Well, hello again! I know I’ve been a sh*tty blogger these past few months and trust me, when I say, it’s killing me. But the stress and new work is really kicking my butt. Time management has never been my strong suit either, so it’s a bit difficult for me to balance it all. But let me just try to rock July and bring you everything I’ve wanted to in the past few months. Hopefully you’ll still be here to witness it.

Last time I summarised my month was in March.. so I’ve seen quite a lot of movies. 30 to be exact and 7 rewatched among them. Not going to talk about all of them but I’m gonna pick out the best and the worst from the bunch.

The best of the best of course are Endgame and John Wick 3. Both of which I want to review at some point…. Then we have BooksmartΒ and Hot Fuzz. All four are good among their genre, Booksmart really stealing my heart with its teen comedy vibe. I’ve missed great teen comedies so much! Yes, it’s a hit and miss for some but I’m not gonna hide my utter love for it. I’m just a sucker for movies like that.

On the other end of the spectrum we have The Beach Bum, Murder Mystery and Second Act. None of these surprised me nor gave me something that I haven’t seen before. The Beach Bum was a huge disappointment because I really liked Spring Breakers. But Korine’s new movie was simply a washed out version of it with an unlikable lead character.

The rest of the movies have been mediocre. I enjoyed the music part of Rocketman, but I wanted for more. Same goes for Long Shot, which had a few good laughs but that was basically it. I was also relatively disappointed in Always Be My Maybe, where Keanu of course was the best part.

Here we go, trying to remember everything I’ve watched because I’m still not writing down my shows (like an idiot). Anyway, the thing I’ve watched the most is of course Masterchef Australia. I’m really loving this season, I have a few favourites and they’re still in the competition. The editing team has been having more fun too with fun bits here and there, that help you to really get to know the cooks. And of course my favourite group of judges, George, Gary and Matt – the one true trio of reality TV!

Chernobyl comes to mind as well of course. Loved it. Such a dark show, with a horrific story to tell and I think the show took it on with respect. Caught up with Lucifer, that was fun. Going to Netflix really gave Lucifer a new edge, sad that’ll end next year but at least it got that chance to end with a bang.

Santa Clarita Diet’s third season happened as well, then the show got cancelled. This has been one of the worst news this year. It’s a shitty decision by Netflix and I might never forgive them from taking the Hammonds away from me. I skimmed through What/If – it was awful. Same goes for Tales of the City. If this is what Netflix is cancelling shows like Santa Clarita Diet, I’m questioning their taste.

Also, HBO, darling, you’re giving me life with Euphoria! I’m loving this show and my only complaint is the fact that it’s a weekly one. I’d love to binge this but at the same time, I can’t imagine staying away and not watching an episode right after it comes out. So so so so good!

Now the next things I want to see are Dark, first season needs to be rewatched and then on to the second one. Then I want to catch up with The Handmaid’s Tale. So you can see, it’s going to be a very dark summer with Stranger Things coming out this week too!

Reading hasn’t been my main focus for months now so there’s not much to discuss. I read The Illuminae Files, which is a sci-fi YA trilogy that has a nunique style of story telling. That was good. Also, same category, Aurora Rising, was also great! Both of these were written by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.

Soon, I want to read something fantasy related. A huge book to get me out of this reading slump. If anyone has any recommendations, hit me up. I’m currently thinking about the The Black Prism.

Guys, it’s still Dermot Kennedy on my brain! It’s been like this since the fall! I now have pre-ordered his album with a signed poster and I’ve bought a ticket to his show in November.. in Edinburgh. So, I’m most likely a huge fan. This music video version of Lost is amazing! Can’t wait to stumble upon his songs in shows and movies because you know it’s gonna happen some day!

Cinematic Corner has written great reviews of Dark Phoenix and Godzilla.

Oh So Geeky says some really lovely things about Booksmart.

Rambling Film has finished her Netflix queue, I applaud her!

Geekteller loved Snowpiercer aka that Chris with a hot beard movie.

It Was Like Magic’s take on 27 Dresses.

This is the most adorable thing in the world, and nothing else matters.Β 

Last but not least, I want to give out a shoutout to Charisma on Command, a Youtube channel that has some great videos. This one of Brie Larson just really sums up the reasons why I have a hard time liking her.




  • Oh I’m sorry you didn’t like The Beach Bum! I really enjoyed that one. I am still waiting for your John Wick 3 review! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the link and fingers crossed you will post more AND watch The Matrix! πŸ™‚

    • It’s okay. You gotta have some bad apples among the good ones. I think I was just expecting a lot more, as I still remember Spring Breakers so well as blowing me away.
      I will make room for The Matrix this month!

  • We aren’t going anywhere no matter how sporadically you post πŸ˜€
    I’m so glad to see someone else saying Rocketman was mediocre. I was too scared to write a full review because I wasn’t impressed at all but everyone seemed to rave about how amazing it was. Nothing wrong with that obviously, but you know how it is!
    I’ve still never seen Spring Breakers…I need to get on that.

    • Aww, thank you! That means a lot. I’m trying to be so much better now though! πŸ˜€
      Hah, well I had a discussion with a friend who loved it. She, despite loving it, also thought it was missing something. Which is why I think it suffered a little in the third act. It wasn’t a perfect film and since so many of the songs I know Elton John from, were missing (later years!), I had a harder time connecting with the musical part as well. I did listen to a lot of Queen before Bohemian Rhapsody so I’m guessing that’s the reason I liked that one a lot more – being in the minority with that one too.

  • Thanks for link πŸ™‚
    I really liked Cernobil, too. In other news, I’m waiting for both Handmaid’s tale and Big Little Lies to finish so I can binge watch the whole season πŸ™‚ I’ll probably do the same with Euphoria, although I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews for it (but I am such a Jacob Elordi fan)

    • You are welcome!
      I like your binge watching idea. I still need to finish the first season of Big Little Lies too. I’m so behind with my dramas, it’s not even funny.
      Euphoria is a mixed bag because it’s so out of the left field. People are probably just pissed it’s being so open about sex, drugs and abuse. It has dick pics and it’s not afraid to show the dark side of online porn. I love it!

  • I’ve been hearing Dermot on the radio a lot lately. Congrats on getting a ticket to his show! I hope you have a great time!!

    Thank you for the link! <3

    • He is becoming more popular now. I started listening to him a little before the hype too so.. I have had his music in my playlist for almost a year! πŸ˜€

      I’m so excited to go to his concert too. πŸ™‚

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