It’s been another hot minute but I’m back with an epic Commercial Break! In other words, I’m here to give a quick update on my boring life and list all the things I’ve seen and read. Honestly, it’s been so long (my fault completely) that I will most likely forget like half of what I’ve done. Which, considering the quarantine, isn’t much to begin with. Oh, the irony of life. Plus, while I’m writing this list, it’s like a sauna in my room due to the heatwave and my brain is no work no more. That being said, enjoy this crazy long Commercial Break!


The last time I sat down to write a Commercial Break it was April, right before my vacation. I’ve now had another vacation and corona is slowly starting to let go of its hold here in Estonia. I think we’ve had like a few days now where there have been no new cases. Not sure if the heat is helping but seems like it. Because people rarely wear masks and stay away from each other. Going to the store is not fun for me because everyone else seems to be focused on standing as close as possible. I’ve not worn a mask yet, I avoid public transport but in stores, I try to keep a distance. If this thing starts up again in the fall you bet your ass I shall be walking around with a mask.

Anyway not to make this entirely about corona, I’ll finish this by saying that my mental health took a huge hit in May. The entire month was a ball of shit and it has taken me weeks to get to an okay place. June will end on a positive note but who knows what July will bring. 2020 has been a year that has probably affected and changed us all. One thing after another, there have been wake up calls around every corner. Hopefully not just for society but for many of us personally as well. Let’s hope we can all change for the better.


We have been surprisingly good with Across the Universe Podcast and we up posted three episodes. Yes, we don’t actually keep up with the proper schedule but we have gotten out more episodes than usual.

Episode 81 was about Our Most Anticipated 2020 Movies which now feels like a joke really. But I mean, if you want to hear us being optimistic and not knowing the outcome of 2020, give it a listen… for the sake of irony.

Episode 82 was an under 30 minute special episode titled Films by Black Filmmakers to Watch. We listed movies, documentaries and some series made by Black filmmakers everyone should watch for multiple reasons.

Episode 83 was another special episode where all of us participated in the Brad Pitt Hidden Gems challenge. I got Sofia and Nik to watch a Brad movie they had not seen before, I watched one too, and then we discussed. Also, I hosted so I made a weird little intro for it…


Since the last Commercial Break I’ve seen 25 movies, 5 of them were rewatches. I rewatched The Covenant, The Martian, Coach Carter, Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve and while the three last ones are still great, The Covenant is not. Then again, I always knew The Covenant was bad, I just watched it for the… boys.

Now I will list all the other 20 movies I saw and I’ll link them to their Letterboxd review because why not. I’ve been trying to review everything I watch these days and I feel like linking them here. Though for the Hidden Gems picks (seven total), I’ll link them to their blog posts.

Circus of Books, Like a Boss, Extraction, Nicole Kidman Hidden Gems picks: The Peacemaker, How to Talk to Girls at Parties and Batman Forever, I Am Jonas, A Secret Love, Brad Pitt Hidden Gems picks: Spy Game, The Devil’s Own, Thelma & Louise and Kalifornia, Blow the Man Down, 13th, Just Mercy, 365 Days, The High Note, The King of Staten IslandBabyteeth and Feel the Beat.

Despite going through a movie review dry spell here on Mettel Ray, I did end up reviewing 365 Days because apparently I hadn’t spent enough time on it. This movie was the worst thing I’ve seen since the last Commercial Break. Standout movies during these 2,5 months were for sure Thelma & Louise, 13th, Just Mercy and Circus of Books.


There is very little chance I’ll be able to remember everything what I’ve seen. But I’m gonna give it a go. These past few months I’ve seen Never Have I Ever, Dead to Me season 2, The Politician season 2, Normal People and When They See Us miniseries, finished all available episodes of This Is Us, Upload, Transplant, Alex Ryder, Love Life, New Amsterdam, Love, Victor and the My Left Nut miniseries.

This seems a lot but honestly, I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something. As far as I know, Netflix doesn’t have a list of shows that I’ve watched which I find annoying. So there could be something I’m blanking out right now. I watched quite a few documentaries, I know this but not sure when. Basically a few crime shows, let’s just say that.

I have yet to finish Defending Jacob because I’m savouring it, I have one episode of Run left, I still am on season 3 of The Magicians, I started Atypical and am on season 2. I also started A Million Little Things but haven’t gotten past season 1 and I’m yet to finish Money Heist season 3.

On my radar there is also Dark which I’m very behind because I’ve been lazy with subtitles. And I haven’t seen Space Force yet. Instead I’m currently watching both seasons of The Order (currently on season 1) and I’m loving it. It’s fun, has witches and warlocks, and werewolves. It is a mix of The Magicians and Buffy with a hint of Charmed thrown in there.


So the last 2,5 months have been great for reading but not the entire time… just June. I was great in June and finished eight books (maybe more, I have one that I just need to finish). Not gonna list them all here because this list post is long enough. Favourites of the past few months are Beach Read by Emily Henry, Date Me, Bryson Keller by Kevin van Whye and The Inheritance Trilogy by N. K. Jemisin.


I listened to Mac Miller’s latest album Circles that was released posthumously this year. It was great, it was sad, it made me nostalgic and it sort of … is still haunting me. In terms of my favourite artist these past months and my favourite music video, well I think this one is extremely obvious so I’ll leave THAT MAGNIFICENT THING (down there) with no explanation.


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  • Space Force was…I don’t know. A bit meh. I’m yet to finish it but I’m hoping it’s one of those comedies that needs 2 seasons before it really finds it’s feet.
    I’m glad the corona situation is looking better in your country! Fingers crossed the trend continues.
    Really hope July is a better month for you, and thanks for the link! <3

    • Maybe..I’m iffy with comedies, after Netflix cancelled Santa Clarita Diet, I don’t trust them either.
      Fingers crossed things get better everywhere soon!
      And you are welcome!

  • Run was such a disappointment for me. I thought the first three episodes were really strong, then it just took a nose dive.

    I’ve been awful at reading this year. Quarantine has made me want to watch more TV and read less for some reason.

    Now that Defending Jacob is finished I might actually get an Apple TV subscription just so I can binge everything and cancel it again.

    • I get that about Run, I have put off the last episode for so long now. The idea and everything was cool but I think it just escalated too freaking quickly.
      I was in a slump for like a year.. June is the best I’ve done reading wise in the past year. But yeah, quarantine was all about shows!
      Watch The Morning Show if you haven’t!

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