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Trying to fit in some writing in between my work and other life stuff is not going well. Though most of my time is actually spent on work and not life stuff, which means even my three days off is packed with activities. Went to the doctor’s again, met up with a good friend visiting from Austria, and today I trust my eyebrows to someone who is studying to make them decent. Tomorrow though, tomorrow is the day where I don’t do anything!


Well, work is not easy. Not that I’m not doing my part as well as I can, but my additional tasks are literally drowning me. In other words, I have to do most of it on my own time which is always so fun… Hoping this will be like a one month thing, and that August is simply a fluke. (I honestly don’t believe it though). So, yes, I like the work, don’t get me wrong, but it’s that I’ve not given the right amount of time for it, which sucks. And there are many factors which frustrate me to a point where I’m thinking of expanding my horizons.

So I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I finally have two plants in my room – haven’t killed them yet, so that’s a positive. One is actually seemingly growing quite fast and is soon out of space to grow, I’m a plant whisperer! I also have a new trendy bullet board but I haven’t had the time to actually arrange it yet. Then, I think I need to get a new small bookshelf because I have been buying too many books this month with money I don’t have.

The doctor, the eye one, told me some pretty shitty news – the swelling of the eyes will go down gradually, but my eyes will forever be bulging (not a look I could get used to). That news hit me hard, and I don’t know whether I could accept it… there is a possibility to get plastic surgery, but I mean, money and the fact that it entails removing a piece of my skull! Yeah, so, uhm, I’ll get back to you.


So… I saw a movie because I went to the theater last Sunday to see The Hitman’s Bodyguard because I figured, a comedy will save the last week of being a complete disaster. It was actually quite good and I laughed out loud quite a few times. It brought back memories of baby Ryan Reynolds from the TV show years – Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place which was awesome!

Then I watched Naked last night on Netflix which was pretty bad. I liked the element of time travel, which brought back fond memories of Groundhog Day but the whole timeline of one hour was so ridiculous. It should have been a longer timeline, to make more sense. But it was an okay movie. Scott Foley was a nice addition to the movie, and I liked his character, though I prefer him as a good guy.


Haven’t really taken the time to watch the season finale of Shadowhunters because I want to prolong the long wait for the next season. That’s like a proper fan way of thinking! Also, will try to keep away from Younger as long as they fix the storyline because I can’t stand the new direction. Or you know, I just don’t want the main canon to not not be the main canon, and yes, I’m that childish.

Tomorrow me and my flatmate will probably marathon Ozark on Netflix because I’ve heard good things and I don’t want to watch The Defenders. Like, I have skipped Luke Cage and Iron Fist and now I’ll skip the Defenders as well I think. But I will not skip The Punisher! I will be there and I’ll love it.


Not going to lie, I haven’t even had time to read… so I’m now only 4 books ahead of my reading challenge compared to the 9 books ahead lead I had during the beginning of July. Oh boy, I’m slowing down and I need to pick up fast! But I have a few new shorter books, including The Dark Tower, to get through so I’m not afraid not completing my reading challenge this year.

I could talk about how Taylor Swift’s new song sucks but I don’t want to waste any words. And since I got a new piercing, I can only wear earphones in my one ear, which limits my music listening enjoyment.


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  • I’ve only heard bits of the new Taylor Swift song and ugh…. I really don’t like her music except for “Style”. Yet, I think she’s got some serious issues. It seems like she wants to be loved by everyone but couldn’t accept the fact that not everyone is going to like her. She gets way too personal with the people she’s attacking as it’s not making her look like a good person. I guess she really is a bitch and I’m willing to bet that the DJ who supposedly groped her is really innocent and was just another victim of her man-hating crusade or something.

    • The song is horrible. The message is HORRIBLE! The need for attention is just… it’s beyond horrible. I don’t like the fact that she is a teen-idol, I’d much rather promote Miley than Swift. The legal stuff, I wasn’t paying enough attention to those, but she is a manipulative person so I can expect anything from her really.

      • One of these days. She will meet someone who won’t give in to her bullshit and expose her for what she really is. I may not like Kanye or the Kartrashians but how she went after them like that is just wrong. She’s got some serious issues.

  • Luke Cage oli isegi päris hea. Iron Fist oli kõige jampsim ja nõmedam nendest. Jessica Jones oli muidugi parim. Daredevil jäi pooleli. The Defendersis ka Iron Fist ajas lihtsalt niii närvi, nii lollakas tegelaskuju lihtsalt, ma ei või!! 😀

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