Past few weeks have been quiet here on Mettel Ray because I’ve been feeling a bit off lately. It’s nothing serious, no health related things, just an off month it seems. But that being said, I’ll try to put as much effort in to at least posting Thursday Movie Picks each week, and then Commercial Breaks as well if I have time to sit down properly. Reviews.. well, we’ll see.


Nothing much to report except that I’m lacking energy at the moment. It must be the lack of sun and the fact that I keep forgetting to take my vitamin D which my doctor subscribed. Also, lack of sleep is catching up with me. I probably got like 14 hours of sleep during 3 nights combined and that’s not enough. Oh well, coffee is always there to save my day.


In August I saw 4 movies.. two of which I mentioned last time, Atomic Blonde and The Hitman’s Bodyguard. I also saw, and hated, Naked, which is a Groundhog Day type comedy, and then watched and really liked Death Note. I know I might get like a lot of hate for liking Death Note a lot but bare in mind, I’m not familiar with the original content AT ALL, so for me, the movie was good and informative, logical and quite exciting.

Then, yesterday, I went to see It! Man, I was hoping for good things and I received good things, but from different angles than I expected. I wasn’t scared, which I think would have been a necessary addition but I blame the fact that I just recently read the book to my lack of suspense. What did surprise me was the sheer level of skill from these kids! Man! Eddie was by far my favourite character in the movie, portrayed by Jack Dylan Grazer, who was in my opinion, flawless. But everyone else, including Bill Skarsgard, were just as great! Anyway, review coming soon-ish.

But for September, other than It, I also want to see American Assassin really bad! The Kinsgman sequel, Flatliners, Stronger and maybe Gifted (which is only now at the cinemas here in Estonia). There’s so much goodness in September, I know it, and I can’t wait!


Should I even… probably not but I’m here to tell you that I haven’t seen anything. My flatmate is watching all the Marvel Netflix shows and I can’t be bothered to join her until she starts watching The Punisher! Then I’m all in because that’s the one, after Daredevil, I really care about.

Not up to date about the new shows either, so I don’t know if I even need this regular TV show feature here on Commercial Break. I’m not so much watching shows anymore, which is strange BUT there are a few book adaptation series coming up so I might fangirl over those (in like next year or the year after that because they haven’t even cast anyone yet).


So I’ve been actually reading lately, and after a disastrous August, only two books, I finally finished Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare in the beginning of September and I’ve now finished History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera as well. Now, I picked up Tower of Dawn in the Throne of Glass series and I’m so excited that I get to continue with that series from Chaol’s perspective. Anyway, since I read only two books in August I’ll recap them in my September Reading Wrap Up.

PS: My bookstagram account is doing so well, I’m like a proud mother of that little account which is growing every day. Not surprised that currently the most popular post is the one of Tower of Dawn – it was all over the bookstagram last week!

Music has been a bit absent in my life since my new piercing prevents me from wearing my earphones properly (I can only use one) but I have been replaying Feels by Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean a lot, which I discovered just recently – way behind the times apparently. But it’s good, I like the Katy Perry chorus, catchy as fck.


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  • I’m sorry you’ve been having an off month! That’s never fun! I hope you start to feel better soon!

    I really want to see IT! I’ve just had no time! EVen my sister (who is deathly afraid of clowns) has gone to see it already! I need to get on that soon!

    I’m so glad your bookstagram account is doing well! you take wonderful photos and you totally deserve it! 😀

    Also, thank you once again for featuring one of my posts! 😀

    • It’s alright.. things happen for a reason and there’s probably a reason for all of this as well.

      It was great, I liked it a lot! And it’s not so scary as I thought it would be, more funny to me than scary.

      Thank you for the support! It’s great to have something to take care of..even if it is an Instagram account. 😀

      And you’re welcome!

  • I really want to see American Assassin too. Dylan O’Brien is pretty cute, and it’s nice to see him back after the injury he got on Maze Runner. Gifted is worth it to watch for Chris Evans. Especially his beard. And, it’s a charming, sentimental movie otherwise. 😛
    Thanks for the link! I truly hope you start to feel better and so proud of your bookstagram too! <3

    • Saw it. Was alright with it. I have a funny review idea for it, a bit different than usual but who knows when I’ll get to it. 😀

      I know!! The injury stuff was horrific, so glad he’s alright and up and working. I’m hoping all the best for him!

      You are welcome and thank youuu!! 🙂

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