It’s been another hot minute since the last time I took some time to take a Commercial Break. So let’s go over the events of the past month and see how many TV shows I have binged while trying to stay sane. Seriously, it’s been shows on top of shows for the past month.

So corona… that’s a thing now. Part of me is freaked out, another part of me is trying to stay as optimistic as possible. This whole situation is not good for my mental health, that’s certain. Anyway, a month indoors has been uneventful. I’ve still got my job which I’m incredibly thankful for. Took a crunchy pay cut but for now it’s only short term. Working from home has its benefits but it’s very hard to switch off and enjoy “me-time”.

Luckily next week I’ll have a week off for vacation which is nice… I guess. I’ll have more time to binge watch shows and try to plan out some posts I need to get done. May is an important month for me so it would be nice to get my shit together beforehand. I hope I will be as productive as I plan to be.

Across the Universe Podcast has been sort of busy since the last time I took a Commercial Break. We uploaded 2 new episodes, one of which is a two part Oscar special. Remember the Oscars? It seems like it happened years ago and yet, it’s been like just two months.

Currently the last, our 80th episode is called At the End of the World which seemed fitting considering the current situation. It marks the first episode I cut for the podcast. I don’t know why I had put it off for so long. It was fun and although time consuming, I think I did okay for my first time.

Besides the Hidden Gems challenge and an occasional movie here and there, I’ve been pretty lazy with movies. Since March I’ve seen 12 movies and three documentary mini-series. Only one rewatch though, so at least that’s something.

For Hidden Gems in March I watched Bubble Boy, Highway and Stronger. All for Jake Gyllenhaal of course! I liked Stronger the most but it wasn’t anything mind-blowing. I also rewatched The Day After Tomorrow with Jake because it felt like a good thing to do. Started with my April Hidden Gems picks too and things look disappointing.

The documentary mini-series were The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, The Staircase and of course, Tiger King. As of now, I haven’t watched the last additional episode that Netflix gifted us but Tiger King is bonkers guys. Might do a review, might not – I have no idea, I’m still digesting the whole thing.

Also saw Spies in Disguise, Take Shelter, Emma., Onward, Hooking Up, Bloodshot, Chappie and Bad Boys for Life. Out of these, Take Shelter (for the podcast episode) was the best. Onward was adorable and Hooking Up was better than I thought. You can also find my review for Emma. here.

Where I lack in movies, I make up for with shows. Television has been like my most trusty companion these days and I can’t seem to stop. Finished watching You season 2 which was as entertaining as the first. The show is bonkers but honestly, it’s part of its charm.

Sad news for every Schitt’s Creek and Future Man fan – both shows came to an end in April. These shows are unique and one of a kind, both with their own comedic style and with a lot of heart. Going to miss them so much!! Modern Family also ended and I’ve watched the last season (having skipped most of the 8th and 9th). It was okay, not anything as good as Schitt’s Creek and Future Man though.

Then I watched EastSiders which was AMAZING! I might write a review on that or like a cute favourite moments type thing.  I binged Manifest which was a little crazy but very entertaining. It’s a NBC sci-fi show that has a bit of crime solving element to it. The show’s basically about a plane that “comes back” after being missing for 5 years. Lost vibes, anyone!?

I’ve finished Ozark season 3 which was little less nuts than the previous season and had a killer cliffhanger. Also finished Elite season 3 which was great and as good as I thought it would be. I wrote a little about it here. I tried to watch Toy Boy too but that was too soapy for me. Documentary series I Am a Killer was definitely not soapy and pretty darn interesting! Watched both seasons and looking forward for the next one.

As if that wasn’t enough, I started The Magicians which has 5 seasons and I’m on the second one. It’s pretty great, I’m enjoying all the magic and the humour is exactly the kind I need right now. It took me ages to get to it because I wanted to read the books first but then figured it’s a lost cause. Otherwise I might have never gotten to it. (I’m itching to write about it!)

While all of that is going on, I’m also trying to finish Money Heist season 3 and trying to get to season 4. Also still in the middle of Altered Carbon season 2 but the absence of Joel Kinnaman is hitting me harder than I thought. I’m also keeping up with Drag Race’s current season that has been a mess since the beginning.

As you can see I skipped books because honestly, with all the TV-shows I’ve been watching, no reading has been done. Instead, I’ll be sharing a couple of songs that have caught my attention recently. Listen to Jacob Banks guys.. honestly, you’ll not regret this!


Then we also have Lithuania’s Eurovision song The Roop – On Fire that had the potential to win but is now not getting the chance to. It’s a catchy song, I’m a bit sad it didn’t get to be in the spotlight.

Last but not least, The Weekend came out with a new album and while the entire After Hours is great, Blinding Lights stole my heart. The vibe, the feeling. I need to give the album a few more listens before I know for certain though.

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  • Thanks for the link! I’m back from hiatus but RF won’t be a weekly series anymore.

    Man, I don’t know any of these new shows you mentioned there. It’s just too many these days. But I know Take Shelter and that’s an amazing movie!

    • YES! I saw and was like, I should’ve waited for a bit!
      So many of them aren’t even new, Manifest is like 2 seasons in, The Magicians is 5 seasons total and ended already.
      Take Shelter took me ages to get to.. I finally did and it was worth it!

  • I haven’t watched The Staircase yet. I think part of it is I’ve read or heard so much about the case I’m not sure I want to sit down and watch even more about it. But maybe in a few months I might cave!

    • I think I remembered vaguely the original documentary because I saw it with my mom.. Maybe, I knew some of it looked familiar but otherwise I hadn’t really heard much. Now I know a lot and it still infuriates me. 😀

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