yet the doctors are taking their sweet time with it.

  • Haha, hope you’ll love Deadwood! I’ll actually need to pick up where I left with Justified. As for Timothy do watch all the episodes where he was a guest on Conan – he is so damn funny!

    • I’m trying to watch Deadwood but I’m all over the place these days. And oh I know, I think I’ve watched his appearances on Conan. I remember when he walked on with a T-shirt, shorts and flip flops.. even looking like that he was way too hot! And he seems so humble and I just, ugh, I love him!

      • That was such a funny one, the girl from Twilight was up next and Conan said ‘Thanks for dressing up!’ to her and Olyphant was giving this ‘sorry bro’ look 😆

  • So sorry to hear about your eyes, but I’ll be sending you positive thoughts and I hope the eye drops help clears everything up. I can’t wait to get some booze and see Fifty Shades Darker. I’m gonna need it. 😀

    • I don’t drink.. so seeing Fifty Shades Darker is going to be… a sober viewing which will be either torture or a fit of me laughing at every scene. It’s going to be either glorious or really awful. Going to see it on Sunday. 😀

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