The thing is, besides utter exhaustion, that next to a 6 day working week one can hardly find time to do any blogging around here and hence the almost absence and complete lack of schedule. To make up for it, I woke up super early today just to get things started with a cup of coffee and a brain full of things I need to mention before I forget. Emphasis on the forgetting part because I have been extremely forgetful these past few weeks, which I’m going to credit to my old age of 25!

  • Before I continue with serious stuff (not really though), I am aware that I have missed two recap/reviews of The Leftovers by now and I’m going to cramp them into one. It seems that the show isn’t’ giving us a lot in one go anyway so maybe there would be more to share with a bigger post.. I hope to find time later today.
  • Continuing with the theme of new shows, my god on a cracker, there are so many out there right now: Rush, Marriage, You’re the Worst, The Lottery, Extant, probably a few more I haven’t seen yet, and my personal new favorite Satisfaction. I want to, in my wildest dreams, to do a 10 Things post about Summer TV where I mention all the new ones and try to show some love for my personal favorites but time will tell.

satisfaction us

  • I’ll say this, Satisfaction reminds me so much of Hung and Californication in a combined, more subtle way. Which isn’t a bad thing. It’s lead Matt Passmore also gives me Jason Bateman Australian version vibes so, add to that the fact that it runs on USA, which is a pretty great network, I’m going to be all in with this one.
  • There’s an emptiness over at my Letterboxd account in regards to July entries with only The Pretty One and Maleficent added in these past 20 days! Not that I haven’t tried, I’ve had time to go to the cinema but there’s just nothing to see at this point, nothing! And my only thought is, let it be September already because The Maze Runner premiers and before that excitement fades, Gone Girl will be finally out too.
  • So, with all of that and no movie watching, what the hell have I been doing with my time you might wonder? Well, there’s this show, a reality one, that has captured me and doesn’t seem to be letting go – Masterchef Australia! No, there’s no Ramsay there, nor is the show as showy as the American version. It has heart, it’s about cooking and people actually get along with each other, with no fighting and bitching and it’s just, so awesome.
  • Next to catching up with that, the current season has aired about 55 episodes, I haven’t had no time to watch other things and considering the amount of stress from work (which I think comes naturally to me), I’m simply not in any mood to watch serious movies lately. So Enemy, The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, The Normal Heart and Big Bad Wolves have to wait for a little while longer.
  • With no real time on my hands, I’ve also not been able to go on tumblr or other sites I go for gossip but I do have people informing me of things that they know I’d be interested in. Therefore, the shameless news of casting changes came to my attention this week. As some might remember, I was super excited to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Shameless but now, as it turns out (or vaguely seems as such), he has been replaced *NOOOOOOO* !! There’s good changes, then there’s changes I can be on board with but then there’s stupid and illogical decision as replacing Jeffrey Dean Morgan with Dermot Mulroney.

jeffrey dean morgan

  • That isn’t in any means an insult to Dermot, I like the guy, I really do but when I got a taste of Jeffrey Dean Morgan with a scorpion tattooed on his neck in season 4 finale, I’m going to need that taste to be fulfilled in the next season because otherwise, I’m going to be super SUPER SUPER pissed. This raises many questions, was Morgan ever a planned regular, did he ask for too much money (which they should have given to him!) or do we get an appearance because they have changed the character’s name… I just don’t know anymore.
  • While I ponder over it, and wait patiently for the next season of Shameless, I’m going to enjoy JDM having some quality time with his son.. I mean, camon, why would you not have him in the show!? WHY!?
  •  Quick personal update before I wrap things up with links, I invested in a Canon 700D this month and well, I’m looking at it from the distance and I love it. When I buy a memory card for it, I’ll be finally able to use it and if all things fall into place, I’ll be able to start a project that would take up all my free time but hey, who needs sleep right?
  • There you have it, my thoughts of these past weeks have all been mentioned and though it seems very lacking in .. thoughts.. just keep in mind that cracking 13 hour shifts at work doesn’t leave me with much time to think about anything else besides Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Dylan O’Brien in the newest Teen Wolf season, god, I love him.


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